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Zahid.Haseeb | 01 Apr 2011 | 0 comments

It’s really motivating to listen to that people being aware the importance of Backup their Data and started celebrating the World Backup Day. It will be very excellent if there may be an article/blog or Video present for public on this day from Veritas/Symantec which will amplify the awareness and significance of backup.

On the World Backup Day vendors of backup product also offer the discount on its products or bundle offers etc which may encourage the public too.

My suggestion for this day is to grow the awareness and importance of Backup and specially the Strategy of Backups. The online seminars could be one more interesting way of boost the value of Backup.     

I think start celebrating the World Backup Day is a superior step towards flourishing the use of Backup products in the public which help the companies and home user to safe himself while disaster situation.


Zahid.Haseeb | 25 Mar 2011 | 2 comments

I have two tape libraries in different environments. I wanted to restore the tape cartridge1 data from the  Tape Library1 to Tape Library2.  After completing all the prerequisites while starting the restore process i was facing the below problem.



Netbackup Server version = 7.1

OS of Netbackup Server = Win2008 R2

Netbackup Client version = 7.1


Activity Monitor

3/25/2011 12:37:44 PM - begin Restore

3/25/2011 12:37:46 PM - 1 images required

3/25/2011 12:37:46 PM - media 2010L4 required

3/25/2011 12:37:49 PM - restoring image SERVER-CR_1298966565

3/25/2011 12:37:50 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=5292) telling media manager to start restore on client    

3/25/2011 12:37:52 PM - Info bpbrm(pid=5984) listening for client connection        

3/25/2011 12:37:54 PM - Error...

ram619 | 22 Mar 2011 | 0 comments


In some instance SSO tape will go to partially down state for a particular media server. We cannot bring up the drive through CLI or by right click the drive in topology console. Follow the below steps.

1)Try to restart the netbackup service in the media server and re-configure the devices.

2) Note the affected drive name from device monitor on the left panel.

   Then expand device tab and select drives option.

   There select the appropriate drive and right click on it.

   Click on the change option and remove the host which is having the missed path issue. Again click the add button and select the removed media server.

   And in new path information select the browse tab. It will get the new avaliable path to the SSO drive.

   The drive will also come to up state. 

Scott Thornberry | 21 Mar 2011 | 0 comments

I wanted to thank Tim once again for his presentation during our last meeting.

There  was a lot of great information, as well as a lot of discussions, and I hope everyone was able to gain something from the past meeting.


Now we are finally into Spring, and our next meeting is not until Fall, I know its early to be thinking of topics, but I wanted to share with you some thoughts that came up.


Data Security came up between some of us as a topic for our next meeting, for

off site backups as well as on site items.  I know a lot of us, including myself have to have backups secured, not only physically but also the data needs to be encrypted and there are several options available to us.

Some of us either have or will have items to have data secure no matter where its at,

if its on site, or off site, or with in your own laptops.


Just wanted to put this out there so as everyone starts to...

Kiran Bandi | 17 Mar 2011 | 2 comments

Most common issues with tape devices:

1) Tape drive asks for cleaning more frequently.

2) Media will be marked as full after writing very less amount of data to it. (Will happen with all the media in the library)

3) Media requested by BE may not be inserted properly into the drive.

The first two indicates that there is a problem with tape drive. Investigation has to be done with tools provided by the vendor. Like HPLTT tools for HP drives, IBM ITDT tool for IBM make etc... Perform a write test also along with the general investigations. And some times the drive temperature also create problems. (Drive fan assembly may be having issues). If any problems reported during the testing by using vendor tools, contact the vendor and ask for a replacement.

The third indicates there may be a problem with robot. In this case you can see something like "Stow operation failed at slot XX"...

Anton Panyushkin | 17 Mar 2011 | 2 comments


As deduplication and optimized duplication are a hot topics nowadays, I decided to post a PDF report on the OptDup test we made recently. The document is in Russian. I hope my compatriots will appreciate it because thre are vitrually no practical info on OptDup in Russian.

Документ представляет собой пошаговое описание настройки Optimized Duplication на устройствах DataDomain, а также знакомит с теми командами DDOS, которые нужны для установки и настройки устройства хранения для нужд NetBackup. 

aridossj | 09 Mar 2011 | 1 comment

If symantec is providing an auto select option for restore operation that would be great to identify the host type. can they add this feature in their new product?

While doing restore we are selecting source, destination and type (i.e NDMP, Windows-NT, Standard) if some intelligent mechanism can detect automatically and perform the operation with out selecting the type, it would be great help to administrators, most of the first level support people not aware about the files systems type while creating requests. who can bring it to symantec's view???



-- Jayaprakash Aridoss

Zahid.Haseeb | 02 Mar 2011 | 0 comments

I am trying to restore the backup of Flat files. The restore process is going fine but i see an error when I view the Detailed Status under Activity Monitor. 

See the detail below.


Avtivity Monitor


3/2/2011 12:08:12 PM - begin Restore
3/2/2011 12:08:15 PM - 1 images required
3/2/2011 12:08:15 PM - media A00024 required
3/2/2011 12:08:18 PM - restoring image tech-server1_1297764654
3/2/2011 12:08:20 PM - started process bptm (5020)
3/2/2011 12:08:20 PM - mounting A00024
3/2/2011 12:08:20 PM - requesting resource A00024
3/2/2011 12:08:20 PM - granted resource A00024
3/2/2011 12:08:20 PM - granted resource SEAGATE.DATDAT72-000.000
3/2/2011 12:08:21 PM - connecting
3/2/2011 12:08:23 PM - mounted; mount time: 00:00:03
3/2/2011 12:08:23 PM - positioning A00024 to...
Zahid.Haseeb | 14 Feb 2011 | 0 comments



I am trying to perform a redirect/alternate client restore. What the problem i am facing is, i am not able to view the backup of my SQL Server under Restore Microsoft Server Objects on other NBU Clients except the one on which i took the Backup of SQL Server and there is a RED color arrow with downards direction. See the picture for your reference




NBU Server = 6.5.5

OS of NBU Server = win2003 with SP2

SQL Server = 2005

NBU Client version on other Machines = 6.5.0

NBU Client version on Source Machine where we can see the Backup = 6.5.5



I have already seen the section "Redirecting a restore to a different host" in the MSSQL Admin Guide. I also confirmed that i...

Symontec | 10 Feb 2011 | 0 comments

I receive this from Mr. Backup's email and I think is good to share it with you Connect Members:


I am at Tech Field Day at Symantec Headquarters hearing about NBU & Backup Exec and we are streaming it live.  If you want to watch 14 bloggers grill Symantec Execs, go here:

They tell us this is the first time anyone has streamed live from here.