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Liam Finn | 01 Apr 2009 | 9 comments

5:30 in the morning after waking up, showering and getting dressed I check my Blackberry. 30 unread messages.

No I’m not that popular and I’m not subscribed to blog sites, porn sites or any other meeting / dating site all 25 of the 30 messages are from MOM telling me about how Enterprise Vault has misbehaved during my few hours of slumber

Message 1: Event warning Event ID: 2776 Is this new...hmmm nope we have an open support ticket on that one.. Still ongoing

Message 2: Event warning Event ID: 2276 again nothing new another one we have an open ticket on...

Message 3: Event warning Event ID: 2246 oh another one we have a support call on...

Message 4: Event warning Event ID: 10016 just another on the never ending list

Message 5: Event warning Event ID: 26009 It just keeps going and going

Message 6: Event warning Event ID: 41070 Oh please kill me if i have to read more of the same old every day

Message 7: Event...

GertjanA | 11 Mar 2009 | 3 comments

Hello fellow EV-admins, users, supporters,

My name is Gertjan. I am Dutch. (it ain't much if it ain't dutch!)

I am working for a contracting firm called T2. I've been placed at one of the largest EV implementations in the Netherlands. Due to the nature of the environment (as pointed out by someone..) I will not post too much about it.

It is big. Over 95000 mailboxes, over 75000 active archives

Besides managing Enterprise Vault, I also manage a little the Exchange environment.

Current version is EV2007SP2, planning to go to 8.0SP2 (august?)

I cannot promise to post regularly, but will try to do so.

I'm getting used to the new forum-layout, but this Blog is definitely an addition to it.

I'm an MCSE+Messaging2003, MCTS, Symantec Certified Specialist EV2007 for Exchange Administrator (yep, proud of it.)

 oh, forgot... Running the EV-servers as VM's... The index and storagedisks are SAN based. (EVA)

Swathi Turlapaty | 09 Mar 2009 | 1 comment

Hello folks,

Thank you all for taking time to provide us with some constructive feedback about  ‘our’ community. We will be working on your suggested improvements in our next release... So please stay tuned.

Alright, now it’s time to divert our topic from ‘Community Health’ to ‘Community Wealth’. The new site has  lots of  robust content made available to you.  Leaving aside the forums which continue to be a hotspot for many, I would want to discuss about the Articles, Videos and Downloads. How resourceful are they? How different you want them to be? What more would you like to see? These are some of the many questions that I am seeking answers for. Any thoughts are welcome.

And, just to reiterate, the community provides you with a wonderful opportunity to contribute content. You could blog, write articles or post any videos or scripts that could be quite informative to your peers. Just a few...

TonySterling | 06 Mar 2009 | 2 comments

Hopefully you are all aware of sp5 being released for EV 2007 (aka EV 7.5)  If you are not I highly encourage you to sign up for notifications.  See a blog posted by EV Guys linked here:

Whilst reading through the updates this feature caught my eye.  It is the ability for the user to easily send the log via email.  Now this might seem like a small thing but recalling my support days and having to walk folks through locating this file and then the EV Admin have to walk the end user through getting the email are little things that add delays to the support process.  Now all they have to do is click a button, how cool is that! 

Here are the details from the updates.htm

Option to create a mail message that contains...

TonySterling | 03 Mar 2009 | 1 comment

Hello to the EV community!

With the launch of this new website and given that Symantec is encouraging users to post their own blogs I thought I would give it a go.  

First, let me introduce myself.  I am Tony Sterling and I was an original KVS employee.  I started out in support with version 4 cp7.  (yes they used to be called cp's.  Don't ask.  :) )

Over the years I have held a few roles with EV from being Tech Lead, Backline Engineering Support, Solutions Architect, Lead Technical Architect, and Regional Product Manager.  After nearly 5 years I am now working for a partner and am still excited about where EV has come and where it is going.  I think version 8 has been a great success so far and can't wait to see what comes next.  

I plan to blog an article at least once a month. (that may seem low, but I do have a full-time job too!) That said, I would like to hear from you about things you would like to see...

Swathi Turlapaty | 27 Feb 2009 | 14 comments

Firstly a very warm welcome to the new Symantec Connect site. This is a place for all of the STN, Juice and the Altiris Support Forum peers to meet and discuss about their favorite products. We have bundled some great new features on this community site so as to provide our priceless users with great product information via Forums, Articles, Blogs, Videos, and more . One distinguished feature of this new site is that the users can contribute content. So, please avail this wonderful opportunity not only to discuss in the forums but also to share some of your valuable information through blogs, videos and articles. Guess what! you'd be rewarded for all of the sincere contributions you make to the site. Check out the Symantec Rewards Program for more details.

And now, to introduce myself, I am the Community Manager for the Backup and Archiving community that includes some of Symantec's top...