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Marianne | 04 Nov 2011 | 28 comments

A couple of handy NBU links to bookmark:

NetBackup Product Group End of Support Life matrix: 

MASTER Compatibility list:

Version Compatibility TN: 

Master Download List :

Late Breaking News Links :

NBU 6.5 Documentation:

NBU 7.0 Documentation:

barnaby_wood | 28 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

In a coupe of days time I will have been looking after Backup Exec in some shape or form at Symantec for eleven years. Sales, pre-sales, regional technical leader and now as Subject Matter Expert. In that time I've known software and that's it, really. Certainly, like any pre-sales guy I could make the hardware do useful stuff but it was software driven.


So what's with backup appliances? Software and hardware in one go. Some time ago Symantec launched the first NetBackup appliance and with a series of appliances now available it seems that the business is going from strength to strength. But It's not like e-mailing a license key or buying boxed product software. There are incredibly slick processes being running in the background managing the logistics and I'm in awe of the people who make it happen. I'm lucky enough to call some of them friends. They do the hard work so you don't have to; but more of that later.


barnaby_wood | 28 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

Cloud is the answer. It has to be doesn't it? And its all about software, right? Wrong. I'm at VMworld in Copenhagen this week and its not just about software and its not all about virtual. Sean Regan walked around the show and found 14 hardware boxes that weigh more than him. Cloud? Maybe - clouds aren't weighed down by steel boxes. Consolidation? Maybe. Some of its expansion, especially in storage, but shhh, don't tell anyone; its a secret.


From customers I've talked to here it seems to be all about doing more with existing hardware. Getting the cloud you want from the infrastructure you've got. That sounds like its a blend of physical and virtual, not just all about virtual. Symantec can take the hardware you've got today and help you build a cloud infrastructure on top of it in partnership with VMware. Once you've built that infrastructure, we'll help you protect it too. Can you imagine deploying a physical production...

Dean Bliss | 26 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

NBU 7.5 Beta 2 is now available. You can register at this link:

If you choose to participate in the beta you can also post ideas, recommendations, issues, and comments on the Beta Connect group located here:

Mark Harvey | 26 Oct 2011 | 2 comments


NetBackup does not treat media and the contents of data (images) written to Virtual Tape Libraries (VTLs) any differently to real Tape Libraries.

A mile high view of the process after the 'expiry date' of each NetBackup image has passed :
- Removes the image from the image database
- Decrements the number of valid images on the media in question in the media database (a table within the EMM db since NetBackup 6).
- Once the number of valid images in the media db reaches zero, the 'assigned' field in the volume database (a table within the EMM db since NetBackup 6) is cleared
   Optionally the tape is moved back into the 'Scratch' pool (if configured).
   Note: It is best practice is to configure a Scratch pool.

Nothing in the above process touches either the media or library. For "real" libraries, the media can be out of the library and...

Dean Bliss | 20 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

Thanks again for attenteding the latest user group meeting. And a BIG thank you to Geico for hosting this event.

As a follow up several of you had plenty of questions around the NetBackup Appliances. Below are links to more resources about our appliance story and the different models/sizes we offer.

Product page:

5000 series data sheet:

5200 series data sheet:

AlanTLR | 19 Oct 2011 | 0 comments

Last time, we looked at how to create our drive usage using dummy data.  Now, we need to get some real data.  To start with, I've installed OpsCenter and I created a custom report based on the Tabular Backup Report:


I customized the report by clicking on "Edit Report" and changing the filters so I only have the policies and clients that I know use drives.  I set the range to be the past 60 days.

Once done, I saved the report to a custom report in my Public Reports folder, so I can access it easily whenever I want to generate the data.  To export the data, I click on the export button and export it to a CSV.  I can then open the CSV and remove the first and last lines (headers and footer) of the CSV.  We're now ready to process it.

Now that we...

John Meaders | 30 Sep 2011 | 0 comments


At a recent meeting of NetBackup customers I heard some interesting comments on the topic of High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) that I would like to share, along with my thoughts on them.

One customer commented “after the earthquake in Virginia, DR became more important.”  It is unfortunate that so often people pay no attention to DR planning until after a disaster occurs.  It is too late at that point if you are affected by that disaster.  It is much better to be proactive about your DR planning, and it shows you are a good steward of your resources.

Some other customers mentioned that VMware’s abilities are now causing some of their application owners to say vMotion is good enough (for HA).  They are now using the traditional HA model with clustering software such as Veritas Cluster Server (often with replication and Global Cluster Option) for their applications that can tolerate little down time....

AlanTLR | 29 Sep 2011 | 0 comments

I love using NetBackup OpsCenter.  Using its reports in conjunction with the Administrator Console can greatly help reduce triage time, and help provide reports that your manager and/or director can understand, when speaking to them in terms of cost savings, backup windows, storage availability, and data growth.  OpsCenter helps to take the data from Netbackup and put it into a nice visual form.

What it doesn't do on its own, though, is create a tape drive usage report in a format that I want (though, if I had the Analytics license, I could probably program this).  So, I created a not-so-simple perl program to create my intended usage table.

My intended table is supposed to look like this:

time Drive 1 Drive 2 Drive 3 Drive 4
00:00 client1 client2    
01:00 client1 ...
AlanTLR | 23 Sep 2011 | 0 comments

        One of the challenges I face as an administrator is coordinating upgrades (especially minor upgrades) to hosts that I don't own.  Somehow, I have to communicate that the NetBackup level isn't up to date.  I can easily find out what level the client is by running a 'bpgetconfig', but I'm all about automation and ownership.  I think that an admin should own his machine and I don't want to micromanage.  So I can create a simple script that I can use as the basis for an automated notification about a hosts' NetBackup level.

        The script below is a quick and dirty one I wrote a long time ago that gathers all the client versions, along with the Operating Systems (as entered into the database).  Using this information, I can apply them against either a database or a flat file that maps the hostname and/or OS type with the owner's email and...