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nicolas_popp | 12 Jul 2011 | 0 comments

Every so often in technology, new trends emerge to drive large changes to society by transforming our established computing paradigms. Cloud as a computing pattern is certainly not dissimilar. The cloud carries in itself all the genes of disruption that the PC, client-server and Web revolutions embodied before it. For many, cloud computing is the logical evolution of information technology towards the utility model. From an economic standpoint, it signals the great commoditization of IT.

When large technology shifts occur, opportunities arise for new and innovative companies to displace the large and sleepy incumbents within their core markets. To understand the cloud tectonic shift, and the potential losers and winners, I devised a simple visual representation that captures the competitive landscape of cloud computing. If...

nicolas_popp | 02 Jun 2010 | 0 comments

I have been involved with a couple similar initiatives around certification for identity and thought it would be interesting to explain the logic behind these efforts. The first initiative is led by the Open Identity Exchange and is based on the Open Identity stack. The second is more enterprise cloud focused; it is driven by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). The CSA is developing a more SAML-oriented technology blueprint within OASIS. The technology protocols are different but the risk controls are similar. Therefore, I am hopeful that both trust frameworks will converge (I will certainly try to help them converge).

But let us re-hash the motivation of the industry that sponsors these efforts. A trust framework is necessary to enable policy...

nicolas_popp | 20 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

For most enterprise and security vendors, the cloud is fascinating both as a technology and a business disruptor. In fact, SAAS CEOs such as Successfactor, SalesForce and NetSuite are hot shots in Silicon Valley these days. Yet, most of us are still wondering how much IT budget is actually going to be thrown at the so-called private, hybrid and public clouds in 2010. So what is in the way of the big shift?

We had a good discussion on this topic at AlwaysOn today. At least, it seems that everyone agrees on the main challenges: integration is harsh, security is dicey and compliance seems out of reach. So, where do we start? I am starting to believe that there too, we need to provide a baseline for cloud security and trust. Like PCI for e-commerce, a certification for the cloud will not make the cloud completely secure, but it will at least provide a set of common definitions and best-practices...

nicolas_popp | 16 Mar 2010 | 0 comments

I could not resist the temptation. Trust Seal, the Trilogy is now on Youtube.

The first act is strictly business, but you may not want to miss act II and act III with Snikko the hacker. Rest assured. I have already promised the marketing team that there would not be a sequel.

nicolas_popp | 26 Nov 2009 | 0 comments

Concerns for the security of application run in the cloud are running high. The perceived lack of security of cloud platforms is often cited as the primary obstacle to adoption. Whether "cloud" is defined as infrastructure as a service (storage and compute services ala Amazon), platform as a service (application deployment environment ala Google App Engine), or simply as application outsourcing (SAAS ala SuccessFactor), almost everyone is lamenting at the security inadequacies of these new computing platforms.

This raises the question whether cloud providers should envision becoming security companies. After all, why would CIOs ever shift their entire IT infrastructure to the cloud unless the cloud came with strong security, compliance assurance and operational risk management? Conversely, should security companies rapidly transform themselves into cloud providers? After all, why would an enterprise that has crossed the Rubicon of moving the IT infrastructure to the cloud...