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ag97690 | 25 Mar 2009 | 5 comments

This topic has been discussed in the ( but I thought I would get this to others who might not look at that forum too.

For the NS 6  ( Not NS 7 ) CPU identification is limited and not updated any more. So to help update it some there happens to be a wonderful tool in the Altiris Knowledge base called AeXCpuIdent.exe ( KB # 17610 ) which will get you the CPU information of whatever Intel chipset it is ran on.


Processor Info


Vendor: GenuineIntel

Family: 0110

Model: 1101

Step: 1000

Type: 00

BrandId: 10110

Of course there is other ways of...

ziggy | 25 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

Before we had the Task solution installed, we were tasked :-) with figuring out a way to get our agents to run a basic inventory and check in to see if there are tasks for it to run immediately and not have to wait till they checked in next time (which may be up to 8 hours later). Well, with the restrictions on ports due to the tightened security in our Data Centers (remeber, we only run our agents on our 11,000 servers) we could not roll out Task even if we wanted to. So my predecessor and I worked on a solution that involved using the ASDK. We came up with this simple batch script that sits on our NS: AltirisASDKNS.exe cmd:ComputerPowerManagement_Collection collectionGuids:{b1463d19-f363-4fff-a64b-be426b627b09} commandsendBasicInventory AltirisASDKNS.exe cmd:ComputerPowerManagement_Collection collectionGuids:{b1463d19-f363-4fff-a64b-be426b627b09} commands:GetClientConfig The first line calls the ASDK 'Send Basic Inventory' command from the Power Management function on all the...

ziggy | 24 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

While tirelessly looking for a method to automatically uninstall Workflow Designer instances found on clients machines, I  stumbled upon this little gem:
C:\Program Files\Altiris\Workflow Designer\Uninstall.exe
Just add an /S at the end for a silent uninstall
I have it setup in a software delivery job to run on a collection that is built using 'All computers' - 'Authorized Designers'.  The latter is a manually updated collection for now since it a small and static (for the most part).  I could also wait for the Operating System Inventory to populate (tablename: Inv_AeX_OS_Add_Remove_Programs), since that contains the contents of Add/Remove Programs and just build a sql query based collection for that.  Which I will probably do in the near future.
Hope this article was helpful.  Short, sweet and to the point.
Thank you.

Raman | 23 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

Well here is a document that covers all the scripts that are required for Microsoft ADS, I hope to be informative for you.



BRING | 20 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

Recently, it was discovered on a large number of server class machines that the Altiris Agent was displaying the following error:

HTTP Request Failed: An operation on a socket could not be performed because the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full. (-2147014841).

Sufficient buffer space?  Well, after checking the memory statistics on a client machine exhibiting the behavior, the handle counts for the Altiris Agent Service were very high, in some cases exceeding 10k or more.  However, the counts were ascending and descending as expected, just at a very high level. 

After some research, this error is a common error and warning occurs when the Altiris Agent cannot contact a domain controller/DNS server to resolve the name of the Notification Server.  This has been shown in some cases to point to a inconsistently behaving or non-functional domain controller/DNS server. The high ...

lidoiwo | 20 Mar 2009 | 2 comments


We are trying to deploy the Altiris Software Virtualization to start using svs packages. Users that have the SVS agent without any SV layers installed have no problems on bootup. It is when we deploy a SV layer to them Users begin having local profile corruption issues. We beleive it has something to do with the Cisco Clean access agent. The only information in the event logs is that the system can not load the users profile because it is in use by another. Our company deals with the government and the users are lockdown quite a bit. EyeBlink Professional, Pointsec Protector, Mcaffee and a host of login policies.  Anybody out have an issue like this. Altiris support is stumpped.

SK | 20 Mar 2009 | 0 comments

Key benefits of this integrated product are:

·         Extending & enhancing the functionality of your Altiris deployment by integrating & harnessing the network knowledge provided by the Redcell management software suite.
·         Gaining total visibility to your datacenter environment – view network device details (cards, ports, interfaces) & their associations to your server infrastructure (connectivity) collected by Redcell, all from within the Altiris console.
·         Gaining the ability to perform important network device configuration operations directly from within Altiris, such as file backups & restorations, with full audit control.
·         Knowing the health of the datacenter’s network infrastructure & how it...
buzz | 12 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

In our environment something corrupted our Win2k Machines resulting in them only checking in at boot. Diagnosing & troubleshooting has exceeded the value of the systems in question so we created a scheduled Task Server Task to restart the Altiris Agent on Win2k system that have not checked in for 2 days.

Because Task Server communicates with clients differently than NS and would still accept tasks, this allowed us to keep our Win2k systems up to date until they are finally swapped.

This will not work if the aexnsagent service has actually stopped. Only if the service is running but fails to check in on schedule.

BRING | 11 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

Recently, there was a NSE file generated that was huge (> 20MB) By default, a Notification Server will not process that NSE file. It will get automatically discarded, as the default configuration does not provide a mechanism for processing those XML files that are larger than 20 MB.

Well, provided you have the horsepower to do it, you can process those files and include that data into your Notification Server. More than likely this data might be a custom inventory or a huge software inventory.


Making this change should be considered to be a temporary setting, as it can consume a large amount of memory. Please make sure that you also perform these changes at a slow processing time for you Notification Server, when there are few background processes running.

You will simply need to edit a registry key on...

BRING | 11 Feb 2009 | 0 comments

Rumor has it that there is an auditing feature built into Notification Server 6.x. How do I access, use and and manipulate Notification Server's internal auditing capabilities?

The Auditing capabilities are extremely lightweight and the procedures are simple. The details for them are:

  1. The Notification Server stores changes (add, modify, delete events) to the Database using the NS Item Management's resource data class.
  2. This data class uses the Evt_NS_Item_Management table to store the information. It stores the following:

    ItemGuid, ItemName, ItemAttributes, User, Action, ItemClassGuid, ResourceTypeGuid, Description

  3. Auditing is activated automatically - No user intervention is required.
  4. Auditing is NOT able to be turned off.
  5. Purging is the only method to clean the data.
  6. It...