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nicolas_popp | 12 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

Great news for OpenID aficionados, the largest identity social network is embracing OpenID. With 221M users, one could easily conclude that OpenID has just received the stimulus package that it needed to finally achieve critical mass. But, what does it really mean for OpenID? While we are all looking forward to the day FaceBook becomes both an OpenID provider and relying party, the initial impact is more likely to be a significant change in the OpenID user interface. As shown, here and...

Vicente | 06 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

I always find it interesting the way old scams are redressed for new and emerging channels.

That was the case during the last few days when Twitter users and employees found themselves under attack by phishers and hackers: follow these links to find a good account of the former and the latter.

Today I'll talk about the phishing attack, which consisted in luring people to give away their twitter passwords to a fake site, the novel aspect is that it used twitter-generated messages (Direct Messages) to propagate to your list of contacts (Followers).

This is all pretty similar to what we have seen with phishing via e-mail, but with two key differences:

- The first one is that e-mail phishing is a "mature product" where phishers are one...

nicolas_popp | 03 Jan 2009 | 0 comments

2009 promise to be a pivotal year for OpenID. So far, industry adoption has been strong with consumer powerhouses such as Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and MySpace backing up the technology. At the same time, consumer adoption remains limited to early adopters. Meanwhile, FaceBook, the identity provider of choice for 160M consumers is promoting its own alternative in the form of Friends Connect, creating the risk of balkanization. With a new year beginning, a recently augmented leadership, and high competitive stakes, the moment felt opportune to put together my 2009 wish list for OpenID.

Execution: The Separation of Concerns

My first wish is organizational. The OpenID foundation board host really bright and passionate people. Folks are committed to the success of OpenID. Across the board, there is also a strong willingness to do what is right. Nevertheless, execution...

nicolas_popp | 03 Nov 2008 | 0 comments

There has been a lot of buzz around Google's OpenID announcement last week. First, because Google awkwardly decided to change the service end point discovery part of the protocol. The good news is that Google fixed their faux-pas fairly quickly. In fact, they had no reason not too follow the spec and alienate the OpenID community.

More significant and more interesting however, was Google OpenID departure from requiring users to use URL as OpenID identifiers. Instead Google wants to let users use their GMail address as an OpenID identifier. Using GMail addresses as OpenID is not only a justifiable way to improve the OpenID user experience; it is also a very smart move by Google in their quest to become the dominant Internet identity provider (IDP).

As a consumer, there is no doubt that using an email address is the obvious identifier...

nicolas_popp | 21 Aug 2008 | 4 comments

Today, we are releasing a brand new version of the Personal Identity Portal (PIP). With support for two-factor authentication, the PIP remains a strong OpenID provider as VeriSign remains committed to the broad deployment of OpenID across the Internet. Beyond OpenID, the new PIP also includes some unique identity management features. As the user-centric identity movement reaches beyond authentication and attribute exchange, we wanted to evolve the PIP into an identity aggregation service that enhances control, convenience and security over personal data even when the data is scattered across non-interoperable Web sites.homepage.jpgThis theme of identity aggregation is going to remain an important product philosophy for us moving forward. Our first implementation focuses on personalization, convenience and security. This post...

nicolas_popp | 27 May 2008 | 0 comments

The controversy around personal and social data portability is growing. For consumers, it is an important issue because it will determine how much ownership they will be able to enforce upon their "digital identity" that lives today across competing Internet silos. For the silos, the Google, FaceBook, Yahoo! and Microsoft of the world, a lot is at stakes since, ultimately, it is about whom consumers will entrust with their digital self.

Undoubtedly, data portability is the natural child of federated identity (more on that in a future post). Personal and social data are an important part of any consumer identity'. Like identifiers, credentials and profile attributes, social graphs, activity streams belong to the end user who created them in the first place. In the long run, consumers will require full control, privacy, security and portability over...

nicolas_popp | 19 May 2008 | 0 comments

The issue of personal data portability is rapidly moving center stage. So, what is the big fuss about and what is really at stake here?

For us, as consumers, it is an important issue because eventually, it will determine how much ownership we will be able to enforce upon our personal data and content, including our social graph, that today, is dispersed across competing social networks and Web portals.

For Google, and FaceBook (FB), the stakes are equally high. Ultimately, the winner could take it all and be the one who really drives revenue from social networking. But to understand, we need to review the controversy first.

It really all started with OpenSocial. OpenSocial was Google's response to the rapid rise towards hegemony of FB APIs. To counter FB, Google...

vipmobile | 15 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

We were pleasantly surprised by the positive response to our announcement around VeriSign joining the OpenID Foundation. These articles feature our VP of Innovation, Nico Popp.

OpenID Gets Star Power By Kenneth Corbin of

Tech heavyweights join OpenID Foundation board By Deborah Gage of The San Francisco Chronicle

OpenID gains support for online single sign-on By Shane Schick of...

vipmobile | 07 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

Today's announcement that Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, IBM, and VeriSign are joining the OpenID Foundation's board is great news for the future of online identity. A single portable online identity has long been elusive, and we're excited to see it come one step closer to reality. I certainly won't miss my ever growing list of usernames and passwords!

But what happens when your entire online identity is consolidated into a single entity? It becomes a prime target for attack. In the pre-OpenID world, attackers need to steal your individual credentials for each and every site you visit; but if they're all replaced with a single OpenID, hacking just one account gives you the keys to the castle.

The need for strong account protection has never been greater, which is why we've integrated our...