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GHamilton | 23 Jan 2015 | 1 comment

I have been working with NetBackup since 6.5 as a consultant and from time to time I have seen flat file windows backups fail with 156 errors, which is a snapshot failure. A snapshot is not typically used when doing these types of backups. To avoid these failures do the following;

Admin console > Host Properties > Master Servers > Client Attributes > Add Client (short of FQDN - however seen in netbackup) > TAB Windows Open File Backup > Snapshot error control > SELECT disable snapshot and continue

BE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK SNAPSHOTS ARE NOT CONFIGURED FOR THIS CLIENT ON OTHER POLICIES BEFORE MAKING THIS CHANGE -- for example: if doing a windows backup for the operating system and a snapshot\backup of the Exchange database on that same server.

Hope this helps!

inn_kam | 10 Dec 2014 | 0 comments


Want to share very special that 

We want to take the backups of Hyper V on windows 2012 R2 by using NB7.5.0.7 Master and Client Versions

as we have gone through this tech note :


but when were takinh the backups it was giving error 

error Validating Hyper v Machine name
Server failed to list VM's (-1)

So we have taken the support from Symantec Team

and they remind us that A new Symantec Technote has been released in NOV 2014 having compaitibilty of VM's 

i.e. http://...

Anuj Kr | 01 Dec 2014 | 0 comments


Netbackup patch update on Solaris hangs after ./NB_update.install with no error logged:

After you enter ./NB_update.install, cursor will remain on blank space with no progress for hours.


root@xxxx:/usr/openv/source# ./NB_update.install


    Solaris Sparc


         Netbackup telemetry process keep the upgrade process hung

root 29820 29748   0 15:29:40 pts/8       0:00 /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nbtelemetry --collector=nb-install --upload --define=e



Options 1 (which I used):

- run patch update:

     root@xxxx:/usr/openv/source# ./NB_update.install

-  now Login to same server through another putty session and stop netbackup server. Also kill process running...

Sherry Fang | 17 Nov 2014 | 0 comments

In business today, the quality of a customer experience that a company provides often depends on technology. Even when a customer is face-to-face with a company employee, or interacting over the phone, it’s likely that the company employee is interacting with a computer application on the customer’s behalf.

As a result, there is greater pressure than ever on IT teams to keep corporate services and data available and resilient. In the 21st century, companies are their technology. The trust that they earn from customers depends on the availability and reliability of services.

Backup and recovery have become more important than ever. On the other hand, because IT teams need more time to develop new technology services that keep businesses competitive, there is less time for routine tasks such as backup and recovery. Companies need to streamline backup and recovery to minimize costs and resources, yet also protect faster-growing volumes of data at higher...

Jane M | 13 Nov 2014 | 0 comments

On November 4, 2014, Symantec completed another release of SORT.
SORT Landing page at

With this release we added the following features and enhancements:

• Product and Platform Lookup can be accessed directly from the menu under Documentation and is the main entrance for product matrix ( )
• Improved search performance

NetBackup Solutions:
• Enhancements to the NBDB space check to accommodate non-default configurations and all major, minor and release update upgrades of NetBackup
• Addition of NetBackup specific resources to the Product and Platform Lookup results
• Displayed which type of NetBackup host (master, media and/or client) requires the OS patch - Only...

Michael G Andersen | 03 Nov 2014 | 0 comments

General connectivity troubleshooting (status 24,25,58 and often database error 6 too)

Check forward & reverse name lookup between master, media & client with nslookup

Create bcpd folder on the client

run bpclntcmd -self and bpclntcmd -pn on the client, the -pn option should give a reponse from the master

Run bptestbpcd -client <clientname> -debug from master & media servers, they should give status 0

if the bptestbcpd give a status different from 0 check the bpcd log on the client and firewall opennings

Scott Thornberry | 29 Oct 2014 | 0 comments

I know with the end of year approaching, and hunting season and holiday items, but any thoughts of getting together maybe to share what everyone is or has been doing, maybe on what versions everyone is on, any projects changes your doing, and some planning for next year ?
I know for myself I been very busy with a lot of system updates and migrations that I work on outside of Netbackup, which has kept me busy.
But I also spent some time improving some performance items.  Please let me know if your interested in doing a meeting and lunch to catch up.  Maybe not as long or formal, but I would like to see if we can get the group together again, and see what and where everyone is doing with Netbackup and where they see things heading in the upcomming year.
Thank you.
Scott Thornberry

Anuj Kr | 08 Oct 2014 | 0 comments

Problem Description:

Unable to decommission 5220 Appliance Medias server using nbdecommission command.

Nbdecommission tool indicates that this server is part for some media sharing group, and nbdecommission completes with error “unable to delete host xyz_abc”.

nbdecommission -oldserver xyz_abc

Server xyz_abc is a member of the following media sharing groups:


netbackup emm database error 196

Unable to delete host xyz_abc

# nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename xyz_abc -machinetype media          

NBEMMCMD, Version:
The function returned the following failure status:
generic EMM SQL error (193)
Command did not complete successfully.



Eileen | 25 Sep 2014 | 0 comments

Topic: Do people trust clouds or do they trust brands?
Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014
Time: Starts at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET
Length: One hour
Where:  Virtual event on – Follow hashtag #DirtyTopics
Expert: Alex Sakaguchi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Symantec - @ASakaguchi


            CIOs are becoming increasingly invested in the cloud, with 92 percent saying they believe it provides business benefits, according to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research. From cost savings, efficiency, rapid deployment, scalability, and ubiquitous accessibility, cloud computing brings with it several benefits. As shown by its 33 percent quarter-to-...

Solange Deschatres | 09 Sep 2014 | 1 comment

From a business perspective, a disaster isn’t just a violent storm or terrorist attack that makes news headlines. Anything that makes normal operations difficult or impossible can be disastrous – Imagine that all of your customer files have evaporated, along with everyone’s email messages, pending customer orders and your entire accounts receivables database. This type of loss not only interrupts the flow of business but could halt it completely, and it poses a threat you can’t ignore.

Data recovery planning is essential for every business and should be part of an overall resiliency or business continuity plan. This plan will help you continue operations in the face of adverse incidents, big or small, and avoid catastrophic losses. At a high level data recovery planning can be broken down into three primary steps:

  1. Assess: Know and understand the value of your data and the impact loss would have on the business.
  2. ...