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lora_phillips | 28 Aug 2013 | 0 comments

Internet data centers represent up to two percent of electricity in the U.S., and the internet is responsible for nearly ten percent of U.S. electricity use.

As part of our efforts to support industry-wide solutions to environmental sustainability, Symantec recently joined Business for Social Responsibility’s (BSR's) The Future of Internet Power initiative. This new leadership initiative includes the world’s leading IT companies such as Adobe, eBay, Facebook, HP,, and now Symantec, and will identify and publicize best practices around low-carbon power sourcing for data centers in the United States, as well as helping Internet companies work more effectively with key policymakers and utilities.

Today we are happy to feature Ryan Schuchard, Manager, Climate and Energy for BSR, sharing his recent...

gschumm | 21 Aug 2013 | 0 comments

According to NYU’s Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, in 2011 31 percent of New York residents paid 50 percent or more of their income in rent and utilities.

Yesterday Symantec announced a special collaboration with the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), the nation’s largest public housing authority, to provide discounted Norton security software, specialist training and internships to more than 400,000 eligible NYCHA residents (see the flyer, below, that's been posted in the residences). A long-time customer of Symantec products, the NYCHA is committed to increasing opportunities for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers by providing safe, affordable housing and facilitating access to social and community services.


lora_phillips | 16 Aug 2013 | 0 comments

From climate change to cyber security to employee diversity, corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability touches every aspect of Symantec’s business. We’ve defined our strategy and are continually working towards our goals to operate as a responsible global citizen. In addition to our dedicated global corporate responsibility team, every day Symantec employees across the world are helping us deliver on this, creating value for both our business and our stakeholders.

We are happy to introduce an ongoing feature of the CR in Action blog – the Sustainability Spotlight - that will profile employees and their contribution to Symantec’s CR and sustainability efforts. Some are members of our CR team, others contribute through our Green...

Hillary Weingast | 13 Aug 2013 | 0 comments

Did you know that Symantec's legal department has had a formal pro bono program since 2007?

Since 2007, Symantec attorneys, paralegals and public affairs staff have been applying their day-job skills to volunteer with Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County and the Pro Bono Project of Silicon Valley. Our team helps families retain their homes, transition to new housing when faced with eviction, deal with landlord issues, address imminent homelessness and protect domestic violence survivors from their abusers. With its origins in the legal profession, pro bono has grown to include many diverse professional functions.  Pro bono, unlike traditional forms of volunteerism, uses business skills to provide services for the public good without compensation.

The impact of our pro bono program has been immense, both internally and...

lora_phillips | 08 Aug 2013 | 0 comments

Triple Pundit, one of the leading media platforms that reports on corporate responsibility and sustainability news, has featured Symantec’s Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility, Cecily Joseph, in its weekly column Women in CSR.

The column features interviews with leading female CSR practitioners highlighting what inspires them and how they found their way to careers in sustainability. Following is an excerpt from the article where Cecily discusses the evolution of CSR at Symantec:

3p: How has the sustainability program evolved at your company?

CJ: I have been with Symantec for about eight years, and during this time have seen our sustainability program evolve to become more formal and fully integrated with...

Natasha Marston | 18 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

As one of the leading security and storage companies in the world, Symantec already does so much for the global community. Its mission, to enable people, businesses, and governments to protect and manage their information so they can focus on achieving their aspirations, is already promoting our most fundamental and most basic human rights.  

Symantec is a large corporation, and due to its size, I personally believe it has a corporate responsibility to not only uphold and maintain its mission but to also make great contributions in philanthropic and volunteering opportunities for the betterment of our world and our future. It would bring me great pride, joy and honour to work for a global organization that aims to achieve a triple bottom line. Every corporation strives for acclaimed performance and high profits; but a corporation can distinguish itself even further by making corporate responsibility just as important of an objective. With great responsibility comes...

Ashley Savageau | 11 Jul 2013 | 2 comments

The advancement of technology has brought us endless benefits. We can now video chat with a friend across the world for free. We can watch our favorite movies on the plane, at the park or in the car. In an emergency we can contact our loved ones instantly.

In my role at Symantec, technology has completely changed the volunteering landscape. How, you might ask? A key way is through the advent, and now increase, of virtual volunteering opportunities. With virtual volunteering employees can now volunteer from their desk, their home, or wherever they have an Internet connection.  This is huge for so many people, who may be deterred from volunteering due to time or life contstraints, or may not find a local opportunity that matches their interests.

For example, the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) helps both volunteers and development organizations find online volunteering opportunities (or volunteers)...

lora_phillips | 03 Jul 2013 | 0 comments

Last week, we published the latest edition of Symantec's Corporate Responsibility Snapshot. While our annual corporate responsibility report - keep an eye out for our latest report, scheduled to launch this fall - serves as the official delivery vehicle for our CR goals and progress against those goals, our quarterly Snapshot provides additional insight and stories around how we're meeting our commitments to Our People, The World, and Your Information.


Bettina Koblick | 27 Jun 2013 | 5 comments

For many of us in the United States, yesterday was an exciting step in the quest to honor equal rights for all American citizens. The US Supreme Court made two historic rulings that have strengthened the future of marriage for same-sex couples, both in California and across the US.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are foundational to how Symantec views the employee experience.  We hold ourselves accountable to making sure any employee feels safe, respected and that their voice is heard.

We were honored to be mentioned for this today, along with leading Silicon Valley peers, in an article by Wired Magazine...

Cecily Joseph | 26 Jun 2013 | 1 comment

Symantec recently signed the Climate Declaration, an initiative driven by our partner Business for Innovative Climate Change Policy (BICEP). The declaration focuses on the great economic opportunity inherent in tackling climate change. This is a belief we hold firmly here at Symantec.

As part of our commitment to becoming an ever more responsible and sustainable organization, Symantec has set a number of ambitious goals for the coming years. Climate change is one of the corporate responsibility issues we’ve identified as material to our business.

Yesterday, President Obama unveiled a comprehensive new climate change strategy, specifically citing the Climate Declaration in his remarks. The plan calls for curbing pollution, expanding renewable energy sources, demonstrating global leadership, and...