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stebro | 26 Jan 2007 | 1 comment

Keep your Endpoint Security Solution up to date by applying the latest patches and hot fixes. Here's the info on two of the most recently released code updates.

As of December 2006, there are two hot fixes for Endpoint Security Solution.

Hot Fix 1 addresses problems when copying large files to removable storage devices. See for details.

Hot Fix 2 accommodates Endpoint Security Solution and one of its sub-solutions (Removable Storage Security Solution or Wireless Security Solution) to be installed on the same NS. See for details.

Both fixes will be rolled into service pack 1.

suttling | 29 Nov 2006 | 1 comment

We are currently installing CMS on an Air Force network where restrictions and security are somewhat extreme. We have a network of 70 servers, 2000 ws, and 13 subnets. I was trying to get PXE to work across the nets, and as we had no control on the DHCP services, I was struggling with a solution.

Finally, I was able to convince my network guys to provide a separately configured IP/drop for each of the subnets. I reconstituted an expiring server, upgraded to 2003, added 6 dual NICs.

The only configuration changes were covered in KB article 20695 "Servicing multiple NICs....".
In order to prevent certain thin clients from attempting PXE access, it was necessary to add the MAC exclusions in the PXE configuration utility.

Hope this helps some other newbie that might have a similar situation.

jsjj01 | 18 Oct 2006 | 4 comments

Installing Dell Client Manager 2.0? Here is what I learned when upgrading my existing Dell Client Manager 1.0 install to version 2.0.

The documentation really didn't cover all of the issues that I had arise during the install. In the next few paragraphs I hope to clear up some of the issues I had in hopes that you can benefit from the information.

The Dell Client Manager 2.0 documentation states the following:

You can upgrade by installing Dell Client Manager Standard or Plus from the Altiris Solution Center.

  • If you already have Dell Client Manager 1.0 installed, you can simply perform an upgrade to Dell Client Manager 2.0 Standard or Plus.
  • If you already have Dell OpenManage Client Administrator 3.0 installed (which includes Dell Client Manager 1.0), you can simply perform an upgrade to Dell Client Manager 2.0 Plus.

To upgrade Dell Client Manager

  1. In the Altiris Console, click the Configuration tab.
  2. In...
BRING | 05 Oct 2006 | 0 comments

Can the web services portion of Notification Server be run on a separate server? Many larger companies like to divide the services to reduce the load on a single computer and to distribute processing -- Web services (IIS) on one server, applications on another, and database services (SQL) on a third, etc.

No, only the database services and data may be housed on a separate server. The web services are a very integral portion of Notification Server, and therefore cannot reside on separate computers.

dsunderland | 02 Aug 2006 | 1 comment

When RS is installed and you go through the Recovery Solution Cluster Creation wizard, the default size for blob files is 200 MB each. If you create the blob storage location with this default size, you are going to have 10 times as many blob files as you need. The default size of 200 MB is for testing purposes in a small test environment.

If you are using RS to back up more than about 4 machines, 2000 MB would be a more optimal blob size. (Although technically this is just under 2 GB, I'll use 2 GB to describe this amount because it's pretty close.)

Although the 200 MB blob files aren't going to cause you a problem, it's easier to manage them if there are fewer files and they are larger. Who knows, someday we may even have a little addendum to the storage location creation screen that recommends using 2000 MB (I keep using the 2000 MB because that is how you specify the size of the blob files in RS -- in MB).