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Ludovic Ferre | 19 Nov 2009 | 0 comments

Should I say I hit a milestone today? I all cases I have to say that my migration from VMWare to Virtual Box Open Source Edition was a real success, and I can't see myself moving back away from Virtual Box for a good while.

It didn't start so well when upgrading my main test computer (AMD quad core 64-bit, 8GB RAM, 1TB disk) from Ubuntu 9.04 to Ubuntu 9.10 causes a failure in one of my 250GB sata drives. After a couple of attempts to repair Ubuntu 9.04 or install Ubuntu 9.10 from USB I resorted to install the operating system on another drive, considering that the problem had to come from the disk partition I was installing the OS onto.
This was effectively the case, as installing on another disk and partition allowed me to run Ubuntu without too much problem (apart from a disk boot order setting in BIOS that jumped a couple of times getting me to a grub dead-end).
But then installing...
B_Raj | 26 Oct 2009 | 0 comments

While we deal with large windows installer packages, time required to install the package is one of the key factor in measuring the efficiency\quality of the package.

I’m briefing  here about some of the techniques that can be used to reduce the installation time of a MSI package.


The MSIFASTINSTALL property can be used to reduce the time required to install a large Windows Installer package. The property can be set on the command line or in the Property table to configure operations that the user or developer determines are non-essential for the installation.

How MSIFASTINSTALL Property will help to reduce the time?

1. This property helps to skip creating system restore point action in MSI install sequence.

2. This property helps to skip calculating the space requirements action in MSI install sequence. (Filecost)

Thus,if the developer is sure...

B_Raj | 24 Oct 2009 | 0 comments

This error is due to an error in Directory table of the MSI.

Generally occurs while a directory entry that references something non existent as its parent. If you ignore the ICE 03 validation error (Similar to the below mentioned Eg.) while developing the MSI,During the installation you will be getting the “Internal Error 2705. Directory” error.

Eg: of an ICE 03 error :

Orca validation reports an ICE03 error: “Not a valid foreign key; Table:Directory, Column: Directory_Parent, Key ):newfolder1″

 This error can be fixed by editing the Directory table.The wrong entries in the ‘Directory table’ will be highlighted in red colour.

Kinetic | 04 Aug 2009 | 3 comments

Hello Connect!

I have decided to take on a personal challenge in an effort to teach and learn more about using the ASDK. I have been writing tools for work using ASDK1.4 for about 6 months and just started learning C#. Since then I've developed a few win apps that have saved a ton of time for both myself and coworkers using Altiris.

To celebrate the ASDK and to thank Symantec for giving us such an open and flexible tool for working with Altiris, I am going to write 30 tools using VBscript or C# in 30 days. I will blog about each tool and include short descriptions on the methods being used and the approaches I take to use them.

First a few acknowledgments. A big thank you goes to Screenbert! When I first set out to create an SWD package creator in the ASDK, it was his how-to videos that gave me the start. Without those guides, I probably would of found the learning curve...

AppPkgServices | 10 Jun 2009 | 1 comment

Apart from Symantec products and processes, why can not we have ideas that can change the way we do things.

I have got an idea here that is going to save lot of time and money for our organization.

According to Microsoft the design goals for Windows XP on a typical consumer PC are:

  • Boot to a useable state in a total of 30 seconds
  • Resume from Hibernate (S4) in a total of 20 seconds
  • Resume from Standby (S3) in a total of 5 seconds

I work for an organization which has over 1000 employees. Most of the employees are complaining about the time that a laptop/desktop is taking to boot to Windows. We are also concerned on the same. We had a meeting today and discussed about the new and ongoing issues in our company that are affecting the business. One of our discussion topics is, how to bring down the bootime and how to increase the performance?

We have a standard Environment:

  • Laptop/Desktop [Dell/HP]:
  • ...
Mohammad Bamya | 30 Apr 2009 | 0 comments

When trying to run Ghost32 on Windows 2003 server to create an image from the C drive to another drive even if the other drive is internal or external (such like USB HDD), you will get the following error message:

Error: A source volume could not be locked (640)

That's because Ghost is not designed to create a hot images from server OS.

Tips for Hot Imaging with Ghost Solution Suite 2.5

riva11 | 25 Apr 2009 | 8 comments

I found an helpful tool to reduce unused user profiles on network PCs. Typical example are shared computers used by different people in the same office.
The User Profile Deletion Utility (Delprof.exe)  by Microsoft is a command-line utility designed to free up disk space in computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Usage :

delprof [/q] [/i] [/p] [/c:\\computername] [/d:days] [/?]


/q runs DelProf in quiet mode, with no confirmation for each profile to be deleted.

/i indicates that DelProf should ignore errors and continue deleting.

/p prompts for confirmation before deleting each profile.

/c:\\<computername> specifies a remote computer name on which to run DelProf.

/d:<days> specifies the number of days of...

Ram Champion | 24 Apr 2009 | 0 comments

Hi Connect Members,

Any change which is intentional can be recorded, but in case if its not something not noticed & specially with workstations running windows Xp , it can create problems & disappointment when things dont work as expected, Than suddenly we think what has changed or what we have changed, No worries, not to think any more, Microsoft has a tool that will not only let u know what are the changes but help you to troubkeshoot the XP systems issues, It works in following scenario-

1. Software Programs—installed applications, such as those listed in Add/Remove Programs
2. Windows hotfixes and other OS updates
3. Windows drivers and services
4. ActiveX controls downloaded via Internet Explorer
5. Browser Helper Objects (BHOs)—typically toolbars and other items that load with your browser
6. Auto-Start Extensibility Points (ASEPs)—programs that start automatically without user action.

I have used a...

Ram Champion | 24 Apr 2009 | 2 comments

Hi Connect Members,

When it comes to copying of files over the network & specially when the file size is huge the only question comes on mind how much time it will take to complete that operations, Now I have found one tool that can help us to perform those tasks much faster of copying specially in slow link wan scenarios , the word is RICH COPY tool from microsoft, a must have tool as you will be benefited a lot.Thanks.

Link for tool-


Mohammad Bamya | 19 Apr 2009 | 0 comments

To avoid settting a password to run a Schedule task or Backup Regime, use NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM in the run as box.