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Screenbert | 24 Apr 2007 | 10 comments

This article talks about the school system running so lean and mean (thanks to Symantec and Altiris products) that they don't have to waste money on high-paid IT folks.

In their own words:
"What's the point of having top-notch IT if the children are holding on all day and can't concentrate because they can't go to the stinking toilets?"

Pages 4 and 5 highlight some of the benefits of Altiris and Symantec, including allowing students to re-image their own PCs.

Read it for yourself ">here.

riva11 | 18 Apr 2007 | 15 comments

I've found a very cool freeware tool called "SteelSonic Run-As". It allows you to create standalone .exe files with administrative permissions. This .exe file allows computers to run as a standard user with admin privileges. The best thing is that can you do this without giving the computer user any administrator privileges.


Sometimes you need to install or execute programs without provide administrator rights to anyone. Imagine that you need to install some program without having access to the high level tools that would normally help you do this job?

For example, you can install Microsoft Office only using this tool by simply creating a .exe program that points to the setup stored on a software storage server and recording the admin/password information. After setting things up, you send this .exe program to the end user and he will be able to run this program without asking anyone to (with administrator priviliges) to perform the installation....

BRING | 12 Apr 2007 | 0 comments

Task Servers are a great new addition to any CMS environment. They can add an "instant response" feel to nearly any task. Making sure that the remote variety of Task Servers are talking correctly is usually pretty easy. Sometimes, however, they appear greyed-out in the UI, and you just don't know why.

A little SQL statement can give you the data you need to know about their status right away.

This info is found in an Altiris KB article entitled:

Verifying Remote Task Server Registration

Find it at:

and get your Task Servers on the active track.

trb48 | 10 Apr 2007 | 2 comments

I have posted several tips about how to speed up Windows Vista over the last few weeks. Today I found a pretty good guide that shows us how to speed up Windows XP. It brings up many good points.

Here is the link: Speedup Windows XP in Minutes!

trb48 | 09 Apr 2007 | 1 comment

Windows Vista marked a brand new way to approach imaging. This brand new OS has caused all of us to re-learn our way around administering computers. Luckily, Microsoft has released a ton of resources to help us all figure out how to tackle this new IT challenge. Below is a list of Vista resources you cannot do without:

trb48 | 06 Apr 2007 | 4 comments

Windows Vista is a RAM hog! There is no way around it, unless you drop hundreds of dollars on more RAM! Well, I found an article over at ExtremeTech that may help. It explains different things system Admins can do to speed up Vista. It is definitely worth checking out!

Here is the article: Speed Up Windows Vista

trb48 | 05 Apr 2007 | 4 comments

I am really excited about Vista, but I want to be able to run certain apps (mostly games) on XP. Well, I found a sweet article on Lifehacker that shows us how to do both!

This is a good option for Admins. If you set this up on your master computer, and then you can take an image of that computer. This allows the best of both XP and Vista!

Here is the article:
Dual boot Windows XP on a pre-installed Vista PC

BRING | 04 Apr 2007 | 4 comments

Some users have found that their Notification Server is taking a long time for console refresh and access. Learn how to speed it up here.

While there are certainly many reasons behind this, one simple reason is documented in a knowledge base article titled:

"How do I Turn off AEX SWD Status Summary Events?"

This KB article gives one option to reduce one area of processing load on the NS. There are some limited reporting tradeoffs here,
but for the most part, this is a setting that can easily be adjusted.

See KB 32172 for the full details.

Screenbert | 02 Apr 2007 | 0 comments

If you ever need to execute a method against different DS servers when using the Web service in the ASDK use this code to switch between servers. This is useful when you need to find out which DS server a computer is located on and then execute a method against that computer.

ComputerManagementService computerManagement = new ComputerManagementService();
String strTargetServer = "SERVER.DOMAIN.COM";
computerManagement.Url = string.Format( "http://{0}/Altiris/ASDK.NS/ItemManagementService.asmx", strTargetServer);
CredentialCache cache = new CredentialCache();
cache.Add( new Uri(itemMS.Url), "Negotiate", new NetworkCredential( username, password, domain ) );
computerManagement.Credentials = cache;

Just change the strTargetServer to the next server. You could wrap this code in your own method to loop through all your servers and return the proper server that has the computer you are looking for.

trb48 | 29 Mar 2007 | 21 comments

I was surfing the web today and I ran across this article: "The Lazy Guide to Installing Knoppix on a USB Key". This could the the solution to everyone's WinPE licensing woes. If we can install Knoppix on a USB key, and use it to deploy images life would be great. Why? Because Knoppix is FREE!

There are many benefits of using a USB key. The most obvious to me is that you can keep your data from session to session. Another is you can install software (i.e. all the files you need to deploy an image). Hopefully, the networking drivers will already be packaged in Knoppix.