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MelanieLopez | 25 Jun 2013 | 0 comments

“Counting factors is a poor way to estimate authentication strength,” says Gartner analyst Ant Allan in a recent article by NetworkWorld’s Bob Violino, which highlights many of the reasons more businesses are turning to stronger authentication, in a way that is more convenient for users and less costly than incumbent solutions. With the increased use of employees bringing their own devices and working remotely, mobile devices are playing a huge role in authentication methods and scenarios, and consequently, cloud-based authentication services are also on the rise.

Here are four of the key trends that are shaping the demand for stronger authentication, highlighted in “Why password-only authentication is passe” at

  1. Frequency of security breaches (i.e. Twitter, Evernote, LinkedIn) have IT...
Teresa Law | 26 Apr 2013 | 0 comments

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Symantec would like to announce the release of Managed PKI Service v8.8, which includes support for the newest platforms and browsers, local key escrow and recovery service, and features to address evolving NIST guidelines.

Summary of New Features:

  • Support for heterogeneous environments
    • New platforms and browsers (IE 10 on Windows 8 platforms; PKI Client support for Windows Vista 64-bit)
    • Automate the enrollment process for MAC environments
  • Key Management Enhancements
    • Local key escrow and recovery service
    • Support for evolving NIST standards with ECC based keys
  • Support for WiMAX and DOCSIS certificates
  • General user interface enhancements improve Administrator experience

Support for heterogeneous environments...

Teresa Law | 01 Apr 2013 | 3 comments

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The latest update to Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service is live.  Improved manageability and an even better administrator and user experience through numerous UI enhancements is again the theme of this release.  Much of the focus surrounds the user experience with Intelligent Authentication and Registered Computer; and the administration of Remembered Devices and out-of-band authentication.

Summary of New Features

  • VIP Manager redesign continues – updated user emails
  • Streamlined experience for users of VIP risk-based authentication (Intelligent Authentication) and Registered Computer
  • Enhanced Remembered Device Management
  • Enhanced account management for out-of-band authentication through user specified country codes
  • Symantec VIP platform and OS requirements can be found on the VIP website under...
Teresa Law | 24 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

Follow Managed PKI on Twitter @SymantecMPKI

Symantec Managed PKI (MPKI) 8.7 is now live - with improvements to ease of use and manageability, stronger integrations with Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions such as Airwatch, Fiberlink, and Symantec SMM; and broader ecosystem support with certificate support for LTE Base Stations, Smart Meters, and Airline e-Enabling.

Summary of New Features:

  • Better integration with MDM solutions (Airwatch, Fiberlink, and Symantec SMM)
  • Support for new ecosystems:
    • Smart Meters – lightweight certificates to establish trust between devices
    • LTE Base Stations – delivering operator certificates to support 3GPP standards
    • Airline e-Enabling – operations security via authentication and digital signatures (wired and wireless)
  • Ability for device manufacturers  to order certificates asynchronously in a batch to...
Teresa Law | 06 Dec 2012 | 0 comments

Symantec would like to announce the new update of VIP, with a new look and feel to VIP Manager and new functionality for Enterprise Gateway v9.2. 

The current VIP Manager will continue to be available using the current URL for approximately six months to allow for a smooth transition to the new URL  Both VIP Manager interfaces will use the same database backend so you may use them interchangeably if desired.

Summary of New Features:

  • A brand new VIP Manager with Symantec branding, new navigation and dashboard, and redesigned user and credential management functions
  • Support for configurable VIP user IDs improve data privacy
  • Enhancements streamline process when migrating from legacy authentication solutions to VIP
  • Improved manageability in diverse and complex environments
    • Support for multiple user stores with a...
Brendon Wilson | 13 Dec 2011 | 7 comments


Mobile wallet technology has once again become a hot topic in recent days, particularly around the potential security considerations related to these apps. The unavoidable truth is that whenever money is involved, mischief is sure to follow. I would guess this has been true since the dawn of currency.

Symantec recently published a paper detailing our stance that the widespread adoption of mobile payment-type technology will likely trigger a surge of mobile malware and in turn mobile cybercrime. The reason is that these applications rely on devices to transmit financial information – such as mobile banking credentials – backed by real monetary funds. If we’ve learned anything from the PC cybercrime realm, it’...