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vipmobile | 10 Jun 2008 | 0 comments

It's now been about two months since we announced the VIP Developer Test Drive, and it's been a great success! Nearly 200 developers have downloaded the API, and many have already gone on to integrate it into their own applications. Over at Sun, Jeff Bounds has blogged about his integration of VIP with Sun Java System Access Manager/OpenSSO, and even posted step-by-step instructions on the Sun Wiki.

So, have you downloaded the API yet?

vipmobile | 27 May 2008 | 0 comments

Whenever anyone talks about typical authentication use cases, they inevitably use a financial institution as an example. "The user logs into his bank to perform a transaction." or "The bank issues the user a credential to protect his account." We use financial institutions as an example because it's an easy situation to explain -- you have a place with a lot of money, criminals like money, so we protect the money from the criminals. Simple, right?

But we should look beyond the "obvious" places where additional security is needed. If someone breaks into your online bank account and steals your money, it's almost certain that your bank will eventually cover your losses. It may be a giant headache for you, take a ton of time and effort, and it probably reduces your faith in online banking, but you will most likely be made "whole." But now what if someone breaks into your online health record? Or your email account? Or your social networking profile? Or your blog? Who's going to...

vijai | 02 Apr 2008 | 0 comments

Posted by Vijai Shankar, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at VeriSign, Inc.

I posted earlier today about the difficulty in remembering passwords, security questions, our daily tasks etc. and mentioning consumers to ask organizations to introduce secure, yet painless authentication methods. Here's another incentive for organizations to make life easy yet secure for consumers at a lower cost. VeriSign is now offering up to 5,000 FREE CREDENTIALS to each organization joining the VeriSign Identity Protection Network by Sept 30, 2008. This is a great incentive for organizations looking to deploy strong or two-factor authentication and be a part of a Network enables consumers to use a single credential across multiple site. The timing is opportune. With quite a few...

vijai | 02 Apr 2008 | 1 comment

Posted by Vijai Shankar, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at VeriSign, Inc.

We are seeing more and more articles about the difficulty remembering username and passwords. To add to the list along with our other stuff to remember i.e. household chores, birthdays etc., we now have to remember the new trend of security questions along with username and passwords. I was having a problem logging into one of my student loan accounts, which not only had a username and password but a set of security questions in a PARTICULAR order. Phew, needless to say I was locked out and had to call in, listen to some crazy call center music and after 15 minutes of waiting, spoke to an agent to unlock my account.

I saw this article in The Wall Street Journal about the daunting task of managing passwords, a complicated system she came up with, aggravated by the added task to manage...

vipmobile | 01 Apr 2008 | 0 comments

Posted by Kerry Loftus

I drove my 13-year-old and his friends to one of their activities recently (yes, I have a minivan) and their conversation was really interesting and eye opening. I quickly called my gal pals in Erie, PA to find out if they were hearing the same and got the affirmative so this is not just a 'valley' phenomena. All of our kids are online and many are using various email, IM and social networking applications. Did you know that they all know each other's usernames and passwords? If they don't know the password part, they can very quickly guess (I chimed in at one point and asked them if they knew anything about 'strong passwords'-- most of them replied that they just use 'password'!). They didn't really think protecting the information was important.

It's probably harmless to sign in as your friend on IM and send one of the girls in your class a provocative message, but couldn't that be the tip of the iceberg? What about online...

vipmobile | 28 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

Posted by Kerry Loftus, Vice President of Consumer Authentication

I am constantly evaluating our offerings and other technology solutions, asking: will this really play in my hometown of Erie, PA? The challenge for security vendors has always been there but have we delivered solutions that provide a broad spectrum of security for our customers depending on their needs, risks and users? Two years ago, when the FFIEC guidance around multifactor authentication came out, our customers told us we hadn't. Companies like VeriSign quickly innovated to find that right balance between security, usability, and convenience. Device IDs, images, networked authentication and a whole host of convenient 2-factor credentials emerged and the race is on to find that next game- changing security solution.

We at VeriSign believe there are two critical pieces to this moving forward:

1. Open standards. In other words: two-factor authentication solutions from...

Tim Callan | 26 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

My name is Jen Gilburg and I am the Director of Business Development for the Identity and Authentication Solutions team here at VeriSign.

Google's announcement of the launch of a new program that allows users to post their medical records online caught my attention. While there are obvious benefits to having a centralized store of historical health information, medications, test results, etc., my first inclination was to be concerned about the security of such personal information.

Naturally I am inclined to believe that everything should have strong authentication. However, not wanting to be overly paranoid, I thought I would investigate just what the exposure is should one gain access to my medical records. I mean -- just how much damage could be done should someone discover that I have hay fever and a rather bizarre allergic reaction to arugula? Is...