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vortex0007 | 14 May 2008 | 3 comments

The Altiris Notification Server 6.x platform was coded using Microsoft's .NET platform and heavily relies upon ASP.NET for much of the functionality of the product. By tuning the default configuration of ASP.NET, a significant performance improvement can be gained on Altiris Notification Servers.

Note that the following recommendations and settings are referenced in Microsoft's online publications. More information can be found by visiting the following Microsoft MSDN web pages:

"Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability," Chapter 6,

"Thread Pool Attributes" in Chapter 17, "Tuning .NET Application Performance."...

vortex0007 | 07 May 2008 | 0 comments

Active Directory and Altiris Notification Server seem to have a love hate relationship. The Active Directory connector loves to import user names and computer names, but it hates to do anything related to group membership. A common request has been the ability to incorporate user group information from Active Directory into collections in order to allow user based software delivery. In other words, install Quickbooks to all of the users who are in the Accounting OU. This tip steps through how to accomplish this.

The first step is to create a connection between the Microsoft SQL Server hosting the Altiris databases and the Active Directory. This is accomplished through a SQL concept known as "Linked Servers." There is a bit of black magic to making linked servers work and a full technical drill down into how they work is beyond the...

scottwed | 02 May 2008 | 0 comments

If you can't find the Altiris Agent tickle function in Workflow, this one is for you. For the uninitiated, the tickle function refers to the ability of the NS to instruct a managed computer to check-in immediately, as opposed to waiting for its next scheduled check-in interval. It's commonly used when you need a handful of computers to immediately perform an NS related activity such as installing software or applying a patch.

From the toolbox in Workflow Designer, use Altiris > Platform > Altiris Agent > Execute Power Management Cmd to target one or more computers by Guid.

Use Altiris > Platform > Altiris Agent > Execute Power Management on Collections to target one more collections of computers.


Kinetic | 24 Apr 2008 | 11 comments

I was setting up an NS server today for the first time and ran into some problems.

Everything installed just fine. Across the board everything looked green, but then I tried to setup up the proxy configuration in the console.

IIS crashes. I reset it and again it crashes.

What in the world did I do wrong?

I didn't RDP into the server using the /console switch:

mstsc /console

After that, I did a complete reinstall and everything went smooth.

This is VERY important when working with servers, especially an Altiris server. In fact, you should probably just set a shortcut to always use the /console switch. Seems like something we all take for granted, until the one time you don't use it and everything gets hosed.

UPDATE - With Vista the switch is mstsc /admin. - Thanks Caleywoods!

nrhudson | 07 Apr 2008 | 2 comments

Our company just ran into this issue. We are undergoing a transition of employees from one section of the building to another section of the building. One of the challenges that we faced is getting the printers installed on the employees new locations. We used a combination of Altiris Software Delivery Solution and the Software Portal to publish printer install tasks to the end users to install the printers at their location.

I know some of you are probably saying, login scripts to do this, searching AD for printers, AD Group Policy, etc... Unfortunately, we did not have the time an resources from our internal staff that manages AD and login scripts to accomplish this. Plus our end users can't browse AD for printers. We decided to use an employee self help portal web page using the Altiris Software Portal and publish printers based on...

Screenbert | 01 Apr 2008 | 3 comments

When trying to use RapiDeploy with WINPE you may receive an error when trying to deploy an image on a machine that already has Windows Vista loaded on it. Here's a quick tip to help you avoid the error.

Before trying to run Rdeployw.exe just follow these steps to delete the partition and you're ready to go!


  1. List disk
  2. Select disk 0
  3. List partition
  4. Select partition 1
  5. Delete partition override
Screenbert | 31 Mar 2008 | 0 comments

Here's a shameless plug for a session at ManageFusion regarding the ASDK.

There will only be one session that highlights the ASDK for the whole conference. Matt Bingham will highlight the information on Workflow and I'll be presenting several ASDK integrations my company has used. We'll have VMs set up so you'll get to see scripts and Web pages in production.

AA B13 Building Integrations with ASDK, Connector and Workflow - Wednesday Morning at 10:30.

Hope to see you there!

cnpalmer75 | 26 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

The release of the newest rollup pack for NS brings about a whole list of added updates.

Have you ever wondered though what was fixed with the current rollup you have installed now?

Well this download will allow you to see what each rollup pack has incorporated for fixes.

This info from taken from KB21248 and can be found in the Altiris KB, but the formatting was way off to read it. This Word doc should help straighten all of that out.

cnpalmer75 | 25 Feb 2008 | 4 comments

In case you were not aware, the newest rollup has been released. The R7 release was previously scheduled to be released a little later but was cut loose to resolve the critical security vulnerability with previous versions of the agent.

The information about the R7 release can be found here:
Release Notes:

cnpalmer75 | 22 Feb 2008 | 0 comments

In case anyone else may have missed the release earlier this month, here are the details surrounding the security vulnerability for any Altiris Agent pre- 6.0.2389 build. Linky here...


February 6, 2008
Symantec Altiris Notification Server Agent Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

Severity: Medium
Remote Access: No
Local Access: Yes
Authentication Required: Yes
Exploit publicly available: No


A privilege escalation vulnerability in the Symantec Altiris Notification Server Agent has been identified.

Affected Product(s)

Product Version Build Solution(s)
Altiris Notification Server 6.X All 6.0 SP3 R7


The Symantec...