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Reshma Kumar | 31 Aug 2010 | 0 comments

For ease of access, we have added a 'Buy' button to the very top of the Trust Seal landing page. This helps to ensure that it is easily visible and accessible to users and that it doesn't get missed further down the page where a user might be required to scroll to see it. This also serves to facilitate quick and easy access for the returning user who has already done their research and knows what they want. So, rather than force them to wade through the content again, the action button is at the top and forefront of the page.

The page subtitle has also been updated to reflect a more meaningful and relevant message for customers at a glance i.e. who the product is for and how much - "Perfect for Small Businesses at $299 a year".


Reshma Kumar | 15 Jul 2010 | 3 comments

We've been working on better differentiating on our site standard hyperlinks from link tips which render a popup callout bubble. What's your vote?


Option 1: Do you prefer the 'help' cursor onmouseover for link tips?
Help cursor

Option 2: Or the 'text' cursor onmouseover for link tips?
Text cursor


Option 1: Do you prefer the solid underlining for link tips as well as standard links?

Solid underlining for links and link tips

Reshma Kumar | 09 Jul 2010 | 0 comments

NetworkWith the expanding options online for top-level domains, we have added to and refreshed the gTLD services section of the site.

Using a tabset layout to showcase the various new gTLD options and provide information for applicants, all the content is aggregated into a singular view with tabbed panes making it easy to follow. And anchoring most panes, is a graphic to the top left to reinforce the tab content and draw the eye in the desired direction. We have been finding that splitting the content area into dual columns where appropriate, is beneficial from the standpoint that it not only decreases the length of the page but it also follows more of that magazine layout which has become a little more popular online. Additionally, through the use of boxes to break up the content, hierarchical text treatments, and the subtle use of color, the content is parsed out...

Reshma Kumar | 23 Jun 2010 | 1 comment

We are happy to announce the launch of the redesign of the Website today. This launch marks the culmination of overhauls to the branding, information architecture, content, and look and feel. Like its namesake, the goal of the redesign is to make the site rapid - simple, quick, and easy for users to get in and out. Users will be able to quickly determine what their options are and get what they need. The site itself is flat by design to facilitate this quick and easy access - with success measured by users spending the least amount of time on the site yet still achieving their goals.

colorShapePalette.gifThe new brand identity for RapidSSL is bold and distinct and includes, among other elements, a new color palette, logo, imagery, and typeface. In the case of RapidSSL, brown is the new black...

Reshma Kumar | 10 Jun 2010 | 0 comments

We recently rolled out the redesign of the VeriSign Internet Defense Network section of the site.


A key goal of the redesign was to enable users to learn about the service and ultimately, sign up for it. In terms of the look and feel, we wanted to make the pages visually rich and engaging. As a result, you will see the use of large graphics, some injection of color, over-sized text, and multiple videos. This is a good mix to play up or down certain elements, make the content more interesting, and allow users to consume the content in multiple formats - i.e. reading and/or referencing the graphics, and watching the videos.


Reshma Kumar | 25 May 2010 | 2 comments

We recently completed the full site redesign of the Watch.TV website. In November, 2009, we launched Phase I which was essentially the homepage. It has since changed substantially as part of this redesign.

The goal of this round of the redesign was to reflect the visual spirit of .TV [Dot TV] by making it more engaging through the use of visual communication styles to provide visitors with multiple paths-to-product and minimal copy through which to traverse. With the use of video, imagery, and information design, the site is intended to tell the story of the value of a .TV domain name and help users easily navigate to actually get one.

The design is a little unique for us in that it is edgy with the use of black and vivid color-coded pages. There are a number of dynamic elements...

Reshma Kumar | 14 Apr 2010 | 0 comments

VeriSign turned 15 on Monday! And as with any milestone, we like to celebrate the present but also look back on the journey. Here is a retrospective of the evolution of the Website. Note: some of the images on the pages are missing.

JUNE 1997:



Reshma Kumar | 09 Apr 2010 | 13 comments

Internet Trust IndexThe Internet Trust Index has reported a modest level of trust amongst U.S. online adults of 61.5 on a scale of 100 - with zero representing no trust and 100 representing absolute trust in the Internet. This is interesting as getting a pulse on how users perceive the Internet could be valuable for a number of reasons. It provides some insight into what activities users are likely to engage in online, whom is most active online, and where demographically. From a design perspective, this can help guide decision-making with regards to driving feature sets, look and feel, and even communication design. This can also help with regards to technology considerations such as decisions to implement trust marks on a Website such as a trust seal,...

Reshma Kumar | 07 Apr 2010 | 1 comment


We launched our brand new VeriSign Labs Website a week ago. The site provides a view into VeriSign's innovation and technology research and the researchers behind it.

One of the design goals of this site redesign was to make it clean, clear, and professional without being overly intimidating or buttoned-down given the target audience which is comprised of mostly the tech community. It needed to be easily accessible and information-driven and without too many bells and whistles.

You'll notice the site utilizes a great deal of white space and rich graphical and photographic imagery such as on the Projects and...

Reshma Kumar | 31 Mar 2010 | 0 comments

We recently did a redesign of the Identity and Authentication Services section of the Website. Not only are the taxonomy and content revamped, but the design look and feel has been improved. The landing page layout is less boxy, the value prop and key content are more clearly defined through the use of more CSS-driven text formatting and more visual icons, and the free trial is scaled down but still prominent and pops.

The four product landing pages follow a similar format with the anchor image top left to draw the eye, compliment the content, and break up the text; a promotional banner or item, and the individual product listing with a scannable overview blurb and link to the product specific information page. Rounding out the page content is the option to contact us for more information if needed and flanking the right side of the page is that option as well clearly labeled as 'Contact Us'. The...