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Tim Callan | 25 Sep 2005 | 0 comments

One of the intriguing ideas offered by the RSS Ping proposal is the concept of “tokenized” content being submitted as part of a ping.  The goal of this idea is to enable publishers to submit a full content payload as part of a ping message to a ping server, without having to worry about the content being propagated around the Internet, beyond the publisher’s control and ability to monetize. A full content ping would provide the ping server provider to analyze the post in situ – no need to invoke a harvesting agent to dereference the URIs supplied in a normal ping to retrieve the content. This doesn’t make much difference for a single post, but when you imagine that millions of ping everyday might arrive at the ping server carrying the full content of the post, ready to analyze, the operational efficiencies over the conventional approach would be significant. For any...

Tim Callan | 23 Sep 2005 | 0 comments

I spent some time this summer talking with Bob Wyman of about “structured blogging”. While we’ve come at from different angles, we both see potential for some exciting innovations in the way posts might be structured in the future. Bob has a website and blog up on the subject at, although it looks like it’s been pretty quiet there lately (Bob’s got a lot of other things going on right now, I know).


The promise of structured blogging is two-fold; on the publishing side of things, structuring different kinds of posts (e.g. a movie review, a recipe, or a job listing) provides a means to intelligently apply meaningful style templates to different object types. The real power of structured blogging, though, is realized on the back end, in the aggregation and navigation of structured...

Tim Callan | 23 Sep 2005 | 0 comments

I’ve spent some time using the Rojo service lately.  I haven’t invested the time to configure it for what it’s meant for – social networking as blog-reading aide – but am planning on it. However, I have been using a handy feature they offer: the ability to quickly tag a post. In “expanded” mode, Rojo presents a small type-in field that I can use to tag that post. I’ve been using this feature to label posts I’d like to come back to, and I’ve found it quite useful. It’s quicker than adding bookmarks, and keeping them organized. Better, I can share ‘em.

I know Technorati has addressed both author-assigned tagging (via Flickr and Buzznet) and reader-assigned tagging (via and Furl), but it’s just so much simpler with Rojo. Type in the tag, hit enter and your done. Cool.