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Brad Winston | 18 Aug 2006 | 3 comments

Altiris engineers are always working with technology leaders to make sure our products take full advantage of the newest and most innovative technologies as they are released.

Here's some info on "Out of Band Management", a technology that's quickly coming of age and will surely impact the future of IT systems management.


Altiris has a many 'solutions' that help a customer through the IT systems 'lifecycle' of a computer. Everything from bare metal deployment, imaging, configuration, software/hardware inventory, software packaging/delivery, patching, disaster backup and recovery, security audits, asset tracking, license harvesting, etc…

These different solutions plug into a Notification Server (the NS) and all share a SQL based CMDB (configuration management database). Extensive reports and 'notification...

CraigM | 24 Jul 2006 | 0 comments

Two things are necessary to make your life and your end users' lives easier when trying to access the Helpdesk web consoles:

  1. DNS "CNAME" entries for each web redirect
  2. A default.asp web page that will send a browser to the correct URL depending on what the user typed (and was routed by DNS) in the browser

For example, we needed 2 different web pages for Helpdesk on the same server. It is assumed that Helpdesk users (both endusers and workers) don't want to type out: "http://servername/aexhd/winuser" or http://servername/aexhd/worker".
Instead, they want to be able to just type "help" for the winuser console and "worker" for the worker console.

You could redirect to the default web page with a single web page, but since we wanted two, we needed to use a little logic.

First, create your DNS CNAME entries using the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) and the helpdesk server's IP address for both. The first should be "help" and...

Admin | 01 Jun 2006 | 3 comments

Deployment Solution 6.5 includes a bag chock full of tools and tricks that can be used to make your administration and package editing tasks a breeze.

The Deployment Console lets you open utility programs from the Tools menu or from the Tools toolbar. You can launch Deployment Solution administration tools (Boot Disk Creator, PXE Configuration, Wise SetupCapture and Remote Agent Installer) and package editing tools (Wise MSI Editor, PC Transplant Editor, and Image Explorer) from the toolbar.

Administration tools

Boot Disk Creator. Use this tool to create boot disk configurations, and automation and network boot media to image client computers. The Boot Disk Creator can maintain several different boot disk configurations for different types of network adapter cards. See Altiris Boot Disk Creator help.