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Marie Pettersson | 26 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

The finance industry is as exposed to ‘mass market’ attacks as any other organisation. But their greatest worry is probably the targeted attack, being more difficult to detect with attackers having specific system or set of information in mind which they wish to compromise. In terms of motivation we can imagine three broad aims;

  • The financially motivated attacker who wishes to compromise systems to conduct theft or fraud electronically
  • The espionage motivated attacker who wishes to steal information which may then be sold on to a third party
  • The politically motivated attacker who may wish to compromise information or systems to achieve a goal shared within a group

The recently elevated threat level for financial institutions identified primarily in the US is demonstrating a new trend in which...

Marie Pettersson | 24 Aug 2012 | 0 comments

Mobile applications are gaining more traction in the finance industry as well as elsewhere, and Forrester has a great overview of Mobile banking apps in their recent research piece on Mobile Banking. Even though these apps are being developed in different fashions, offering different functionality, whether they are developed in-house or outside, they have one thing in common. The need to protect that critical information utilised by the mobile application.

Protecting applications can be done on various levels, and two factor authentication is a prerequisite. Symantec just published a white paper on how this could be implemented using Symantec VIP Service to quickly and easily protect mobile applications. I think this is the baseline of protection needed. At the same time banks are being challenged to be more user friendly and innovative by...

Marie Pettersson | 31 Jan 2012 | 0 comments

In a couple of week’s time Symantec will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress to showcase the technologies that support and help build protection for the mobile world. There is an abundance of areas where technology and users are racing to get access to information on the go, and mobile services are evolving as we speak. It is exciting, and scary. Mobile is not under control, it is raging and innovative, and it is an effect of what happens when technology is driven primarily by the users. A while back I wrote about the pilot that La Caixa is running in Sitges to introduce NFC and this pilot has now moved on to cover Barcelona as well. It is exciting but slow. Maybe it is symptomatic for the...