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Terry Cutler | 29 Oct 2010 | 0 comments

Intel will be making Symantec Backup Exec 2010 available to its system builder partners through its network of authorized distributors. The addition of Symantec Backup Exec expands Intel's software offering for channel partners that are part of the chipmaker’s Enabled Solutions Acceleration Alliance(ESAA).

For following are a series of articles on this exciting announcement:

Hywel Mallett | 19 Oct 2010 | 0 comments
Many of the problems people encounter with Backup Exec aren't technical problems, but issues with understanding how the software works, or how to get the best out of it. Here are 10 tips you won't find in the manual.
  1. Don't buy Backup Exec (yet). If you're installing Backup Exec for the first time, make use of the 60 day trial. Evaluate which agents and options you need to buy for the first 30 days or so, then buy what you need and enter the license keys before the 60 days is up. By buying once, and buying the right options, you minimise wasted expenditure, and simplify relicensing in the future, when it all needs renewing at the same time.
  2. Start simple. Before you install all the agents and options in the trial, and select every tickbox, just install the core components to start. Make sure you understand them before you add the agents and options, and then add them one-by-one. Backup Exec's design allows you to do this...
Mahesh Roja | 07 Oct 2010 | 1 comment

Refer this Tip If you faced Error during (Unable to prep database instances for upgrade)Upgrade from Backup Exec 2010 to 2010 R2

  1. Read ou the SCL list from Symantec site before start migrating.
  2. Back up all your data: in SQL server an your backup server.
  3. Prepare new OS and install there Backup Exec 2010 with default preferences (it installs local MSSQL 2005 Express).
  4. Stop Backup Exec services on old machine and on new machine.
  5. Copy DB(through Backup-Restore or Detach-Attach) from remote server to your local MSSQL installation on new machine.
  6. Edit tables [Device] and [DataPartition] and change old machine name to new one there.
  7. Delete in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Server\DataPartitionGUID key.
  8. Launch services on new machine, they shoud start up and...
Stronty | 21 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

Here is a fix for the 0xe000fedl - a failure occured querying the Writer status.

We have seen this error a fair amount recently and mainly on customers Hyper-V environments. All the fixes that Symantec suggests have been tried but non of them work.

This particular fix is for VMs that have been created by doing a Physical to virtual conversion of a server. The reason the above error occurs when you run a backup of these Virtual Machines is due to them having the same disk ID as the host server. This is normaly 00000080.

If you use Diskpart to examine the disk IDs of the Host server and the virtual servers you will probably notice that the disk IDs are the same (00000080). This is due to the Physical to Virtual conversion.

To fix this you can use a tool called dumpcfg.exe which will allow you change the disk ID of the Virtual server. You will need to do this with each Virtual Machine that you have done a Physical to Virtual conversion of on your Host...

Kate Lewis | 15 Sep 2010 | 10 comments

Symantec wants to hear from you!  Were you a part of the decision making team to purchase one or more Symantec products, such as Backup Exec snd Backup Exec System Recovery? Or, where you a part of the decision making team to vote against purchasing a Symantec product? If so, we’d like to hear why. This is a quick process (as little as 20-30 minutes), and for your valuable input, you’ll be entered into an exclusive raffle to win a 16 GB Wi-Fi enabled Apple iPad!

To participate, simply send an email  to schedule a short call at a time convenient for you. This call will not be a sales call by any means, but rather an opportunity for you to share why you bought or decided not to buy our products. Sign up today, tell your story and enter to win a new 16GB Wi-Fi enabled Apple iPad!

Hurry up...

Elspeth Magoria | 07 Sep 2010 | 1 comment
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marucho | 02 Sep 2010 | 0 comments

I've been a backup exec user since the seagate days. Over the last decade I've been really impressed with the innovation and features available now in current disaster recovery tools. It actually seems a lot easier now to achieve near 100% up-time. I'm a big fan of appliance based backup solutions with vm fallback and bare metal restore options. I'm guessing it's just a matter of time before tape backup is phased out of mainstream DR processes.

Elspeth Magoria | 31 Aug 2010 | 1 comment
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Swathi Turlapaty | 02 Aug 2010 | 44 comments

Backup Exec 2010 R2 is the second release of Backup Exec 2010 and is generally available to all users starting today, August 2nd, 2010.

This release features improvements in usability, licensing and renewal management, deduplication, virtualization, and extends platform and application support. Here are some of the most important features that the release introduces...

  • Enhanced Installation and backup wizards reduce the time and complexity of setting up your backups
  • Backup recommendation tool identifies potential gaps in your backup strategy and provides recommendations on the agent(s) required to ensure complete data protection.
  • Integrated RSS and Renewal Assistant help keep you informed and current.
  • NEW! support for SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 SP1, Microsoft SQL 2008 R2, Enterprise Vault 9, Mac OSX 10.6, NDMP NetApp ONTAP 8.0, EMC DART 6.0, and OST support for Data Domain DDOS 4.8 with Boost Technology.


Martin_Forster | 08 Jul 2010 | 0 comments

Hello, i write this blog for my own record, and for symantec.
I was asked to write a summary of my issues, after i tried to give back my dedupe licenses. So here we go.

1.) frownGRT Backups work only once and then fails with "An error occurred in the PDVFS driver: PdvfsOpendir: failed errno=2"

2.) frownRestore of Single Files only works with the fast "Use Fast File Restore" Option switched off. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Engine\Tape Format

3.) frown...