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tbowman01 | 05 Oct 2007 | 3 comments

Have you ever wondered how to search Helpdesk users by their NT IDs?

The solution is to customize the Helpdesk dashboard by creating a custom.config file. This file tells the helpdesk to override the default template.

  1. Create a text file and rename it to custom.config.
    Be sure that you can see the file extensions or you might be calling it custom.config.txt.
  2. Save the file to the \\servername\c$\Program Files\Altiris\Helpdesk\AeXHD directory.
  3. Once you have the file, open it and paste the following.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
        <string id="sidContactSearchedFields"> contact_name,contact_phone,contact_nt_id
  4. Save the custom.config file...
MtBiker | 18 Sep 2007 | 2 comments

As an Altiris Administrator, I found it fairly easy to find solutions to my problems from either Connect, Altirigos or the Knowledge base. Then I took a Notification class with 8 other Altiris Administrators and discovered that I was learning more about Altiris and its products just by talking with my classmates on our breaks. I decided that Altiris should have a chat room where Administrators can discuss issues and help others struggling. I was unable to find a chat room so I created one of my own. I decided to use IRC because it was easy enough that anybody could use it.

So please join us on IRC for discussions, help, solutions and chatting.

You can access the chat from the web at 

Channel:     #Altiris

Leave me a message if you get confused or need help

You also may download a client such as mIRC at...

jorm76 | 06 Sep 2007 | 6 comments

This is a command line that allow you to create a Helpdesk (HD) incident from a remote location. It uses the Web service that's packaged with the Helpdesk to do the heavy lifting. What's cool about this solution is you can submit an incident without even launching the Helpdesk console on your computer.

This is a command line, so use Internet Explorer or another application/program installed on your computer to run it.

The Web service can either take command line parameters (type "CreateWorkitem or Edit Workitem" to see them) or by using specific commands required for a 3rd party application.

The next line contains the parameters to send a command to the Altiris HD Web service. To create one new incident from IE you use this syntax:

http://MYSERVERHD/AeXHD/WebService.asmx/ProcessWorkItem?workitem_title=This+computer+is+break+fix+are+lost+data&workitem_category_tree_value= Break-fix%5cComputer&workitem_comment=Is+urgency+repair+and+...
janjira | 04 Sep 2007 | 13 comments

Want to make populate your Service Catalog with lots of different forms for different types of requests? Don't want to program them all separately? Don't want to spend hours debugging and maintaining lots of different templates?

There is a simple solution at:

  • No programming is required
  • No changes required to the Helpdesk or the database
  • Create and modify custom forms in minutes using only the New Task command in the Helpdesk Console.
  • Use radio buttons, dropdown lists, check boxes and text
  • Forms are compatible with all the Rules including Validation Rules.
  • Forms can be attached to incidents

Do check this out.

PeeGee | 24 Aug 2007 | 12 comments

When working with the Helpdesk Console, it's very handy to have warranty information about the selected asset available at a snap.

For evironments with Dell Computers that use Inventory Solution and Helpdesk Solution, there is an easy way to accomplish this.

Dell's online support offers the possibility to look up warranty information for any Dell System by entering the system's serial number/support tag.

Once this information has been collected via Inventory Solution, it is automatically passed to the Helpdesk Solution asset database.

From Helpdesk, a Smart Task can be used to call the Dell support page and pass the asset's serial number automatically to the page, which will display the warranty information for the particular system.

  • In the Helpdesk Console go to: Admin > Import Admin Data.
  • Copy...
SK | 23 Aug 2007 | 1 comment

Every query that you run on a SQL database that modifies data in some way, has the potential of causing damage if it has not been written correctly.

Luckily for us, there are a few commands that can be used in order to help prevent this type of user error.

BEGIN TRANSACTION - Run this before running your query.

COMMIT TRANSACTION - Run this after running your query, only if it was successful and did what you wanted it to.

ROLLBACK TRANSACTION - Run this is your query did something nasty.

EFMagnuson | 02 Aug 2007 | 9 comments

To close, or not to close, that is the question many of us face while staring at an aging list of help desk tickets. Here's the process one Juice reader recently implemented to save his staff a couple hours a week and (you're way ahead of me) get some closure. :)

The Eminent Problem

When an Incident is resolved our Helpdesk workers place the Incident into "Resolved" status (in our previous system this was "Resolved: Pending Follow-up"). All of our reporting metrics and notifications have been altered to count "Resolved" status Incidents in much the same way as "Closed" status. However, due to the intrinsic differences between the two statuses we still have need for the "Closed" status and to pull separate metrics on Closed verses Resolved Incidents. When an Incident is placed in Resolved status the requestor (contact_name/...

dmorrison | 09 Jul 2007 | 1 comment

Sometimes it's desirable to create 4 collections for inventory tasks so software audits only occur on a particular day for 1/4 of the computers in the environment without dealing with the random execution of AexRunControl. Or your CIO wants to evenly distribute a software delivery over 10 days to reduce risk and you would like to avoid creating 10 dynamic collections.

One of the challenges we often face in Notification Server is creating collections that evenly divide computers into several groups to distribute inventory processing or software delivery.

The SQL script below provides a simple way to create a dynamic collection which will be roughly 1/4 of the computers in your Notification Server. It contains 2 variables: @Groups and @GroupNumber. To create another collection for the different 1/4's of your computers, change the...

jdrinen | 15 Jun 2007 | 13 comments

ResolveIM has announced the release of LongLasso Announcer for DS, a Deployment Solution plugin that allows sending of scrollbar style announcements to end-users.

The evaluation is free and installs in 30 seconds or less!

Visit the Information and Support Portal:

Scott Hardie | 13 Jun 2007 | 0 comments

If you ever wanted or needed to reset your Helpdesk Incidents back to start at 1 because of testing or an overhaul, you can do so by launching SQL Enterprise Manager or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (depending on your SQL version) and edit the Altiris_Incidents database by editing table workitem_next_number and changing the value to 0.