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Kate Lewis | 27 Jun 2011 | 35 comments

Do you have a favorite website that you visit for all your Backup and Recovery news? Or do you have a collection of websites / blogs / social media websites that you visit to get the latest scoop on IT trends, backup and recovery news, future product releases, product reviews and industry trends?  Simply tell us what your favorite Backup and Recovery / IT related websites are by sending an email to Kate Lewis and you could be in with a chance of winning a $50 Amazon Gift Voucher.

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SeanRegan | 21 Jun 2011 | 4 comments

I noticed an interesting tweet today from Rachel Dines @Forester. It quoted Carl Meadows @SungardAS. 


"Common misconception: cloud solves our sys admin problems. Wrong! Cloud requires more skilled sys admins." 

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I drive down 101 to Mountain View from SF.  Each day someone gets in a fender bender and traffic continues around them. Sure, life is disrupted but it's par for the course. Sometimes car accidents happen. As I drive south I also pass under SFO. Each day 100s of planes take off. The expectation is that these planes will almost never have an accident. They are piloted by highly trained pilot while the car on 101 is piloted by someone like you and me. 

Cars are like servers.  Planes are like Clouds. 

  • When a plane crashes the media shows up at the scene, the bloggers speculate. Investigators start to look for the...
SeanRegan | 13 Jun 2011 | 4 comments

We have seen some bombastic marketing over the last several months in the data protection space.  One vendor stuffed 26 women in a Mini Cooper, and Veeam called platform proliferation “the next big thing” when they announced intentions to deliver Hyper-V support in December of 2011 – despite it being available for the past three years from Symantec. Let’s cut through noise and look at some of the underlying facts.

Innovative, Established and Proven

•                Over 15,000 companies already leverage Symantec’s Backup Exec for Hyper-V support. What Veeam has announced has been in the market for 3 years with Symantec Backup Exec. 

•                Backup Exec protects over 75,000 virtual...

Kate Lewis | 24 May 2011 | 0 comments

Each month from May 2011 through to December 2011, we are giving away 100 limited edition Backup Exec bobbleheads. To be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic bobbleheads -- a must have for all IT professionals, simply answer one simple question.

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nhej- | 05 Apr 2011 | 0 comments

Below are some useful links for Symantec System recovery 2011 release:

SSR2011 English User Guide

Software Compatibility List for SSR2011

What Changed with SSR2011

What Changed with SSR2011 Linux

What Changed with SSR2011 Management Solution

What is Symantec System Recovery Management Solution

Kiran Bandi | 29 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

Some of the main differences between Backup Exec and Backup Exec System Recovery:

1) Backup Exec is a backup and restore software, whereas Backup exec System Recovery is a recovery software.

2) BESR can write data only to disks not to tapes, whereas BE can write to both.

3) BE works at file level whereas BESRworks at block level.

4) One of the main features of BESR is dissimilar hardware restore technology. One can perform a Bare Metal Restore of a system with Backup Exec also, but mostly onto a similar hardware.

5) BESR can perform Physical to Virtual conversations, BE cannot.


James McKey | 03 Mar 2011 | 1 comment

A First Availability program for the new version of Backup Exec System Recovery (Symantec System Recovery 2011) has just started and you are welcome to sign up and participate provided you have current product maintenance through the end of June 2011 or you are entitled to the latest version by way of a partnership with Symantec (reseller, ISV, IHV, VAR, etc.).

By signing up you will be able to obtain and run the production-ready general availability (GA) version of Symantec System Recovery 2011 before it is posted publicly on our external site. See the KB article below for more detail:

Madstars19 | 09 Feb 2011 | 0 comments

V2iSR.exe Application Error -Could not load Ghost 14.0


I was getting the v2iSR.exe error when trying to load my backup.  The error was preventing me from loading my backup image.  Out of frustration, I googled this and I found no solution.  After some tinkering, I noticed my DATE/TIME was wrong, most likely due to some malware.  The fix was simple.


Make sure your DATE/TIME is set to the correct date in your BIOS.  This was my fix and I hope it helps somebody out.  I can't tell you how frustrated I was at the thought of reformatting and reloading my drive.

Dev T | 15 Dec 2010 | 0 comments

To understand the Types/Methods of Backup we must dive into the attributes of a file.

There are 4 basic attributes of a file which are known as DOS attributes:


Whenever we think of Backups we must only think of the ARCHIVE attribute. 

Thumb Rule: Whenever the ARCHIVE attribute is ON (1) the file is ready for backup and whenever the ARCHIVE attribute is OFF (0) the file has been backed up.

There are 5 types of backups:

1.    Normal/Full Backup: This backup method will backup the entire selection list irrespective of the ARCHIVE BIT, but after the backup is over it will RESET the ARCHIVE bit to 0 (Change it to 0 : Meaning the file(s) has been backed up)

2.    Incremental Backup: This backup method will only backup those files on which the ARCHIVE...

Mjahtetn | 13 Dec 2010 | 0 comments

It is a common scenario that a customer will call because they did not receieved the license key (esp. for BUE) after renewing the maintenance and register it on the license portal.

After the registration, it says that Data not Available for the license key.

Maintenance are being renewed each year for free technical support assistance and free of charge upgrades.

Once the maintenance expired, a customer is still license to use the software however, he was unable to avail the other benefits.

How to get the license key:

Renewal Serial number is also for the maintenance and will not generate the license key of the product. One must process the upgrade in the license portal in order to do that.

One can also call customer service, to get the license key as well as the notification ID for the upgrade.

In addition to that, one can also process the license key directly on the license portal.