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Rob.Wilcox | 25 Jan 2010 | 1 comment

By default the OWA extensions timeout a request to restore an item after 30 seconds.  This was previously not configurable.  In some environments this has posed a problem in the past, where some internal Windows API calls were taking a little bit of time to come back, with, for example, user->group membership details.

A fix for this was introduced and can be used with version EV 8 and  onwards

The fix is slightly dependent on whether you are using Exchange 2003, or Exchange 2007.  If it is Exchange 2003, edit your EVBackend.ini file to include a line like this :

(where exch1 is the name of the Exchange Server)

If it is Exchange 2007, edit the web.config file so that it has the following line added :

You will see a line in the EV OWA Diagnostic log file similiar to this when you've implemented the change :

1/8/2010 5:13:58 AM: [OWAPage::RestoreItem] Item needs...

Rob.Wilcox | 25 Jan 2010 | 0 comments

One of the things that people mention about the EV client is that when RPC/HTTP is in use, even in a corporate office environment, the EV client drops-back to "lite" client functionality.  So it means that you don't get to choose which archive you want to manually archive something to, and you don't get the EV information tab on the properties of a folder.
The problem is that Outlook doesn't ever tell the extension whether RPC/HTTP is in use, or not.  There is no API, and the developers haven't worked out a way of prising it out of Outlook's information.  So the EV Add-in looks at the Outlook profile, and checks to see if it is configured to use RPC/HTTP at all.   If it is configured, then the "lite" functionality is invoked.
This annoys many customers.
A fix was introduced (post EV 2007 SP 4 hotfix, included in EV 2007 SP 5, and EV 8 SP 1 onwards) and can be activated by registry... | 30 Dec 2009 | 0 comments
The Enterprise Vault Tech Center contains the following brief learning modules for Enterprise Vault 8.0: 
  • Installing the Enterprise Vault 8.0 Outlook Web Access (OWA) Extensions for Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • Getting Started Wizard
  • Managing Partition Rollover
  • Desktop Policy Forms
  • Common Task Launch Pad (CTLP) for Exchange Administration
  • Vault Cache

There are several modules available for free.

Also, information on instructor led training can be found here:

Darren Locke | 03 Nov 2009 | 1 comment

We are repeating the FSA with Mac webinar we did last month on Thursday this week, 2PM EST, 11AM PST. Anyone who is interested in file archiving and using a Mac to access the archived content should attend. Registration is here:

Further details of the issues Mac systems can cause with FSA along with the solution can be found in my blog entry here:


Deepak W | 02 Sep 2009 | 1 comment

Hello All,

In our field many of the times we need to migrate the data from volume-to-volume or may be folder-to-folder. In these cases simple copy paste won't help us.

Recently I had ended up in the same remedy of moving B2D data from one storage LUN to another with data size crossing TB. Copy paste was giving errors, stopping in between, blah blah...

Then I used these tools from Microsoft to copy the data and it worked very well.

That is why I am sharing these tools to you. These are free utilities from Microsoft.

RichCopy -

This utility is written by a Microsoft engineer named Derk Benisch. This is nothing but the GUI version of the very popular Robocopy command-line utility.

For more information and to download RichCopy refer to below mentioned link.


John Chisari | 28 Jul 2009 | 2 comments

This was an interesting one that came up a couple of days ago. Simple, but hope it stops someone pulling their hair out.

EV Provisioning Groups allow you to input a LDAP Query to target users using any AD attribute or a combination of attributes - very flexible solution.

So for example, you setup a 0 day Age based Mailbox policy and you want to target Temp Employees only. You have the AD attribute employeeType populated with 'Temp' for these specific users.

When you add the LDAP query 'employeeType=Temp' - EV will respond back with "The Query did not return any results". Hang on, this query works fine in AD User and Computers and other LDAP query tools, why doesn't EV see it? It is because EV queries a Global Catalog server for this information and by default the employeeType attribute is not replicated from the AD to the GC. The EV tasks also query GC's for information, so this is why Provisioning Group target setup is done the same way....

Wayne Humphrey | 16 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

I always get asked about MSMQ, here is a short note on things to look at if you have MSMQ issue's, even if you don't have issues you can always benefit from tweaking MSMQ and enhance Enterprise Vault’s performance.

Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)

The root cause I believe lies in the way MSMQ stores messages. In the Storage directory (normally under windows\system32\msmq) will be a number of 4MB files that will contain the messages. Each file can contain as many messages as will fit which works quite well to start with. If a message cannot fit into one storage file, though, because it is too big for the remaining free space then a fresh file is created. There can only be as many storage files as would fit within the storage quota and when this limit is reached then no more storage files can be created. For example from windows 2003 SP2, a 2GB quota could accommodate 500 4MB storage files. In older versions Microsoft used to have an 8GB quota...

GertjanA | 24 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

Designing a new EV environment is not an easy task to do.
I am in an environment that is currently
EV7.5SP2, Exchange2003SP2, Windows2003 SP2, SQL2000SP4

In (if all goes to plan) 7 to 8 months, I am in an environment that will be:
Windows2008R2 (possibly)

In addition to this, the amount of mailservers will decrease, there will be Exchange CCR (and how will that affect EV?)
Lot's of unknowns to me...

Microsoft is already in the house for designing (helping to), architecture etc for the AD/Exchange, but nothing for EV.

Might be worth to start fishing at the boss with the money...

GertjanA | 11 Mar 2009 | 3 comments

Hello fellow EV-admins, users, supporters,

My name is Gertjan. I am Dutch. (it ain't much if it ain't dutch!)

I am working for a contracting firm called T2. I've been placed at one of the largest EV implementations in the Netherlands. Due to the nature of the environment (as pointed out by someone..) I will not post too much about it.

It is big. Over 95000 mailboxes, over 75000 active archives

Besides managing Enterprise Vault, I also manage a little the Exchange environment.

Current version is EV2007SP2, planning to go to 8.0SP2 (august?)

I cannot promise to post regularly, but will try to do so.

I'm getting used to the new forum-layout, but this Blog is definitely an addition to it.

I'm an MCSE+Messaging2003, MCTS, Symantec Certified Specialist EV2007 for Exchange Administrator (yep, proud of it.)

 oh, forgot... Running the EV-servers as VM's... The index and storagedisks are SAN based. (EVA)

TonySterling | 06 Mar 2009 | 2 comments

Hopefully you are all aware of sp5 being released for EV 2007 (aka EV 7.5)  If you are not I highly encourage you to sign up for notifications.  See a blog posted by EV Guys linked here:

Whilst reading through the updates this feature caught my eye.  It is the ability for the user to easily send the log via email.  Now this might seem like a small thing but recalling my support days and having to walk folks through locating this file and then the EV Admin have to walk the end user through getting the email are little things that add delays to the support process.  Now all they have to do is click a button, how cool is that! 

Here are the details from the updates.htm

Option to create a mail message that contains...