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R-Vijay | 26 Sep 2007 | 0 comments

Hi All,

This is a microsoft MSDN extract, I have still posted it because many of us do not follow these rules while packaging .NET applications.

Hope it is useful.

The Installer can install, remove and update Win32 and .NET assemblies, including side-by-side and private assemblies in Windows XP. To avoid common problems, follow these rules when using assemblies:


  • A component should contain no more than one assembly.
  • All of the files in an assembly should be in a single component.
  • Each component that contains an assembly should have an entry in the MsiAssembly table.
  • The strong assembly cache name of each assembly should be authored into the MsiAssemblyName table.
  • Use the Registry table instead of the Class table when you register COM Interop for an assembly.
  • Assemblies that have the same strong name are the same assembly. When the same assembly is installed by different applications, the...
daggy_b | 21 Sep 2007 | 9 comments

At our company we manage seven different computer models. They're all HP, but not all of them have the same chipset.

Here's a problem we ran into and, of course, how we solved it.

La Problema

We had problems using the same image for the HP DC5000, DC5100, and DC5700 models. I could get one image to work between the DC5100 and the DC5000, but not the DC5700. Then I tried another image and got it to work with the DC5700 and DC5100 but not the DC5000.

It turns out that Intel has drivers that work with the DC5000 and DC5100, and then another that works with the DC5700 and the DC5100, but no driver that will work between the DC5000 and DC5700. I did some research on Intel's website and looked at older drivers to confirm this.

La Solución

The solution for us is to have one image that works on all...

jjesse | 19 Sep 2007 | 0 comments

I just got done attending the Advanced Inventory Solution class at Altiris, which is a great class btw.... Anyways one of the things mentioned in the class is the custom inventory samples that are available on the Altiris Site which I had no clue about.

There are win32 custom inventory samples along with Unix custom inventory samples.

MtBiker | 18 Sep 2007 | 2 comments

As an Altiris Administrator, I found it fairly easy to find solutions to my problems from either Connect, Altirigos or the Knowledge base. Then I took a Notification class with 8 other Altiris Administrators and discovered that I was learning more about Altiris and its products just by talking with my classmates on our breaks. I decided that Altiris should have a chat room where Administrators can discuss issues and help others struggling. I was unable to find a chat room so I created one of my own. I decided to use IRC because it was easy enough that anybody could use it.

So please join us on IRC for discussions, help, solutions and chatting.

You can access the chat from the web at 

Channel:     #Altiris

Leave me a message if you get confused or need help

You also may download a client such as mIRC at...

WiseUser | 13 Sep 2007 | 5 comments

Here's the scenerio: You have a system file that needs to be installed to the System32 folder. And, you have several HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry keys containing configuration information.

This causes problems since the installation writes a file to the System32 folder, which is locked down for non-administrator users. Read on for the solution.

Here are your options:

  • Require an administrator to install the application. While this places the file in the System32 folder, the registry keys install with the administrator's profile rather than the end users.
  • Split the install into a per-machine and per-user installation. This creates two installations to track and requires the administrator to run each per-machine installation and each user to run the per-user installation.
  • Create one installation that...
cnpalmer75 | 31 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

Sometimes you run across something in the Altiris KB that just makes sense, other times you run across things that end up looking like road kill.

This time, this one just makes sense.

There is a great article...

...for RS that points to all the relesed hot fixes & updated training schedules for the latest release of Recovery Solution 6.2.2760 (6.2 SP2). The great thing about it is you can subscribe right to the article so you can be updated when the article is updated.

My buddy Sagar, one of the lead support guys in Talin, Estonia (go look it up on a map if you need to) keeps this particular article up to date, way to go Sagar!

This is the kind of thing ALL the Altiris Solutions need, a one-stop shop for a good KB reference for hot...

Terry Cutler | 24 Aug 2007 | 3 comments

The Intel® vPro™ Expert Center went live today. This community site provides collaboration among customers, OEMs, ISVs, Intel, and other contacts. The focus is on deployment of Intel® vPro™.

Anybody can register, view content, post content, and so forth.

The site is available at or

You can also check the primer Podcast as well on

Contribute, collaborate,...

riva11 | 23 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

The original article SVS 2.1 HotFix 2 Available , submitted by Scott Jones can be read by here .

La HotFix 2 per Software Virtualization Solution 2.1 è stata rilasciata nel sito Altiris Knowledgebase. Questa HotFix include numerose fix riguardanti la stabilità ed è raccomandata per tutti gli utilizzatori di SVS . Questo è un aggiornamento cumulativo, che include tutti gli aggiornamenti a partire da HotFix 1.


  • Workaround per difetti nei registri Microsoft che possono causare un blue screen quando sono chiamate certe funzioni di registro.
  • Fix per un problema di compatibilità di IIS -- Nota: IIS non è ancora supportato in un layer SVS ! Tuttavia, una prossima release di Wise Installation Studio richiede che SVS e IIS siano installate assieme nello stesso PC
  • Fix in caso di memory leaks che possono causare un anomalo supero del tempo nelle...
BRING | 22 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

Many people use Patch Management to meet all of the patching needs. Operating Systems, Office installations, and other applications all can get the benefit of Patch Management's capabilities.

When patching MS Office, frequently, access is required to the source files that were used during the install, in order for the patches to apply correctly. But what about other applications, such as MS Visio, and MS Project? Do they have the same requirements?

Well, KB article 37609 may not answer the questions for all other MS applications, but it does give the Visio and Project scoop. See the link here for the answer:

cnpalmer75 | 21 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

The previous post about the RS Tools provided a great run down on what's included in the tool set.

Here is a decent KB article that describes the RS Diag tools in fairly good detail and then how to get the collected data back into the hands of the gurus over in Estonia (that's where all your calls are directed if you need RS assistance) You don't even have to press 1 for English!