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Eshwar | 23 Dec 2008 | 0 comments

Create VBscripts on your fingure tips. Here is the utility that helps you write WMI scripts for system administration, which is provided by Microsoft:

Download it here:

Note: Genuine OS Validation is required.

Good luck.

riva11 | 19 Dec 2008 | 7 comments

Many helpful tools are portable and every IT admin uses these tools from USB memory key.

Usually USB devices are really easy to install and use on different computers. But sometime problems happen when you insert a USB device and for some unknown reason it isn't recognized or cause a hardware error.

A good way is delete entries generated from this installation and install again. To help to perform this maintenance there is a good tool called USBDeview made by Nirtsoft.

Using this program you can see all USB devices configured on a local or remote computer, and see many information: device name and description, device type, serial number, the date/time that device was added, VendorID, ProductID, and many others.

Also you can perform other maintenance tasks, in addition to report functions, there are basic commands to disconnect or delete USB devices.

USBDeview is released as freeware and the nice feature is a portable application. You have only...

kewidogg | 31 Oct 2008 | 0 comments

Sometimes you have a self-installing executable (.exe file) that may contain drivers, and want to extract them instead of installing them locally to a machine (to use with Ghost Boot Wizard, for example).

The quickest way to extract drivers from a self installing executable file, is to use a 3rd-party zip program such as Winzip, Winrar or 7Zip.

Just open the zip program, and go to File > Open or File > Open Archive and select the self-installing executable. You may need to change Files of Type to include self extracting executables.

Eshwar | 23 Oct 2008 | 4 comments

Windows Installer Verbose Log Analyzer is a very handy tool which allows you to view and analyze log files and it displays suggested solutions to errors that are found in log files.

To dowload the file and for syntax and commandline options please refer following Microsoft article.

Windows Installer Verbose Log Analyzer

Eshwar | 22 Oct 2008 | 1 comment

Why Use Dependency Walker? The following is a list of reasons why you may find it useful and a link to the download site.

Have you ever...

  • wondered why an application or module was failing to load?
  • wondered what minimum set of files are required to run a particular application or load a particular DLL?
  • wondered why a certain module was being loaded with a particular application?
  • wanted to know what functions are exposed by a particular module, and which ones are actually being called by other modules?
  • wanted to know the parameter and return types of exported C++ functions?
  • wanted to remove all dependencies for a given module?
  • wanted to know the complete path of all the modules being loaded for a particular application?
  • wanted to know all the base addresses of each...
Eshwar | 22 Oct 2008 | 0 comments

AccessEnum gives us a full view of file system and Registry security settings. It's an ideal tool for for security holes and lock down permissions where necessary.

AccessEnum abstracts permissions into one of three categories-Read, Write, and Deny-which it shows as columns.

AccessEnum supports following OS:
Windows 2000 system, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Download Link:

How to Article:

CondorMan | 15 Oct 2008 | 3 comments

VMWare is now offering ESX for free! I have been using it on my test system and it works great. I can now run multiple versions of Notification Server and Deployment Server on separate virtual machines.

For me, the best part about ESX is that all the guest OSs share common memory pages. That means you can have four Windows Server 2003 virtual machines up and since most of the data stored in memory is the same, they cumulatively will use about the same RAM as two servers.

erikw | 15 Oct 2008 | 5 comments

I found a very nice and useful freeware program that enables me to manage my RAM. This is very helpful when your computer slows down because Windows is sloppy in managing RAM.

Freeware application to free and optimize your computer's RAM (Random Access Memory), resulting in an increase in system performance and productivity. Automatically configures itself for ease of use and also features advanced options and customizability. FreeRAM XP Pro has been designed to be easy to use yet highly customizable by computer novices and experts alike.

Download it, and get surprised.

erikw | 06 Oct 2008 | 15 comments

I have built several movies of my screen to show how to do tasks. People ask, "How do you do this?" The answer is very easy. Get yourself a cool tool and get busy!

First step: Create the Movie.

Download Camstudio. It is free, easy to use, and very cool. You can download it from

Get version two. I installed it in a SVS layer. That helps me enable it when I need it and hide it when I don't.

Now you can easily create movies with Camstudio's many features. There is even a feature that can enhance your voice if you don't like your own.

Second Step: Edit the Movie

There is a very cool tool for this and most of us have it already installed.
It is called Microsoft movie maker. It is standard in...

erikw | 03 Oct 2008 | 0 comments

I see a lot of tips about Sysinternals tools, and I love these tools. They are the best that you can get in your toolbox.

But the best and in my opinion the most helpful is desktops.

Desktops can be downloaded from the sysinternals website.

What is Desktops?

Desktops is a way to get a shortcut to four desktops on your very own machine. In the first desktop you can place your monitoring tools. In your second one the things you do and so on.

I always have two or sometimes three desktops in use and can easily switch between these desktops, while they are located on my machine. You will notice...