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Ludovic Ferre | 02 Jul 2012 | 0 comments

It's slightly under 2 weeks since I posted my first blog entry [1] on the aila-web portal [2].

Today I am proud to announce that the portal is now at version 0.4 and brings in some visual features that will make a difference to all users: the statistics from aila are no longer displayed in text, but rather as line and bar charts.

This means you will get this:

Instead of this:

I will boldly call thiese changes a huge progress :D.

[1] {CWoC} Back at work on aila, adding a self-service portal


KSchroeder | 27 Jun 2012 | 0 comments

So as we are working on our 7.1 migration from 6.x, we have encountered various mysteries and oddities in the way the database schema changed in 7.x (at least in 7.1, never looked very closely at 7.0).  One of these came up while we were working on recreating some filters (and reports) and we found that while Resource Manager for a particular machine shows "Notebook" for the "Chassis Package Type" in the Hardware > Chassis Inventory, the DB table Inv_HW_Chassis just has the numeric value from WMI (documented in this Technet article).  However, we ALSO found that there is a view RMV_HW_Chassis that has the "friendly" chassis type information that you would normally have to use a CASE statement to report on, along with a lot of other handy columns, like CPU "real" descriptions such as "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7...

Ludovic Ferre | 14 Jun 2012 | 0 comments

So as it appears the BaseXmlHttpcallback problem [1] is a resilient beast... I was involved in an incident this week related to the infamous problem, but on the Symantec Management Platform 7.1 SP1.

As it turned out the root cause was not the same as version 7.0, hence I'm share the information here.

How it looked in the server?

Exactly the same as on version 7.0. Red all over, with almost no room for normal service messages to show (albeit the server was fine).

How it looked on the client?

Very different indeed. First of all the "TaskManagement\Status" folder contained as lot of valid status xml files, nothing like the original 7.0 problem with empty files. Second, the Agent log file was filled with AeXNetComms and ClientTaskAgent errors related to communication.

How we solved it?

Based on the fact that the status messages were present and valid, and on the log error I went for a simple restart of the agent. This...

Pascal KOTTE | 13 Jun 2012 | 0 comments

I just correct the script gived from Gilles, to add the NS server name (to change yours).

Notice: not tested yet this one. Notice also: best to install a data partition, if available, instead a system partition !! :)

You should put, the msi file (from <\\SMPserver\NSCap\bin\Win32\X86\NS Client Installation>) and this script into NETLOGON domain folder, and add a GPO to run it at machine startup.

I would like to test if the system is a server with a data partition, or a workstation a single C drive, to deploy different path according the system type.

@echo off

set MYALTIRISPATH=%programfiles%\Altiris
if exist "%MYALTIRISPATH%\Altiris7agent.log" exit 183

rem remove all plug-in et agent altiris
if exist "%MYALTIRISPATH%\Altiris Agent\AeXNSAgent.exe" start "" /b /wait "%MYALTIRISPATH%\Altiris Agent\aexagentutil.exe" /uninstallagents /clean

rem cleanup Setup folder
if exist "%...
tgrandpre | 13 Jun 2012 | 0 comments

By: Travis Grandpre, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Endpoint Management and Mobility Group, Symantec

Symantec is at it again. We have been named as a “Leader” in another key analyst report. This time, Symantec has been positioned in the “Leader” wave in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Client Management Suites, Q2 2012. This, along with our “Leader” position in the recent 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Client Management Tools, further underscores Symantec’s unique global leadership in the endpoint management space.

The Forrester Wave report states that Symantec made a significant splash in this Wave, earning a position as a Leader with long-established strengths in core and extended client management functionality — particularly OS management, software management, and patch.


tbenson | 21 May 2012 | 0 comments

The May 23rd Twin Cities User Group meeting is cancelled for this week.

Sorry for the late notice!

We hope to have an event in June. Please check back for further info.

stebro | 26 Apr 2012 | 0 comments

Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report Volume 12, released earlier this week discusses the continuing challenges of the Conficker worm in enterprises. Conficker came about in later 2008 and continues to plague Windows systems despite patches for the originally exploited vulnerability being available for over 3 years. Conficker continues to spread via one of two methods: exploiting weak passwords or unpatched systems and according to Microsoft’s Tim Rains, in an article by eWeek, 92% of recent infections are due to the exploit of weak passwords.

In terms of exploiting weak passwords, the Security Intelligence Report states “This type of attack uses the credentials of the logged-in user to access local or network resources, or else attacks password-...

Ludovic Ferre | 20 Apr 2012 | 4 comments

I encountered an issue a few weeks back that was a little strange, but I didn't need to pursue it as my Windows Server 2008 VirtualBox VM Decided to die upon installing some Software Update, but yesterday a customer contacted me on the very same issue.

The problem is that you cannot install Asset Management Suite via SIM after CMS was installed. The error occurs on the InstallReadiness check named "Upgrade Required".

The readiness check is encrypted so we cannot exactly see what it is verifying and what is failing, but I have a case going to backline to check this right now.

Let's see what the error comes from, but as I answered the customer today: No, there is no incompatibility between AMS and CMS 7.1 SP2.

Ludovic Ferre | 16 Mar 2012 | 0 comments

I have seen what I thought was a one off problem with a secondcustomerInventory Rule Management (IRM) web-service in Patch 7.0 is a key element of the Patch cycles, as its the single point of contact for the Inventory Rule Agent to get rule xml hashes and strings.

However this single point of failure is coming under serious stress in recent times, as I have seen two live systems encountering this very same issue.


Important note! This problem mostly impacts the 7.0 environment as Patch Management 7.1 SP1 and upward is unaffected due to changes in the patch compliance checks (we now have the Patch Assessment Tool instead of the Inventory Rule Management).

Now what is the issue? 

In the Notification Server application logs you will find messages related to EventId 2262 [1] and the InventoryRuleManagement application pool (as you have split the pool, right?). The messages are logged...

Marcello D'Angelone | 24 Feb 2012 | 0 comments

If you wish to apply the registry change mentioned in  TECH109926 to several machines using SMP server you can perform the following steps:


  1. On the Notification Console, create a new "Client Job" and select  "Task" and Run Script
  2. Copy and paste the text below and select Command Script as script type  Click OK  

@echo off

net stop "awhost32"

reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\pcAnywhere\CurrentVersion\Host" /V "QuickADSGroupAuth" /D 1 /T REG_DWORD /F  

net start "awhost32" 

     3.  Use quick run or Create a New schedule to run the script on several computers.


in case of  x64 bit machines  the content...