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Digital Dave | 08 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

The show floor at Cloud Expo West this week is buzzing with discussion around securing data in the cloud. It’s no wonder when you consider just how comfortable employees are tossing corporate data in the cloud, which consequently makes IT folks very uncomfortable.

You really can’t blame employees for wanting to use cloud applications. After all they’re just looking to get their jobs done efficiently. And, it likely comes as no surprise that employees are not always asking IT for permission. So how does this tug-of-war between employees and IT departments play out?

Symantec conducted a two-prong survey to understand the behavior of employees when it comes to use of cloud applications at work. First, we asked employees, who regularly use computers for their job, a series of 10 questions about cloud applications, including email, file share, storage/backup, productivity apps and contact manager apps, and policies in the workplace. Then, we asked the...

Digital Dave | 31 Oct 2012 | 0 comments

The first hospital in Las Vegas was a tent with two doctors. These doctors were generalists that did everything, and they did their best to meet the needs of patients. But, you essentially went to the hospital and hoped for the best.

Jump forward 100 years, Las Vegas has multiple large, highly modern hospitals. Within their walls, generalists have been replaced by specialists in every sort of medicine and the environment has been designed to minimize risks to patients and staff and maximize quality care. The path to this modern hospital required specialization, assessment of quality/accreditation, patient security/visitor access and information controls to ensure compliance and data privacy regulations.

The evolution of clouds is not unlike hospitals. While clouds will be the norm in the not too distant future, today many cloud providers are closer to the guys in the tent. They are generalists in the early stages of what will be something very different. Realizing...