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BRING | 28 Apr 2009 | 2 comments

While recently working a Recovery Solution issue, we encountered some problems.  The clients could not register and SSM jobs were not completing.  Upon reviewing the Event Viewer logs, we saw a consistent sequence of errors

 Altiris Recovery Solution Error Server Space Management 35 N/A SERVER "RemovePhysicalFile RemovePhysical() returned an error.

Altiris Recovery Solution Error Server Space Management 73 N/A SERVER "Error retentioning file 'winlogon.log' of user 'XXXXXXXXX' on volume 'C:'.
FileKey 10448642, file revision 13.

Altiris Recovery Solution Error Server Space Management 2 N/A SERVER "There was an error when a file was being processed for Recovery Solution Server space management.
Problem backing up the file.
File 10448642

Altiris Recovery Solution Error File Repository Engine 12 N/A SERVER "Unable to read file data from the Recovery Solution Server.

Altiris Recovery...

adtlink | 28 Apr 2009 | 1 comment

You are cordially invited to join the Altiris 7 First-Mover program.

At ManageFusion 09 in Las Vegas, we announced the creation of the First Mover program for Altiris 7. For those who are looking to move to Altiris 7 over the next six months, we want to help facilitate your information gathering, and planning, in order to ensure a successful migration to Altiris 7.

Enrollment to the program will begin April 28th and will be open until June 1, 2009. To register for the program, click on the link Use your Altiris Beta account to access the portal.

Benefits of the First Mover Program include:

  • Preferred status for technical support escalations
  • Access to advanced level support engineers
  • One-stop access to the latest information, KB articles, tips and tricks, and a discussion forum
  • Scheduled...
riva11 | 25 Apr 2009 | 8 comments

I found an helpful tool to reduce unused user profiles on network PCs. Typical example are shared computers used by different people in the same office.
The User Profile Deletion Utility (Delprof.exe)  by Microsoft is a command-line utility designed to free up disk space in computers running Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Usage :

delprof [/q] [/i] [/p] [/c:\\computername] [/d:days] [/?]


/q runs DelProf in quiet mode, with no confirmation for each profile to be deleted.

/i indicates that DelProf should ignore errors and continue deleting.

/p prompts for confirmation before deleting each profile.

/c:\\<computername> specifies a remote computer name on which to run DelProf.

/d:<days> specifies the number of days of...

Ram Champion | 24 Apr 2009 | 0 comments

Hi Connect Members,
This tool looks for  performance problems in your application caused by the network. Server response issues certainly need to be tracked and resolved, but many Web sites are still perceived as slow even when the servers are fast, so to help this scenario something called the free Web performance analysis tool, Visual Round-trip Analyzer (VRTA), can help you with.Its great for develpers.

What it does-

The Visual Round Trip Analyzer tool helps web developers and testers visualize the download of their page, identify best practices and changes that improve web performance. The network Round-Trip between the client and server(s) is the single biggest impact to web page performance – much greater than server response time. VRTA examines the communications protocol, identifying the causes...

adtlink | 24 Apr 2009 | 1 comment

Announcing the beta release for Barcode Solution 7 built on the Symantec Management Platform. We invite your participation during the beta cycle. Please take a moment to review the list of new features for the product. The beta is scheduled to last for a period of 6 weeks. We look forward to working with you to improve the product.

  • Ported to the Symantec Notification Server 7.0 platform
  • Ability to store data on handheld scanner's flash memory
  • Profile configuration improved

                      Stream lined 
                      Uses a picker to select data classes and associations, with ability to see the see the number of fields and their sizes per data class) 

BRING | 24 Apr 2009 | 0 comments

Following a recent Patch Tuesday run, some client machines that met the criteria for some patch applications, attempted to run the installation of certain patches - and received a client-side status messages in the Altiris Agent of "Run Failed" or 'Failed to Start" and exit codes of either 87 or -2147942402.   With much consternation, lots of ideas were tossed about.  These messages were not typical messages that pointed towards a simple explanation and solution.  While the clues were not clear, the solution did end up being pretty simple.

But after reviewing the Patch Task configurations for the affected bulletins, it was noticed that for some reason, the source locations for the packages were blank.  Once configured, and package sources were updated, the packages installed correctly on the affected client  machines.

In each of these cases, the bulletins were actually present on the client machine, but not able...

jjesse | 24 Apr 2009 | 1 comment

One of the problems with pushing PC Anywhere for Mac is by default the Thinhost application shows up and remains visible.  In the install policy there is an option to start hidden.  Make sure this option is checked or the application Thinhost will open up and stay running.

Mohammad Bamya | 22 Apr 2009 | 0 comments

The pcAnywhere Host Administrator tool lets you remotely manage the hosts on your network.

It lets you do the following:

* Remotely start, stop, and connect to pcAnywhere hosts on the network
* Create configuration groups to remotely manage and configure multiple workstations on the network
* Simultaneously distribute pcAnywhere configuration files, including host, remote, and caller files, to multiple workstations on the network.

As pcAnywhere Host Administrator dose not support deleting any host (.bhf) or call (.chf) files "on a remote machine", the work around at this stage is to modify the original one, or create a new file with same name as the old one.

Mohammad Bamya | 19 Apr 2009 | 0 comments

To avoid settting a password to run a Schedule task or Backup Regime, use NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM in the run as box.

jamesmax | 16 Apr 2009 | 5 comments

Should you upgrade to Altiris Client Management Suite 7.0?
In short, for me the answer is not yet. We are currently using Deployment Solution 6.9. I had heard that the Deployment Solution would be integrated with the Notification Server in version 7.0 After speaking with technical support, they told me that they have not been integrated yet, but they didn’t know when that might happen (probably this year – summer/fall 2009).
All of the products in the Altiris Total Management Suite (excluding Deployment Solution - right now) installs to the Symantec Management Platform, which part of it used to be called the Notification Server. The Symantec Management Platform now includes the Symantec Management Console, Database, Notification Server and Client Management Suite management components.
Based on some advice from Altiris, I would wait to upgrade my DS 6.9 when DS 7.1 is released to then have it integrated with NS. Your situation may be entirely...