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Gary_Davis | 26 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are rapidly and dynamically evolving into technological and informational savvy businesses. The technology and free flow of information creates tremendous opportunities for these businesses, but also creates great risk.

At risk, is their data.  If it is lost, it can be disastrous for a small business owner and all the people they employ.

Symantec’s new SMB site is designed to help SMBs navigate through solutions to protect their critical information. From studies, we’ve found that there is a process by which SMBs evaluate new products. They first strive to understand, then once they’re comfortable with it, they like to try, and then buy.

The new SMB site was designed with this in mind. We’ve designed the site to focus on understanding right up-front. This greatly differs from the previous site where the user was dropped...

Vicky Peterson | 11 Mar 2013 | 2 comments

mobile app design imageOne question that constantly comes up in conversations about mobile web design is how to deal with images. There are several considerations when including images into a mobile web design; resolution, size, and image complexity.


Since there are constantly new mobile devices, with bigger & better displays being introduced, image resolution (also known as pixel density) is a moving target. Currently, the highest resolution mobile device is the HTC One at a resolution of 460 pixels per inch (ppi). That will of course change; so, the visual designer needs to always be vigilant. Mobile resolutions are much higher than the good old 72ppi desktop, so although an image from a desktop site will look OK on a mobile device, the smaller ones may not look very good when the user chooses to zoom in. To prevent low quality and blurry images, multiple size...

Vicky Peterson | 11 Dec 2012 | 0 comments

mobile app design imageWhat’s a Web Designer to do?

Yes, that’s right! Since a mobile touchscreen device has no cursor arrow, there is no way to indicate a hover. And, this mouse-over effect is quite common on many websites since it is relatively simple to code, easy to use, and pretty intuitive for the user.

When viewing a website on a mobile device all hover functions go away – right?

Luckily, iOS and Android take the hover event into account and translate it to a tap event which retains most of the functionality. But there is also the normal click event which is turned into a tap. So, to get the hover click on a mobile device, the user has to tap then tap again. Although dropdown menus seem to work fine in a tap then tap again scenario, other events, such as animations ending in a link, will be cut short and...

Erin Eng | 30 Nov 2012 | 1 comment

Wireframes, mockups, style guides, technical analysis, and more! The design process can be quite daunting but knowing there are specific steps helps in managing the outcome and creating consistency throughout an entire website. The final designs you see on go through quite an extensive iterative process before making it onto the site. In this post, I’ll share the thinking behind a typical project and how each step adds to ensuring the end result works.

On larger projects, we typically go through a process which includes the following stages - gathering and understanding requirements, wireframing, usability testing, designing page comps, user acceptance testing, and launch. Visual Design, Project Management, Information Architecture, Development, Content, and Stakeholders all play key roles in ensuring the success of website launches.

The team collaborates on...

Erin Eng | 23 Oct 2012 | 1 comment

We had an exciting opportunity to manage and Art Direct a two-day photo shoot this past week. The shoot included several locations around the Symantec Mountain View campus, and at a local residence. Our goal was to mimic natural settings - coffee shops, corporate offices, home offices - and interactions between the models.

Staging shot and adjusting lighting for outdoor scene

Based on the brand direction and what we wanted the photography to communicate, our team developed the shot list. We planned out each shot with a description of the scene, location of the shot, number of models in each scene, wardrobe the models would wear, and any props to be used. We selected versatile, multi-ethnic, and mixed gendered models to fit each scene we designed. And with the locations, photographer, models, stylist, hair & makeup artist, and props...

Vicky Peterson | 27 Aug 2012 | 4 comments

There are some cool new features in Adobe CS6’s Photoshop worth noting. While these are not even half of the new improvements and additions to Photoshop, they are the ones that I see as most immediately beneficial.

  • Content-Aware Patch, Move & Extend – Allows for retouching of images with astonishing ease and control. This is very similar to the old rubber stamp tool, but it can automatically blend the patch into the surrounding area.
  • Mercury Graphics Engine – By directly taking advantage of our computer’s GPU, Photoshop CS6 delivers real-time feedback, allowing us to edit images at amazingly fast speeds.
  • ...