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Alex Sakaguchi | 29 Apr 2013 | 0 comments


Didn't get to attend a session at Vision 2013 that you wanted to? 

Or maybe this year you didn't get to attend Vision at all?  We've decided to take some of our top non-security Vision sessions and make them available through Google+ Hangouts On Air. Topics will focus on backup and recovery, archiving and eDiscovery, and business continuity and disaster recovery.

Each session will be broadcasted free to give you an opportunity to hear about the technology from the experts, get some insight into the roadmap and futures, and get your questions answered live.

Here's what you should do:

Click on the links in the Google+ Event Page column that corresponds with a session you're interested in.  The link will provide more information about the session, including participants, the date and...

drhartman | 26 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

The backups have begun to fail consistently with the following error:
Error bpbrm (pid=16758) db_FLISTsend failed: system call failed (11)

I have found that the directory, /opt/openv/netbackup/db/images, is pegged at 100%. What suggestions might you have to recover from this situation?


Thank you,


inn_kam | 18 Apr 2013 | 2 comments


i have searched and also use this tech note for my SQL server troublehooting 

this is KB Article and very hidden article by symantec but its very useful for the users taking Backups of SQL Databases

So  just for easiness of users i am publishing it, will help all SQL users who are backing thier data bases through Netbackup


How to troubleshoot Microsoft SQL Server database backup issues

Article:TECH38369  |  Created: 2005-01-13  |  Updated: 2012-09-10  | 

Article URL





How to troubleshoot Microsoft SQL Server database backup issues...

inn_kam | 18 Apr 2013 | 0 comments

In Netbackup ,the most common issue came i.e EMM Server is down , 

So i search in Symantec , and very hidden article came up,by Symantec, and its not easy to find this article 

So i am sharing this , its excellent one. i resolved a lot from this


How to troubleshoot NetBackup Enterprise Media Manager (EMM) startup issues

Article:HOWTO61176  |  Created: 2011-12-02  |  Updated: 2012-09-27  |  Article URL


Note: It is not a comprehensive Process Flow for all issues, related to EMM, but does provide basic...

inn_kam | 17 Apr 2013 | 0 comments

Hi Guys

Many people and myself many times came through this error

i have also locked the call to symantec and ask on forum , they told me the same.

when i ran the command vssadmin list writers

it gives Microsoft Exchange Writer: Retryable Error

, i have checked many symantec tech notes on it .

and in short i summarised it that we have to reboot the exchange server 

Find the TECH NOTE here



This issue is normally caused because the “Microsoft Exchange Writer” is not working properly. You can verify its status with the “vssadmin list writers” command: 

Writer name: 'Microsoft Exchange Writer'
Writer Id: {76fe1ac4-15f7-4bcd-987e-8e1acb462fb7}

Manoj Matala | 14 Apr 2013 | 0 comments

Automating Netbackup Installation without user intervention in 7.X  :

As we all know netbackup client installation can be performed using 

1) Install_client_files 

2 ) Or mounting the cdrom and performing installation using ./install .

                    The problem with above two methods is either we have to add client to policy or installation expects response constantly from user . I have a requirement to perform netbackup installation without user intervention .My requirement is to installation netbackup client software on 500 servers as part of baseline even before these are added any domain .  I have achieved this by editing "install" script code providing by netbackup .

    This helped in installing netbackup as part of base line along with OS . 

Summary of tasks to do to...

inn_kam | 11 Apr 2013 | 1 comment


i am blogging this because , this KB Article is very hidden in Symantec Tech Note and very difficult to find but very important for Upgrading

And this Document is very Helpful when upgrading to Netbackup 7.5 from 6.5 




Can I control the move of image_header information into NBDB when upgrading to NetBackup 7.5 ?

Article:TECH173229  |  Created: 2011-10-31  |  Updated: 2011-11-03  |  Article URL


Prior to NetBackup 7.5  the image header files where located in the following directory.


Muzayun Mukhtar | 07 Apr 2013 | 0 comments

We have several user experience sessions between April 15th - 18th (PST) at Symantec Vision 2013 Las Vegas. Sign up to share your feedback with our Product and UX team. As thanks for your participation, and if permissible by your company policy, we will offer you a gift card redeemable at a host of online vendors. Please refer to the details below:

1.     NetBackup Storage Focus Group: Take part in a 90 minute Focus Group in which you will get to tell us how you want to see your storage overviews. We also want to know what information matters to you, so that we design keeping your needs in mind. For this focus group, we are looking for storage administrators who as part of their tasks manage or monitor storages in NetBackup. The session is scheduled for Monday 04.15 between 10:30-12pm and Tuesday 04.16 between 3:30-5pm.

2.     NetBackup SLP and A.I.R Monitoring and Management Focus Group...

inn_kam | 03 Apr 2013 | 0 comments


One of our customer wants to give UNC Path in storage Unit in Netbackup,in absolute path name as shown in below screen shot.

So after giving the UNC path for eg \\<server name>\<Folder name>  , when we ran the policy we got error as follows

Error reading Volume information.STS API failed. 
Status 2060013
no more entries.

So we contact Symantec Engineer , He resolved this case by going on to Media Server and  give admin credentials to two services, 
  • NetBackup Client Service
  • NetBackup Remote Manager and Monitor Service



He also share a TECH Note with us which i will also share in this forum , which ver helpful for Symantec Netbackup Users

Alex Sakaguchi | 02 Apr 2013 | 0 comments

Are you interested in seeing first hand the new advancements around virtualization backup and recovery coming in NetBackup 7.6?  Well, we've decided to host a Google Hangout as a sneakpeak into the latest and greatest, and broadcast it live from Vision 2013 in Las Vegas on 4/17.  This Hangout is open to the public and we're encouraging everyone to come check it out!

We'll be showing you things like how to backup 300 VMs in 3 minutes, backing up 3TB of data in 15 minutes, and much more.

Broadcasting live from the Expo Hall floor of the MGM Grand on April 17th from 12:00pm to 1:15pm Pacific time.  

RSVP on our Google + page: Protecting 300 VMs in 3 min

We'll be taking questions from panel members as well as those submitted through Google + and...