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BandL | 05 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

A recent survey of IT professionals revealed some startling findings about the state of corporate data management. Due to budget constraints and data overload, it seems many IT departments are engaged in a dicey game of Russian roulette with their company's information.

The survey by Sepaton (a tape library and data deduplication software company) of 400 IT executives responsible for at least 50TB of storage in companies or more than 1000 employees, found that 70 percent of the respondents cited disaster recovery preparedness as their number one goal in 2010. "Given the current state of things, it feels like most organizations are now playing a new form of IT roulette when it comes to disaster recovery," Mike Vizard wrote...

Swathi Turlapaty | 24 Mar 2010 | 2 comments

Here is the uptated list of the Top 20 Knowledge Base articles for Backup Exec, NetBackup and Enterprise Vault.  Check this list out to see if your issue has already been addressed. Good Luck!

Top 20 Backup Exec Articles


Article ID

Article Title



Device jobs remain in a "pending" or "Queued" state indefinitely and "scheduled" jobs do not run at their appropriate time.



What rights does the Backup...

Zahid.Haseeb | 12 Mar 2010 | 0 comments

Today i would like to discuss my experience in which i was not able to create the Media Server Deduplication Pool


Win2003 Server R2 64bit


Actually i was trying to use the deduplication option but i was selecting wrong option.

i wanted to use the deduplication future on the NBU server. i had to select the highlighted option ""Media Server Deduplication Pool"" because i did not have any external pure disk and actually i had a free partition for   ""Media Server Deduplication Pool""  but i was selecting the red highlighted option (Pure Disk Deduplication Pool) which actually was a wrong selection in my scenerio. See the picture for your reference


Problem Resolution

first i created a Folder name ""NBU-...

Karthikeyan Sundaram | 16 Feb 2010 | 2 comments

  Validation of your Knowledge on NetBackup 7.0 Will be ready by September 2010


Upcoming Exam Releases

In 2010, Symantec plans to release the following new Symantec Certified Specialist (SCS) exams: 

  1. Administration of Symantec Backup Exec 2010 for Windows Servers (August 2010)
  2. Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.0 for Windows (September 2010)
  3. Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.0 for Unix (September 2010)
  4. Administration of Symantec Enterprise Vault 9.0 for Exchange (November 2010)
If you would like to provide valuable input by participating in our beta exams or would like to get added to our mailing list and be the first to hear about new exam releases email us at


Zahid.Haseeb | 16 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

My Environment

Windows 2003 Server with SP2
Veritas Netbackup Server 6.5.0


Avtivity Monitor

2/13/2010 12:23:32 PM - requesting resource Veritas_BMR_Backup
2/13/2010 12:23:32 PM - requesting resource veritas-netbkup.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.sasdev
2/13/2010 12:23:32 PM - requesting resource veritas-netbkup.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.SAS-DEV-BMR
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - granted resource veritas-netbkup.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.sasdev
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - granted resource veritas-netbkup.NBU_POLICY.MAXJOBS.SAS-DEV-BMR
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - granted resource MediaID=@aaaaZ;Path=B:\BMRbackup;MediaServer=veritas-netbkup
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - granted resource Veritas_BMR_Backup
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - estimated 0 kbytes needed
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - begin Parent Job
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - begin Bare Metal Restore , Start Notify Script
Status 26
2/13/2010 12:23:33 PM - end...

J.H Is gone | 15 Feb 2010 | 2 comments

Frist - see my blog on just how it Writes to tape.

Now with that understanding your question about jobs wanting a tape drive.

You have different options on how to set up the use of your tape drives.
When you setup a Storage Unit, you tell it how many tape drives to use at once.
For example we are going to say 2 drives.
You also say how many Streams can go to the tape drive at once.
For example we are going to say 10 streams.

So far we have 2 tape drives with 10 streams per drive - so right now we can have 20 active jobs at once.

10 jobs streaming to driveA and 10 jobs streaming to driveB

Now a job streaming to driveA completes.  A job that is queued will now go active and stream to driveA so it has 10 streams again.

CraigV | 29 Jan 2010 | 2 comments

Hi All,

Interesting read...I found this while checking up for something else.
Have any of you guys found the same or not?

To be honest, BEWS 2010 is looking like my perfect excuse for replacing ARCserve on our LAN backups in our data center.


Abesama | 26 Jan 2010 | 0 comments

How it started

I've been delaying this PureDisk upgrade from 6.2 to
There were simply many other tasks at my hands and also the upgrade did not simply look easy and it made me hesitate.

What if it goes wrong?
I thought "It will take too much time to create a full backup of the content router storage!" (well, later I found I did not have to do full content router backup anyway)

The most scray thing is that it's actually an OS upgrade and an application upgrade at the same time.
Both PDOS and PureDisk had to be upgraded together, on 3 nodes storage pool - SPA and MBE and CR.

I was telling myself, later I will do it, later I will do it ... and that "later" finally came.
Some other project was adding 3 more nodes (MBE CR CR) in to this storage pool and I had to upgrade existing pool before I add those 3 in.

What goes wrong comes wrong


Swathi Turlapaty | 25 Jan 2010 | 19 comments

Good news! Backup Exec 2010 has launched today with the Trialware available for download from February 1, 2010. The new product encompasses great new features like Deduplication and Unified Archiving. To read the complete list of new features key benefits and to download the trailware, please visit  the Backup Exec website.

Have questions on how to upgrade?  Please refer to this document that walks you through the upgrade process.

Getting back to Connect, we have created some great information in regards to the new product launch. Here is a video that explains the product's...

pepit | 11 Jan 2010 | 1 comment

Ok, I just purchased Backup Exec System Recovery 2010 for Small Business Server and it says it will not install on a Domain Controller.
In another post, Chris Riley from Symantec posted response to someone else that he confirmed it cannot be installed on domain controllers.  Well, how do you install it?  Symantec's Chris Riley post is below.

Thanks, Michael

I've had it confirmed that BESR-MS cannot be installed on domain controllers at this stage. I will be creating a technote so that this is documented.

Sorry I don't have better news for you.