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Kiran Bandi | 07 Apr 2011 | 3 comments

How to configure Backup-Disk jobs,media sets & Backup Exec for proper overwriting of backup sets?

Media Overwrite Protection Level: FULL. (From tools --> Options --> Media Management)

Job should start as Overwrite Only. (Backup job properties)

Media Set Configurations:

For daily backups with one week retension: OPP 6 days & AP None

For Weekly backups with a month of retension: OPP 4 weeks & AP None

For Monthly Backups with a Year retension: OPP 360 days (some value less than an year but more than 11 months) & AP None.

With all the above settings, each B2D job will create a separate backup set (.bkf file) and from the starting of second cycle BE starts overwriting the oldest among the recyclable media.


Kiran Bandi | 29 Mar 2011 | 3 comments

Some of the main differences between Backup Exec and Backup Exec System Recovery:

1) Backup Exec is a backup and restore software, whereas Backup exec System Recovery is a recovery software.

2) BESR can write data only to disks not to tapes, whereas BE can write to both.

3) BE works at file level whereas BESRworks at block level.

4) One of the main features of BESR is dissimilar hardware restore technology. One can perform a Bare Metal Restore of a system with Backup Exec also, but mostly onto a similar hardware.

5) BESR can perform Physical to Virtual conversations, BE cannot.


macpiano | 18 Mar 2011 | 6 comments

I have decided to start a blog for my experiences with dedupe.

My setup right now is 2 Dedupe servers in 2 buildings with a 100MB wan. One building has a file server with 2.2 TB of data and several other smaller servers. Both dedupe servers are housing the dedupe folder in both buildings with about 4 TB available. 

I have a tape drive attached to both but what I want is mainly in the second building.

My finding(s) at least to me.

1. Live Update. That was the first hurdle. It was necessary to go to the control panel, live update then manually add the proxy exception, using IE settings did not work. I also changed the cache size to 100 MB just to be sure.

2. Remote Agent has to be manually removed from each server then the new agent installed. I was going from 2010 to R2 so your milage may vary.

3. I am using Backup to dedupe, duplicate that dedupe job to the other dedupe folder in the other building, then backup to tape in the second...

Kiran Bandi | 17 Mar 2011 | 2 comments

Most common issues with tape devices:

1) Tape drive asks for cleaning more frequently.

2) Media will be marked as full after writing very less amount of data to it. (Will happen with all the media in the library)

3) Media requested by BE may not be inserted properly into the drive.

The first two indicates that there is a problem with tape drive. Investigation has to be done with tools provided by the vendor. Like HPLTT tools for HP drives, IBM ITDT tool for IBM make etc... Perform a write test also along with the general investigations. And some times the drive temperature also create problems. (Drive fan assembly may be having issues). If any problems reported during the testing by using vendor tools, contact the vendor and ask for a replacement.

The third indicates there may be a problem with robot. In this case you can see something like "Stow operation failed at slot XX"...

Dev T | 08 Mar 2011 | 0 comments


I was browsing the below URL:

The Technote contains a Microsoft link:


Unable to attach errors can occur because of options and limitations with restoring Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 backups to Exchange 2007 servers


<0xe000848c> - Unable to attach to a resource. Make sure that all selected resources exist and are online, and then try again.


Current limitations for restoring Exchange 2003 backups to Exchange 2007:

1.  Exchange 2003 database backups can not be restored to an Exchange 2007 server

This is due to a Microsoft Exchange limitation.  Please refer to Microsoft article 
Sir Fang the Green Knight | 17 Feb 2011 | 0 comments

The canary in the cave

 I often call Backup Exec The canary in the cave because it can be used to provide insight into the health of your environment.  If properly configured, you can see trends in data growth within individual technologies such as Exchange or user shares.  You can benchmark one system against the next and, over time, respond if one starts to decline in performance.  To do this though you have to give up the pipe dream of one big job and actually run multiple jobs. In fact, one job per server is ideal.    

This sounds like a lot of work?

Thankfully the kind and gentle developers at Symantec have provided us with policies.  This term may sound unique to Backup Exec but is in truth it is self explanatory.  What is your backup policy for your organization?  Have you been instructed to do a full backup on the weekend with an incremental each day? Is this the same for all your servers?  Are...

Sir Fang the Green Knight | 11 Feb 2011 | 0 comments

If you ever find yourself having to delete files off disk to get a job to run, you need to read this article. 

Don’t put the job before the media set.

When installing Backup Exec, many first time users go straight for the backup job.   Their first goal is to create one big that backs up everything up.  This works for about 1-3 weeks depending on disk size and then starts to fail due to lack of disk space.  Backup Exec is sophisticated suite of technologies that allows you to reach into almost every aspect of your environment.  It is a highly configurable application that requires some initial setup if you want performance in return.   The first thing that should be configured is a media set. No! Make that two media sets.  The problem is, new user don’t have a concept of what a media set is.  Media sets are unique to Backup Exec.   A media set helps you keep as much data as you can stuff onto...

Madstars19 | 09 Feb 2011 | 0 comments

V2iSR.exe Application Error -Could not load Ghost 14.0

I was getting the v2iSR.exe error when trying to load my backup.  The error was preventing me from loading my backup image.  Out of frustration, I googled this and I found no solution.  After some tinkering, I noticed my DATE/TIME was wrong, most likely due to some malware.  The fix was simple.

Make sure your DATE/TIME is set to the correct date in your BIOS.  This was my fix and I hope it helps somebody out.  I can't tell you how frustrated I was at the thought of reformatting and reloading my drive.

Dev T | 26 Jan 2011 | 0 comments

I had a server that had the "Microsoft Exchange Writer" missing.

When typing the command vssadmin (C:\>vssadmin list writers) from a command prompt all the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) writers would come up besides the "Microsoft Exchange Writer".

This is what the Microsoft Exchange Writer looks like should it come up:

If it does not come up in the list... to enable it navigate to the following registry key:


Modify the...

itsmeaffinity | 19 Jan 2011 | 0 comments

1 While configuring the Oracle agent on Windows system using remote agent utility it gives error while adding the username password in Oracle tab & when saving it , It gives error User account doesnot have privilage to log on oracle database

2 In that case please check the V$PWFILE_USERS table you will see that file is empty , In normal cases this file should have default sys account.

3 So ask the Oracle DBA to fix the issue & once done please ask him to check if his able to access SQLPLUS