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Zahid.Haseeb | 28 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

Today i would like to discuss in this BLOG "File Sharing problem in storage foundation 5.0". i am using SFHA 5.0 with Windows2003 Server R2 operating system.

Note:- if your Disk Groups are not being import automatically, you can see the 2nd and 3rd link for resolution in the helpfull links below

Storage Foundation  configuration

i have two diskgroups with 3 hardisk drives. Below are some detail information

1.) Basic Disk Group = 2 drives = 4 partition
2.) UsersData Disk Group = 1 drive = 2 partitions (from 2 partitions the one partition is SRL logs)
3.) I am using virtual ISCSI SAN


My 2nd disk group (UsersData Disk Group) has a share folder on its partition and when my PC gets restart my sharing folder gets unshare so i have to re share it again on daily basis when i switch on my PC.



Twixxica_09 | 23 Sep 2009 | 2 comments

Netbackup usefull Links.

Here are some links that might be useful for Netbackup Queries.

Hope this Helps,




Marky09 | 22 Sep 2009 | 0 comments


Netbackup Standard Client 6.5 key

This will activate Bare Metal Restore(BMR) 6.0 and Client Encryption Option(CEO)

NetBackup and NetBackup Agents and Options are not sold online; they can be purchased through our partners and resellers

What are the functionalities of these options?


NetBackup Bare Metal Restore option automates and streamlines the server recovery process, making it unnecessary to manually reinstall operating systems or configure hardware. With simple commands, complete server restores can be accomplished in a fraction of the time without extensive training or tedious administration.


This feature encrypts data during the backup process using a keyfile created by an administrator with a pass-phrase. Data remains encrypted while in transit and on the target media.

How does a customer use BMR and CEO with Netbackup versions prior to 6.5?

NBU Standard Client license key is backwards...

Stephanie Guaman | 16 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

The Symantec User Research team is interested in collecting some feedback on NetBackup RealTime Protection during a 2 hour remote usability focus group. We believe that the only way to build truly useful products is to ensure that our users have a voice in the design process. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in shaping the future direction of RealTime.

RealTime is a CDP and replication product that tracks data in real-time as it changes, eliminating backup windows or scheduling since it is always on. It also reduces the amount of storage needed for backups with its virtualized storage capability and allows for stored backup data to be mounted and used directly for test and development purposes without needing additional production storage. All of this while being controlled and integrated in to NetBackup so it is an easy addition to an existing backup environment.

We are looking for experienced NetBackup administrators willing to...

Swathi Turlapaty | 14 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

IT and Backup Pros:
You manage your company's information, but can you write a creative cartoon caption related to backup/recovery... and in 140 characters or less? Of course you can.  Follow @NetBackup ( or @BackupExec ( for contest details or click here:   

Contest is open Sept. 14 - Sept. 18, 2009.  Be Creative and Have Fun! 

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a $2,500 gift certificate to Best Buy to splurge on his or her favorite technology.  Two finalists will each receive a $500 gift certificate to Best...

fsylvester | 10 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

I always believe that the best salesman is a person who really believes that his product is the best.   One way to know about the product is to explore its features and its value for money.  I have been working in the Data Security Domain for quite some time now and have worked on many backup products.   Exploring different products has always been a fun.  In the previous organization that I was working, I got a chance to explore 3 best of the breed backup products.  My manager had asked 3 vendors to show the POC of these products.  One vendor presented and showed us a demo on IBM Tivoli, the other vendor showed us a presentation and POC on HP Data Protector and the third vendor showed us a presentation and POC on Symantec Netbackup. This is where I got the chance to know about the 3 best software’s that I knew of and it was time for us to decide the best software.  Our environment consisted of few Sun Solaris Servers running...

Ajju | 04 Sep 2009 | 3 comments
Document                     Description
320378            BUG REPORT: Vault internal error 286
330305           ...
Zahid.Haseeb | 04 Sep 2009 | 1 comment

Today we discuss in this BLOG "Network Connection Timed Out(41)" in the Activity Monitor of Veritas Netbackup Server with the restore failed to recover the requested files(5)
In our case we have a environment of :

  • Windows2003 server
  • Veritas Netbackup 6.5.
  • MS SQL Server 2005

In this BLOG we will discuss:

  • Error which i have found
  • Resolution

Error which i have found

9/3/2009 2:09:05 PM - media 0010L4 required
9/3/2009 2:09:08 PM - restoring image dbserver-sec_1251836312
9/3/2009 2:09:16 PM - started process bptm (4200)
9/3/2009 2:09:16 PM - mounting 0010L4
9/3/2009 2:09:14 PM - requesting resource 0010L4
9/3/2009 2:09:14 PM - granted resource 0010L4
9/3/2009 2:09:14 PM - granted resource IBM.HHLTOGEN4.000
9/3/2009 2:09:20 PM - mounted; mount time: 00:00:04
9/3/2009 2:09:22 PM -...

J.H Is gone | 03 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

A recent discussion showed that some NetBackup users think that "ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES" can only be used for windows clients.
It can be use for unix as well.

All local drives will work on UNIX just like it does on windows.

On windows clients it seems obvious that all local drives will be drives like C: and E: and F:
But for people who do not know UNIX very well this seems to have no relation.

My example is going to be for an AIX server.


Filesystem    512-blocks     Free      %Used     Iused     %Iused     Mounted on

/dev/hd4      2097152     1489784      29%      4585        1%         /

/dev/hd2   ...

J.H Is gone | 03 Sep 2009 | 18 comments

Understanding how NetBackup writes to tapes and what happens when images expire will help you better manage your tapes.

Tapes are linear - meaning that they write from the front to the back.

if we look at a tape.

now the day1image expires on the tape - the assigned date does not change and you have this.


if you try to write to this tape again it will ONLY write in the blankspace as tapes are Linear - meaning they can only append (tapes cannot write here and there like a disk can)

Now day2image expires - the assigned date of the tape goes blank - no assigned date


Now look at it with multiplexing.

you use the tape - it gets an assigned date.


if the backup for server1 fails or if the backup image expires then you have this