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Digital_Kru | 25 Aug 2014 | 0 comments

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As an IT administrator, there are few things which conjure more of a sick feeling in the pit of one’s stomach than a disastrous event which corrupts or loses company data. Data is the second currency of a business after actual currency, so losing it is not an option. These disastrous events take all kinds of forms including natural disasters, data breaches from hackers, accidental data deletion, and a myriad of others. Even something as small as an engineer spilling coffee on a system could wipe out the server and any virtual servers running on it.

However, statistically the data shows us that most organizations are not implementing a disaster recovery plan. In 2012, Symantec’s SMB (worldwide organizations with less than 250 employees) disaster preparedness survey found that despite its importance,...

Nick Elmer | 18 Jun 2014 | 2 comments

Today's blog is designed to help some of our customers with an issue they may experience during the upgrade to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Backup Exec 2014. We are seeing a number of failures that return the following error in the install log: "Failed to install SQL Express BKUPEXEC instance with error -2067922409". If you review the summary.txt for the SQL Server 2008 R2 Express install failure, it will have an error like this "One or more selected features for upgrade have failed the SID check."

What does this mean? Well, the SQL 2005 Express installs (which were done by previous Backup Exec installs) created a few NT security groups for managing access to the Microsoft SQL server services. You can see these groups by going into "Computer Management" MMC snap-in and expanding the "Local Users and Groups" item, and clicking on the groups item. Within that item you should see items like "...

Nick Elmer | 09 Jun 2014 | 8 comments

Hello again! Today, I want to address a question that I anticipate some customers may ask: "Why does Backup Exec 2014 install a 32-bit instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 during clean installs and upgrades?"

This topic received much discussion as we were deciding which version of SQL to use for Backup Exec 2014. There were several requirements:

  1. The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 primary instance needed to be replaced due to its age and diminishing support.
  2. We have to support legacy OS platforms like Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and support for newer platforms like Microsoft Windows 2012 R2.
  3. Customers using older releases need a migration path.
  4. Customers may experience failures when upgrading to a newer SQL instance, and they need a clean, workable rollback.

The only version of SQL that met all of those requirements and provided the best solution for our customers was Microsoft SQL Server 2008 32-bit, which:

  • ...
BE_KirkFreiheit | 02 Jun 2014 | 4 comments

Today's release of Backup Exec 2014 nearly doubles the size of BEMCLI from 222 to 395 cmdlets, with 72 of the original cmdlets enhanced with new parameters and functionality.

Here's a quick list of what's new:

- Native PowerShell v2 and v3+ support

- Full support (create/edit/rename/delete) for all backup job types (BackupDefinition, OneTimeBackupJob, and SyntheticBackupDefinition)

- All agent selection types supported for backup jobs (including virtual machines)

- Full support for mulit-server selections per backup job

- Support for centralized and managed server configuration

- Push-install of windows agents

- Support for all applications and server types

- Enhanced scheduling support

- Full support for notification recipients



Over the coming days and weeks, I'll be blogging about the new features in depth.  Stay tuned!


Brian Greene | 02 Jun 2014 | 39 comments

I am really excited to announce that Backup Exec 2014 is generally available!

What’s New in Backup Exec 2014?

  • Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 support: Backup Exec now fully supports Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Superior visibility into backup jobs: We heard you loud and clear. The Backup Exec job monitor is back. You can monitor the status of all backup jobs from a single view, giving you visibility into the status of your backup jobs. In addition, save time and simplify the creation of backup jobs by backing up and managing multiple servers with a single backup job.
  • Simplified upgrade/migration process: Many of you asked us to simplify the migration process to the latest version. If you are using Backup Exec 12.5, 2010 or 2012 you can upgrade and keep your jobs and settings intact...
Brian Greene | 19 May 2014 | 121 comments

We promised to keep you updated on the progress of Backup Exec 2014. Today, I am excited to confirm that Backup Exec 2014 will reach general availability (GA) on 2 June 2014!

As indicated in my last update, we closed the Beta program a little over a week ago. I wanted to share some additional customer feedback we received since that time:

  • “Love the redesign on the UI- specifically the Job Monitor.”
  • “Happy that I have so much flexibility to see what is happening, without having to navigate between screens.”
  • “Very pleased with it. Very smooth installation and it works very good.”

Thank you for your continued support.


Brian Greene | 17 Apr 2014 | 13 comments

*** May 19, 2014: *** A new update is now available at:

*** May 8, 2014: *** We thank you for your overwhelmingly positive response to the Backup Exec 2014 Beta program. The Beta will close tomorrow. We greatly appreciate your continued support. ***

For those of you accepted into the Backup Exec 2014 Beta program, a new build is now available for download. Participants will receive an email notification from SymBeta. If you are part of the Beta program and have not received it, please log into your SymBeta account and check your download section. Due to an overwhelming response, we are not able to accept any new registrations for the Beta program at this time. 

With the new...

Bill Felt | 07 Apr 2014 | 17 comments

Updated:  April 7, 2014  - We have launched a new and improved tool called Backup Exec Partner Toolkit (BEPT). The BEPT now includes a faster deplication assessment componentTo learn more please visit the BEPT blog on Symantec Connect.


What is it?

The Backup Exec Deduplication Assessment Tool (BEDAT) is a utility designed to help partners demonstrate the value of Backup Exec and its deduplication technology to their customers. BEDAT scans user-selected data sets on one or more Windows-based systems in a customer’s network environment and estimates the deduplication savings that would be experienced if the same systems were protected using Backup Exec or the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance and deduplication. BEDAT returns global deduplication results, per resource...

lmosla | 11 Mar 2014 | 1 comment

Symantec Help (SymHelp)

  •  A multi-product diagnostic tool
  •  Identifies common issues
  •  Gathering data for support assisted troubleshooting
  •  Provides links and useful support resource information

Note: Symantec Help replaces Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool

B2D Test Tool

Tests the basic functionality of a Backup to Disk device used in Backup Exec

  • Backup Exec Backup-to-Disk Test Tool (B2DTest_32bit.exe) - 32 Bit Version ...
Brian Greene | 19 Feb 2014 | 23 comments

Mar. 10, 2014: ***Stage 2 of the Backup Exec 2014 Beta is now live for those who previously registered. You should have received an email with download instructions. If you previously registered for the Beta, but did not receive download instructions via email, please send an email to As a friendly reminder, the Beta program is closed to new registrations. We thank you for your continued support. ***

Feb.28, 2014: ***Please note: Registration for the Backup Exec 2014 Beta is now closed, as the maximum number of applicants has been reached.  We are grateful for the overwhelming response and appreciate your support.***

We are excited to share some important news with you today. Based on feedback from customers and partners during our Tech Demos at the end of last year, the next release of Backup Exec (formerly referenced as Backup Exec 2012 R2), will be named Backup Exec...