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Don Rowland | 20 Jan 2010 | 4 comments

I am trying to solidify a group of 10 who can commit to a 2 day training class on Workflow 7.  It will be a complete hands on class covering topics from install to complex design.

We have a commitment from the Symantec Workflow trainer that if we can get at least 10 people to commit, they will bring the class to us.

Each student would need to bring a laptop with at least 3GB of memory and enough space to store the virtual machine for the class material.

I'd like to have this class in February.  Please post and/or e-mail me if you are interested and can commit to attending. 

AndyN | 14 Oct 2009 | 2 comments

The Super User Group in Cleveland on October 2, 2009 was a SUPER success!

We had approximately 100 customers in attendance from at least 5 User Groups: Cleveland, Columbus, Michigan, Pittsburgh, and Rochester. Surprisingly, there wasn't anyone there from Hawaii or Australia. Maybe next time.

Slides from the following Product Managers are attached to this blog:

  • Michael Grueber and Rene Kolga: Client Management Suite and Server Management Suite SP1
  • Hugo Parra: Deployment Solution
  • Jeremy Carter: Workflow
  • Vinny Buscarnera: ServiceDesk

If you attended the Super User Group, please...

AndyN | 24 Sep 2009 | 4 comments

Steve Morton and the Altiris Product Management team personally invite all Altiris customers (and fans of the ManageThis band) located anywhere near Cleveland, OH to attend the Altiris Regional User Group meeting on Friday, October 2.

Watch Steve's video:

Sign up for the Altiris Regional User Group meeting:

Book your hotel room at Embassy Suites for $125/night:

- Call 800-362-2779 and refer to the “SYM group” code.

Embassy Suites Hotel Cleveland Downtown
1701 East 12th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114

User Group Meeting Agenda:

08:00 – 09:00 am  ...

Mustafa Abdel-Aziz | 10 Aug 2009 | 0 comments

In the last few days I faced a problem with Helpdesk and Connector Solutions. I have imported some assets from external source using Connector solution and wanted to use these assets in my Helpdesk solution.

The problem I faced was that the new assets were imported with Asset Type (Asset). Hence, the Helpdesk system was not able to view it since the Resource Types list in the Admin menu does not include the (Asset) as an entry.

To solve this problem, I decided to change the asset type of my assets into a type that is supported by Helpdesk, like (Computer). But, I don't have Asset Management Solution to use it to change the asset type.

So, I had to run the below script on the SQL database to change the asset type. After I run that, all assets types are changed to (Computer) and I can see them in the Helpdesk Solution.

Here We Go


1) First, get the required ResourceType ID:

Spencer Parkinson | 05 Aug 2009 | 4 comments
Every job has repetition. This may start out as a minor annoyance, but it can quickly grow into a huge frustration. It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day when the main character, Phil, finally snaps and kidnaps the groundhog to try to get the day to stop repeating.
However, there is a better way to handle this than what he did (i.e. drive off a cliff in a pickup truck). This morning, Symantec announced Workflow 7.0 and ServiceDesk 7.0, and both of these products have one underlying theme - they help businesses maximize efficiencies and minimize costs by automating repetitive tasks. This frees IT and other employees from monotony and allows them to spend their time in other areas, increasing their productivity.
Workflow 7.0 focuses on automation for businesses as a...
Guido Langendorff | 29 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

Ever wanted to, not only know which rule has run, but also want to work with that data?

I did and here are my findings so far as I have not found any historical information on this matter here.

Looking in the workitem_details_view, there is a filed called workitem_rules_fired. In here the rules are stored that are started after the saving of that "workitem_number" - "workitem_version".
When you start looking for these ID's you will see no rules has the same ID as stored in workitem_xxx_view (xxx = does not matter which workitem view you are looking at).

Going through all the views/tables I found the following:
All rules defined by Altiris or created in your company, are "stored" in wu_custom_instance_view view. Strange thing is, the value of ID's in the workitem_xxx_views are completely different in comparisson with ...

Jeanne | 27 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

Using Helpdesk Console 6.5 Supposedly workers can add new queries by modifying an existing query or creating your own SQL expressions. The Clone icon brings up the New Query page pre-populated with the properties of the selected query. This lets you easily create a new query based on the properties of an existing one. When my workers attempt to clone a query they get an error message saying they do not have access to clone a query. All of the workers have level 2 security access inside the helpdesk console. All belong to AD group with local admin access on the server. Where is the security settings for changing queries or being able to post new articles for review in the knowledgebase. | 26 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

I am running into problems with the knowledge base due to a validation rule.  Instead of going through the console to disable all the validation rules I created the query below:

update wu_custom_instance
set status = 'i'
where custom_processor_id = 600

This will also work on other rules

Notification Rules - 100
Routing Rules - 200
Tasks - 300
Email Inbox Filters - 400
Incident Rules - 500
Validation Rules - 600
Automation Rules - 700

After running the query you must go to at least one validation rule (or other object you chose), set it to active and save it, then set it back to inactive and save it.
Now all the objects that you chose will be inactive. | 26 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

Sometimes there is a need to reroute an existing incident when certain criteria are met.

For example:

An incident is created that multiple agents will have to work in a specific order.  A good example is a new employee who needs access to multiple systems.  Perhaps some approval is needed before work can begin.  An incident rule can force the rerouting of the ticket when the approval is granted.  Using an incident rule  (based off of business logic)  you can detect when the first  step of the process has been completed and then re-reroute the incident to the next worker/queue.

Simply create an incident rule that will change the assigned worker id to 0 when your criteria is met.  Changing the assigned worker id to 0 will force altiris to reroute the incident.  Based off your business logic you can have a routing rule that will find the correct worker/queue to reroute the incident.

NOTE: I am not...

MBHarmon | 23 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

We recently had a request that seemed to make way too much sense for us to have not done it already. 
A helpdesk worker wanted to be able to view everything associated to an asset (monitors, incidents, people, software licenses) quickly and easily. 

By creating a task we were able to make that happen right away. 

Once you've set whatever parameters you want to make it viewable just drop this line into the "Base URL" section.


Quick and easy. 

Hope it helps.