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Admin | 29 Jun 2006 | 1 comment

Full-text search is not enabled for the current database. How can I enable it for Helpdesk?

If you are using MSDE as a backend, you can't enable full-text indexing. It is one of the restrictions of MSDE.

Activating full-text indexing on a SQL server is reasonably straightforward and you can use the wizard in Enterprise Manager, or you can use the stored procedures—such as sp_fulltext_database. You need to enable full-text indexing for the title and comment fields in the workitem table.

To check if full-text indexing is installed on your server, open Query Analyzer and enter:

SELECT fulltextserviceproperty('IsFulltextInstalled')

Press the little green arrow icon to run the command. If it responds with 1, then the service has been installed. You can start it on the Altiris_Incidents database by running:

USE Altiris_Incidents

Admin | 29 Jun 2006 | 4 comments

Tim asked, "Do we need to purchase a Helpdesk license for each and every user, or for the maximum number of users who will be accessing Helpdesk concurrently?"

Tim, as per the Software Licensing Agreement, Helpdesk requires a license for each worker that connects to it. In reality, HelpDesk is very liberal in its licensing requirements and licenses are consumed as concurent workers connect and perform actions that require a license, and then each license is released ten minutes after the user has closed all browsers.