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Admin | 12 Jul 2006 | 1 comment
Incit Technology Ltd

Steve Massie of Incit Technology shares his solution for advanced SLA management whereby calls can be booked against an SLA and the response and fix times monitored using true business hours.

Get the solution here, complete with installation instructions and code ZIP file.

Admin | 12 Jul 2006 | 6 comments

Charles wrote, "We are planning on going live with Helpdesk Solution in two weeks and want to have the beginning incident number set to 300000 to avoid conflicts with our older tracking software. Is there a way to set the incident number to start at 300000?"

Yes, Charles, you can easily modify the incident start value by going into your Altiris_Incidents database and changing the value in the workitem_next_number table to 300000. If you prefer, you may also use the following code to accomplish this task. The first three lines of this code will show you the current status and the last three lines will change it to 300000.

use altiris_incidents
select next_number as before
from workitem_next_number

update workitem_next_number set next_number=300000
select next_number as after
from workitem_next_number

Admin | 12 Jul 2006 | 2 comments

I want an incident rule to reopen a closed incident when the user with a closed incident replies to an email message generated by Helpdesk. Is this possible?

Try this incident rule:

Name: Reopen incident


Set these properties: Set "Status" to "Open"

When: Every time incident is saved

And: When ALL of these are TRUE
"Status" is equal to "Closed"
"Comment" changes and contains "Received in mailbox"
When ALL of these are FALSE
"Status" changes

Status: Active

Is terminal: Yes

Admin | 11 Jul 2006 | 1 comment

Darryl wrote "How do I get Resource Types to be able to import into Helpdesk Solution?"


Darryl, to import Resource Types into Helpdesk, go to the Incident Tab in the Altiris Console and log in as an Administrator.

Then, go to Admin under the Command section, and then to Resource Types. After clicking on the Edit button a list of Resource Types will be displayed, enabling you to select the resource types you want to import into the Helpdesk Database.

ribak | 06 Jul 2006 | 1 comment

The Altiris Helpdesk Solution provides a robust library of data macros to simplify the coding and implementation of business rules. The PREVIOUSITEM macro is a great tool to query the previous value of a field prior to updating the database. The PREVIOUSITEM macro combined with Validation Rules are a powerful combination of easy to use features that enforce workflow and business logic in the Helpdesk Solution.

The following example uses the PREVIOUSITEM macro to prevent the editing of an incident that has already been closed. This is useful in environments that have SLA agreements triggered by the closing of an incident and also prevents multiple notifications and reporting of closed incidents.

The rule can easily be imported into Helpdesk Solution and modified to meet your business requirements. Follow the steps below to import and test this rule in your environment.

Step 1: Create the import file

  1. Copy and paste the following text into...
Admin | 06 Jul 2006 | 3 comments

Tony asked, "Is there a way to automatically add an additional comment to a new incident?"

Tony, you can automatically add comments to a new incident using an Incident Rule. Set up a new rule and in the "Set these properties" box add Comment and on the following page add WORKITEM(workitem_comment) to keep what has already been set and then insert whatever comment you wish to add. Set the When property to "Only when incident is new", make sure active is set, and save.

Admin | 06 Jul 2006 | 1 comment

Andy questioned "Does the Helpdesk Solution have the capability to run a rule before you save (commit) the incident? For example, if a certain category is selected, I would like it to prompt the worker with a specific list of questions to capture all the necessary information before the incident is transferred or routed to another worker. Is it possible to have rules run while still in the edit view?"


Hi, Andy. Yes, validation rules run before the save actually occurs. When their criteria evaluate to true then the save will stop and a message will be displayed that says what must happen. This allows you to make sure the data you want in the incident is correct.

Admin | 06 Jul 2006 | 1 comment

Ethan asked, "Is there a way to use Helpdesk e-mail without enabling POP3 on the Exchange server? SMTP is the only protocol in use."


Ethan, one possible workaround is to set up a mail server on the Altiris server. You can use the built in MS POP service and IIS SMPT server to do this.

  1. First you setup the SMTP service and create a receive domain there. Typically the DNS name of the server. Then you are able to receive e-mail from the Exchange server.
  2. Then you setup a MS POP service. In Properties on your server, you can set the root mail directory to the SMTP directory. Create the same domain as in IIS SMPT and under that create a mailbox to pop. You can test this using Outlook Express.
  3. When you have the mailbox working (when you can send e-mails to it using Outlook Express and the Helpdesk is picking...
Admin | 29 Jun 2006 | 1 comment

Need help for Helpdesk? Choose instructor-led training at your site or from training facilities worldwide, or enjoy self-paced, anytime-access online courses.

Instructor-led Training

Altiris instructor-led courses are taught by Altiris Certified Instructors (ACIs) who draw upon real-world experience to provide relevant course content. These courses are in-depth and draw on realistic examples and demonstrations. The practical, hands-on instruction lets you apply new skills and knowledge as soon as you return to your job.

The Helpdesk course is intended for those who will be installing, configuring, and managing Helpdesk Solution. It includes a comprehensive overview of Altiris Helpdesk Solution, including Notification Server, Inventory Solution, Carbon Copy Solution, and Web Administrator for Windows. You will receive hands-on experience with this software while learning how to install, configure, and perform day-to-day administrative tasks.


Admin | 29 Jun 2006 | 3 comments

I have frequently needed a Helpdesk Solution rule that will close a parent incident automatically if all child or linked incidents are closed. Or, perhaps, a rule that will change the status of a parent incident to the same status of its child incidents, if the status of all child incidents is the same. Does this possibility exist?

Helpdesk version 6.0.292 (SP3) and above has this ability. A sample automation rule called "Push Status to Parent" is found under Admin > Automation Rules > List Automation Rules

Note: Child incidents need to have their "Link Type" set to 200 as described in the comment of the sample rule.