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WiseUser | 03 Dec 2009 | 10 comments

CMDOW is a Commandline utility that allows manipulation of open windows. This is a standalone executable for which no installation is required.

  CMDOW [window | /T] [/B] [/F] [/P]
  CMDOW /TH | /TV | /MA | /CW | /UW | /AT | /FS | /WM
  CMDOW window {[/ACT] [/INA] [/ENA] [/DIS] [/VIS] [/HID] [/MIN] [/MAX] [/RES]
        [/TOP] [/NOT] [/REN caption] [/MOV left top] [/SIZ width height] [/CLS]
  CMDOW /RUN [state] file [args]

  window  List specified window (if omitted, all windows are listed).
  /T      List windows only shown on the taskbar.
  /B      List windows using bare format (no heading information).
  /F      List windows showing full information (don't truncate any fields).