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Rob.Wilcox | 19 May 2011 | 0 comments

A colleague of my pointed these out the other day, and it’s actually quite interesting.  The issue is that Enterprise Vault was shutting down because of the number of errors encountered, and whilst it’s bad that the errors are being logged, not all errors are equal.  Sometimes people want to override this shutdown, and it’s described in these two links :

So the first link – even though the formatting for me, is a bit … wrong… shows you a bunch of different registry keys such as :

See Critical
See DelFilesOlderThanHours
See DelFileTypes

Rob.Wilcox | 19 May 2011 | 0 comments

An interesting question on these very forums appeared earlier today..  the question is :

How do I rename a user's archive?

On the face of it it sounds quite simple, but it's actually got a twist in it.

So let's take our test user, Sabina.  If you find her archive in the Vault Admin Console, and right click on it, you can choose Properties.  Note at this point the name of the archive is Sabina Rogers.

The properties page looks like this :

You can see i've alredy changed her name at the top .. and changed the description near the bottom.

It looks good after you make the change, but, the next time that the Mailbox Synchronisation process runs, it'll end up getting reset.  Well, the name will.  The description stays put :


Rob.Wilcox | 13 May 2011 | 4 comments

A colleague of mine in the UK reminded me about this issue just today.  The issue is that you have a nice working Enterprise Vault 8 SP 4 client installation with Virtual Vault, and you upgrade to the client extensions to 9.0 or 9.0.1, and the Virtual Vault node in Outlook disappears.

My colleague wanted to know if I had seen, and it definitely rung bells!

I eventually tracked it down, and it might be something that customers encounter.  Here is a reference explaining it visually and linking to the fixes :


It is fixed in EV 9.0.2 client (which of course should be what you’re rolling out to clients now anyway, right?)

It is fixed in a 9.0.1 Cumulative Client hotfix.  Unfortunately the one in the technote is not correct (it...

Rob.Wilcox | 13 May 2011 | 1 comment

A question that came up the other day, which I struggled to find documented anywhere was :

Which date is used to determine if a shortcut is eligible for deletion?

Is it the sent/received date, the archived date, something else entirely?

Well the answer is that a shortcut which gets expired has the date check performed against the ARCHIVED DATE of the item.

Rob.Wilcox | 12 May 2011 | 0 comments

Reported to us a few days is an issue affecting the Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 Outlook Addin.  The issue is that when you get the “shortcut” opened, rather than the full item (and there are quite a few reasons why that happens sometimes) the banner at the top contains the text “Click here to view the original item”, but it doesn’t work.

Here is a screenshot highlighting the non-clickable bit :

Again this is something to be aware of, and might be something you wish to pass on to your end users.

The part below that saying “This message has been archived.  View the original item” DOES work correctly – if you have shortcut configured to include that.

Rob.Wilcox | 12 May 2011 | 2 comments

An oddity was uncovered the other day, which will hopefully be addressed soon.  It is something that will affect other customers I’m sure, so let me try to explain it – perhaps it’ll avoid a Support call for some people.

If you have Enterprise Vault OWA extensions installed, configured, and working on your Exchange 2010 SP 1 CAS’s, and you have configured your archiving policy to “not create shortcuts”, you’ll find that if Conversation View is turned on in OWA, and a user manually archives an item, it’ll still get a shortcut created… even though the policy says not to.  Remember you might have turned off shortcuts because you’re going to deploy Virtual Vault, for end users, and people using OWA will be using Archive Explorer if required.

You can get around the issue, by turning off Conversation View..  the behaviour works correctly in that situation.

It’s a bit of an...

Rob.Wilcox | 12 May 2011 | 0 comments

One of the good things that Symantec does with Enterprise Vault is to publish a technote titled “Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault XYZ”.  For example :

Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.1

Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.2

As you can imagine a lot of effort goes in to producing these articles, and they are updated regularly.  I know that many on-site Engineers refer to these, and the Compatibility Guide frequently to stay up to date with current happenings.

Do you use the LBN articles?

Rob.Wilcox | 10 May 2011 | 0 comments

I thought I'd spend a moment to highlight two new articles that I've worked on for the last week or so.  I don't write many articles (I don't know why!) so I'm pleased to be able to show these as being available :

Using Log Parser with Enterprise Vault :

Selective Journaling with Enterprise Vault :

I hope you find them interesting.

JGriep | 10 May 2011 | 0 comments

JPG Consulting, Inc. (a STEP partner) has developed a solution which allows users to undelete shortcuts (and the associated archived content) when using Enterprise Vault for Domino.  Here is a link to the blog entry which describes the new feature:

Rob.Wilcox | 06 May 2011 | 0 comments

I got asked about this the other day :

“What is a seamless shortcut?”

First of all it is referring to a shortcut in Sharepoint.  When Enterprise Vault archiving for Sharepoint first came about, once archived, an item was replaced by a HTML reference.  This was fairly unsophisticated, and broke some bits of Sharepoint functionality – like document routing, and the icon being different etc.

In Enterprise Vault 8 Service Pack 3 seamless shortcuts were introduced.  What happens now is that when an item is archived, the original file “appears” to be left behind.  In fact there are one or two properties added to it, and the bulk of the item is removed.  There is an Enterprise Vault HTTP module which “understands” these properties, and once interfaced with Sharepoint means that when a user clicks on a seamless shortcut, the data is retrieved from Enterprise Vault, and given back to the Sharepoint...