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Swathi Turlapaty | 25 Jan 2010 | 19 comments

Good news! Backup Exec 2010 has launched today with the Trialware available for download from February 1, 2010. The new product encompasses great new features like Deduplication and Unified Archiving. To read the complete list of new features key benefits and to download the trailware, please visit  the Backup Exec website.

Have questions on how to upgrade?  Please refer to this document that walks you through the upgrade process.

Getting back to Connect, we have created some great information in regards to the new product launch. Here is a video that explains the product's...

Melite | 30 Nov 2009 | 0 comments

Hi everyone,

Being new to the role of admin as well as Backup Exec 12.5 and finding both "interesting" (reads as challenging) I have decided to start this blog.

In it I'm going to track my path from Newbie status, through Lowbie status to hopefully becoming Elite.

So far learning about Backup Exec has been rather frustrating, there is very little information out there for an admin at my level. This is not a whinge-fest just an observation and I think Symantec would do well to encourage the next generation of admins.

That said, here are some details to fill you in. I have 2 identical servers, brand-spanking-new HP ML150 G6's each with 8 GIG's of RAM and 500GB drives. 1 is located at a live site, the other at a remote site. My mission is to backup the required info at the live site and restore it to the server at the remote site.

This just cant be that hard, I can do it with a USB key, so why not with...

LyNeTtE-sKi23 | 04 Nov 2009 | 1 comment

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 (BESR 2010)
 Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 is the upgrade from Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5.


Ø  Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 is a simple, cost-effective backup and recovery solution for small businesses that helps minimize downtime and avoid disaster by easily recovering data or complete Windows systems in minutes, even to different hardware or virtual environments

Ø  Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery protects your organization proactively by capturing automated backups –  without disrupting productivity.

Ø  Flexible recovery capabilities then allow you to recover what you need, when and where you need it.

Ø  Backup Exec System Recovery is the perfect standalone solution for small business customers with 1 – 4 Windows servers and can...

Twixxica_09 | 25 Sep 2009 | 1 comment

Hope  this helps...

Compatibilty list for BUE product

For more information just go to this website:

Kind Regards,

Twixxica_ica :)

Twixxica_09 | 23 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

What is an Eval Extender?

Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.x is fully functional in Evaluation Mode for a period of 60 days after installing the product. No license key is needed to invoke the product into Eval Mode. Simply do not enter a license key when prompted during the initial installation of the product. After the 60 day Eval period expires, if additional time is need to evaluation the product, you may extend the Eval period for an additional 30 days.

How do I use the Eval Extenders?

  • BESR 8.x (Desktop, SBS and Server editions)
  • The Backup Exec System Recovery Option (BESRO)

BESR 8.x Manager has a fully functional Eval mode for up to a max of 10 clients. After expiration (on day 61), you can extend BESR by opening the license dialogue and pressing Ctrl-Shift-F12. This will extend the Eval period to 90 days. Further extension beyond 90 days is not possible.BESR 8.x Granular Restore Option...

Twixxica_09 | 23 Sep 2009 | 2 comments

Netbackup usefull Links.

Here are some links that might be useful for Netbackup Queries.

Hope this Helps,

J.H Is gone | 03 Sep 2009 | 0 comments

A recent discussion showed that some NetBackup users think that "ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES" can only be used for windows clients.
It can be use for unix as well.

All local drives will work on UNIX just like it does on windows.

On windows clients it seems obvious that all local drives will be drives like C: and E: and F:
But for people who do not know UNIX very well this seems to have no relation.

My example is going to be for an AIX server.

Filesystem    512-blocks     Free      %Used     Iused     %Iused     Mounted on

/dev/hd4      2097152     1489784      29%      4585        1%         /

/dev/hd2      ...

J.H Is gone | 03 Sep 2009 | 18 comments

Understanding how NetBackup writes to tapes and what happens when images expire will help you better manage your tapes.

Tapes are linear - meaning that they write from the front to the back.

if we look at a tape.

now the day1image expires on the tape - the assigned date does not change and you have this.


if you try to write to this tape again it will ONLY write in the blankspace as tapes are Linear - meaning they can only append (tapes cannot write here and there like a disk can)

Now day2image expires - the assigned date of the tape goes blank - no assigned date


Now look at it with multiplexing.

you use the tape - it gets an assigned date.


if the backup for server1 fails or if the backup image expires then you have this


HardikPatel | 26 Aug 2009 | 2 comments

i am facing some problem in veritas netbackup 6.5.2
i have 3 servers which are configured as media server.
now one server with windows platform is not getting backed up from past 2 days
and giving error code 42 network read failed

i checked network settings and host files
ping test from host to server and vice versa.

and i checked some log and in bpdbm log file i found msg that is
db_valid_master_server: is not a valid server

plase provide help with this issue
i am new to veritas netbackup.


OneManITShop | 19 Aug 2009 | 0 comments

I had to restore a file this morning using my B2D job. While I had no problems and everyone is happy I found it to be the perfect opportunity to go over my backup plan. It can’t hurt.

I backup 3 data types:
Email (Domino Server)
User data (aka files)
Active Directory

I’m using Backup Exec for all my backup jobs and most of the time I’m happy with the performance.

Domino backup is done using the Domino agent. Using this article as a reference I backup the Lotus\Domino\Data folder. Weekly cycle to tape with daily full backup to disk provide a strong backup. One important note that helps me keeping the backup in reasonable size is old users nsf files. When a user leave the company we still need to keep the mailbox (compliance, compliance, compliance) but it is not changing and there is no point in backing the same file every day. I have...