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Showing posts in English | 30 Dec 2009 | 0 comments
The Enterprise Vault Tech Center contains the following brief learning modules for Enterprise Vault 8.0: 
  • Installing the Enterprise Vault 8.0 Outlook Web Access (OWA) Extensions for Microsoft Exchange 2003
  • Getting Started Wizard
  • Managing Partition Rollover
  • Desktop Policy Forms
  • Common Task Launch Pad (CTLP) for Exchange Administration
  • Vault Cache

There are several modules available for free.

Also, information on instructor led training can be found here:

Wayne Humphrey | 08 Dec 2009 | 0 comments
Often the question of what is the different states of MbxArchivingState and MbxExchangeState in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table.

The Archiving State translates as follows:

0 = Not Enabled
1 = Enabled
2 = Disabled
3 = Re-Link

To view the Archiving State you can use the following:

SELECT count(MbxArchivingState) as '# Mailboxes',
MbxArchivingState as 'Archiving State'
FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry
GROUP BY MbxArchivingState

The Exchange State translates as follows: 

0 = Normal
1 = Hidden
2 = Deleted

To view the Exchange State you can use the following:

SELECT count(MbxExchangeState) as '# Mailboxes',
MbxExchangeState as 'Exchange State'
FROM ExchangeMailboxEntry
GROUP BY MbxExchangeState

Wayne Humphrey | 06 Dec 2009 | 1 comment

Lots of times I refer back to the EV manuals to see whether something that I “discover” is actually documented.  I have a copy locally on my machine in the office of many of the manuals, from many of the different versions.  I had often wondered about an externalised version of them, and whether they were easy to find.

With the power of Google, I found :

That goes back as far as V6, which is the beginning of time (almost) as far as I am concerned

GregRountree | 05 Dec 2009 | 1 comment

Virtual Vault (Can't move the items. You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation.)



Hi Group,

I wanted to post this error because it is a little vague. When moving items from Outlook or PST's you might get this error for a couple of reasons:

Make sure you have a calendar in Virtual Vault (create a blank Calendar) Calendar items will not be ingested if you do not have some place to put them
Make sure all IPM. files are added to the Admin Console under the Directory Exchange Message Classes tab. Here is a link to the Microsoft Message Classes.
Make sure you Virtual Vault size is large enough to handle all the items you are putting into it....

Jessica Johannes | 28 Sep 2009 | 1 comment

Symantec has updated its online Corporate Responsibility Report to reflect 2009 data and progress against previously stated targets.  This is the first update to Symantec's award-winning 2008 Corporate Responsibility Report.  Over the past year, the company has made strong progress in all of its key corporate responsibility focus areas.  Among the company's many accomlishments, Symantec was recognized by various ratings and rankings organizations for excellence in our overall environmental, social, and governance performance. 

Some highlights of other achievements in FY09 include:

  • ...
TonySterling | 03 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the importance of a health check for your EV environment.  Having a health check performed by an EV Expert will help you to have confidence that your company's investment is performing optimally.  It will also make sure you environment is tuned and all the best practices in place.  Additionally, you will know the status of your current environment and be able to compare it against the solution design (if you have one) to make sure your projections are where they should be.

Some of the tasks that a health check should include are:

  • Version Checks for software and hardware
  • Storage Configuration
  • Log review
  • Performance review
  • Backup Configuration
  • Known Best Practices implemented
  • Recommendations for remediation or any discovered issues

So if it has been awhile your should contact your Symantec account rep or a quailified partner and get this on...

TonySterling | 28 Aug 2009 | 0 comments

I have been working quite a bit with these guys and they have a great product they offer for free.  It is worth a look!

Evidence Mover

Evidence Mover, The Digital Detective's Copy Utility

Move Evidence with Confidence

Evidence Mover automates transferring evidentiary data from one location to another - verified 100% intact. Simply specify the source and destination directories; Evidence Mover does the rest.

Benefits of Evidence Mover:

Automate Data Transfers

  • Increase efficiency by recursively copying multiple directory levels
  • Free up EnCase dongles by not reverifying EnCase evidence after it is copied

Transfer with Confidence

  • Trust MD5 hashing: copied data arrives 100-percent intact
  • Relax, every transfer is...
GertjanA | 26 Aug 2009 | 3 comments

Hello everyone,

As you are aware, upgrading a larger environment of EV-servers can be a little confusing.
I've done upgrades from 6 to 7, from 7 to 7.5 and now from 7.5 to 8.0

My environment is pretty large.
9 Journal Archiving servers
15 Mailbox Archving servers
4 Discovery Accelerator servers.

The attached sheet will only show updating EV, not DA.

The sheet consists of 2 pages.
Page 1 is the Pre-Upgrade steps.
Page 2 is the actual upgrade steps.

In the sheet, you will see a red line with the word Sync at the end at several steps.
This indicates that if you perform an upgrade with multiple people (each one doing a server (or 8 ;-)) that is the point where everyone has to wait for the others to reach that point before continuing.

I made the sheet having 3 servers.
1 EV-server being the first installed server, called Directory Server.
2 EV-servers, one being a Journal Archiving server,...

jprknight | 17 Jul 2009 | 1 comment

Within our organisation we are solely concerned with email archiving. We have six Exchange 2000 active/passive clusters, with a dedicated EV server attached to each split equally across two data centres.

Before our virtualisation adventure took place we were running our EV email archiving servers on end of life hardware (End of life when the project implemented EV), which with ever increasing frequency of hardware failures took place. Typically mirrored disks would go down, raid card battery failures, RSA cards not functioning, the list goes on. It was just one big headache; and that was only the hardware.

For the software we were running on 2007 7.5 SP1, which seemed to give us no end of users complaining about their emails not completely archiving and their mailboxes not decreasing in size. We were also running on Windows 2003 SP1; which Symantec had advised us several times has serious shortcomings with MSMQs. Essentially the outgoing queues did not get processed...

MarkBarefoot | 22 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

As part of the different Support contracts, Symantec offer 4 different severities :-

Severity 1
Severity 2
Severity 3
Severity 4

So, severities 2-4 are fairly self explanatory, but I would like to just highlight the Severity 1 option.

A "Sev1" is normally logged and requested for a "Live Call Transfer" (LCT) which means you will be transferred directly to a support Engineer who will endeavour to pick the call up within the SLA for the contract being used. This call severity should meet one or more of the following :-

- Your production server or other mission critical system is down
- A substantial portion of your mission critical data is at a significant risk of loss or corruption
- You have had a substantial loss of service
- Your business operations have been severley disrupted
- You have not met a major milestone in a required test system**
- An issue in which the product causes the...