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Zahid.Haseeb | 27 Nov 2010 | 1 comment

See a superb video "How to add a tape library in Netbackup". This will be very benificial for those who are new in Netbackup and want to add the Tape Library. I have found this very interesting. Thanks for the person who created it. See the below link to watch the video.

"Add Tape Library"

fhmann | 26 Nov 2010 | 0 comments

After we upgraded our RHEL 4 Master Server to VxNBU 7.01, my collegues asked how to push the client installation from the Java GUI (jnbSA), since it didn't work due to the fact that the command is issued with 'rsh' and our environment only allows 'ssh'.

After some investigations I found the following script within the "/usr/openv/java/allNB.jar" file:

Since I'm not a developer, I just edited the file (in Windows with UEdit) and replaced (HEX) rsh with ssh, saved it and made a new allNB.jar pack and loaded it onto our master server. (see Picture below)

...and from now on, the Java Install command runs with ssh :).

Just make sure, that the servers are in the known_hosts file, to avoid ssh issues during installations.

If anyone would like to do...

Zahid.Haseeb | 23 Nov 2010 | 0 comments

I have found some VDOs which covers Veritas Netbackup Server installation, Configuration, Backup and Restoration on a Unix system. I would like to share those VDOs.

The below VDOs cover the installation of Veritas Netbackup Server on Unix, Configuration of ROBOT, backup of files/folders on Tape Cartridges and do a Restore. You will also watch some problems solution while doing all this.

it consist of seven parts:








Zahid.Haseeb | 10 Nov 2010 | 0 comments

Today we try to discuss some errors while dealing with Tape Cartridge (without Barcode) in a Standalone Drive (without Barcode reader).

 There may be so many errors while dealing with Tape Cartridge in a Standalone Tape Drive. But I feel that they are some which a newbie can face in his initial dealing with Tape Drive and Tape Cartridge.

Our Environment

Netbackup Server = version 7.

OS of Netbackup = Win2003 R2.

Tape Drive = Standalone with 4mm density.

Tape Cartridge = 36/72 GB with 4mm density.


  1. Error while labeling the Tape Cartridge.
  2. Error while expiring Tape Cartridge images.
  3. Error 92 while deleting the Tape Cartridge.
  4. Error while inventory.
  5. Netbackup Activity Monitor Still locate old Tape for backup next day
  1. Error while labeling the Tape Cartridge.

I was facing an error while labeling the Tape...

Zahid.Haseeb | 09 Nov 2010 | 0 comments

Today i would like to discuss a very tiny error which i faced while giving the label to the tape cartridge on an standalone tape drive


Netbackup Server = version 7

OS of Netbackup = Win2003 R2

Tape Drive = Standalone with 4mm density

Tape Cartridge = 36/72 GB with 4mm density

Prerequisite which i did

1.) bpexpdate -d 0 -m A00000                                       (successful run)

2.) vmadd -m A11111 -mt 4mm -p 1                               (successful run)  


bplabel -m A11111 -d 4mm -o -p Netbackup -u 0      

Error reported by media operation: resource request failed 


Zahid.Haseeb | 03 Nov 2010 | 2 comments


NBU Server = 7

OS of NBU = win2003R2

Client = win2003

SQL = 2000 


I was trying to take SQL backup but failed instantly which the below Activity Monitor error.

Activity Monitor

11/3/2010 11:37:02 AM - requesting resource tpsbkp-4mm
11/3/2010 11:37:02 AM - requesting resource tpsbkp.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.tpsbdc
11/3/2010 11:37:02 AM - requesting resource tpsbkp.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.PVCSTrackr
11/3/2010 11:37:02 AM - Error nbjm(pid=2032) NBU status: 96, EMM status: No media is available   
unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none available(96) 


Actually i wanted to take the backup of MS SQL with an infinity 9 retention level. i set the retention level to 9 in the schedule which i created but did not select retention level to 9 in the...

Anton Panyushkin | 28 Oct 2010 | 0 comments

During the last 2 months I thoroughly tested SAN-based FlashBackup-Windows on Wintel platform and found a number of puzzling issues. This research prompted me to create a couple of threads here and there on this forum and open a rather long-term support case at Symantec. To sum up my research, I decided to create a PowerPoint presentation that describes how I deployed a test SAN media server, took SAN-based flashbackups and performed restores. It also depicts the way I tuned SAN media server for best performance and performance figures for both backup and restore. On top of that, I present you the issues I faced during my work and solutions for some of them.  Your feedback is extremely welcomed. I'd like we to sure our expertise on FlashBackup-Windows.

RDesai | 30 Sep 2010 | 1 comment

I have NBU 7.0 server running on Windows 32 bit 2003 SE server. I have setup email and do receive catalog emails with catalog recovery file attached. However, emails are live only for 120 days where as we are required to keep backups "FOREVER" on a monthly basis at DR site .  I want to find out if there is a way to copy this catalog recovery file also onto the tape going to DR site every week. By default, the catalog backups always go on to the CatalogBackup pool. How can I also copy the same file also on the tape going off-site (i.e. to a tape in a pool other than CatalogBackup)? (My attempt to change policy to drop multiple copy fails to allow me to choose another pool and hence this blog)

Background: Pertinent info. from prior reading of blogs: 1. I do not want catalog tape also going offsite every week => i.e. a pure waste to send 1.6TB capacity tape having only a few megs and also to sync each weeks catalog tape w/ the ...

Zahid.Haseeb | 31 Aug 2010 | 5 comments

While restore of BMR backup , at the stage of DDR (Dissimilar Disk Restore) i faced an error ""failed to verify backup --rc(25)"


Netbackup = 6.5.5
BMR backup Client OS = win2003 R2


The restore has stopped due to the following error :
failed to verify backup --rc(25)


Actually i was giving a free IP Address before DDR stage which IP Address was not the IP Address which was on Machine/PC at the time of taking BMR backup.

Some helpful material while BMR restore

To determine the root cause on the restoring client:

1. Cancel and exit from the restore wizard.  This should place you in the main menu.
2. Move the mouse to a location in the upper left hand corner of the mains screen, near the gear shape icon. When the mouse pointer changes from an arrow to a hand, right click the...