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WDRAIN1 | 03 Apr 2014 | 0 comments

select distinct as [Data Class]

          ,dc.DataTableName as [SQL table]


           ,p.Name as Solution

           , p.Description

from ResourceUpdateSummary rs

-- dataclasses name

join vItem vi on vi.Guid = rs.InventoryClassGuid

-- solution table

join vProduct p on p.Guid = vi.ProductGuid

-- sql tables

join DataClass dc on dc.Guid = rs.InventoryClassGuid

order by p.Name, vi.Name


CMDB dataclassess.jpg







dcudney | 22 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

I was wanting to save the results of a filter to an Excel file today, and I found that the filter did not have a "Save As" button. I found an article here that explained it, but I modified the report slightly to fit my needs. I was looking for way to get the list of computers in my Patch Test Group Filter. I used this SQL query to create a report to then save as a .csv:


SELECT Distinct 

r.Guid AS '_ItemGuid', 

r.Name AS 'Resource', 


r.[System Type], 

r.[OS Name], 

vItem.Name AS FilterName



CollectionMembership INNER JOIN

vComputerEx AS r ON CollectionMembership.ResourceGuid = r.Guid ON 

vItem.Guid = CollectionMembership.CollectionGuid LEFT OUTER JOIN

Inv_AeX_AC_Identification ON r.Guid = Inv_AeX_AC_Identification._ResourceGuid


CollectionMembership.CollectionGuid = 'd0fae853-3129-490f-86fd-e8a8bc0162f2'


All you need to change on this report os...

MicaPete | 15 May 2012 | 0 comments

This newly published guide is for network administrators who want to use Server Management Suite (SMS) 7.1 SP2 to manage Linux and UNIX servers.

Follow this link to download the guide:

The guide presents UNIX/Linux-specific information about:

  • Provisioning
    • Imaging
    • Scripted OS installation
    • OEM Hardware integration toolkits
    • Server configuration
  • Configuration Management
    • Symantec Management Agent for UNIX, Linux, and Mac
    • Discovery and Inventory
    • Patch Management for Linux
    • Software Management
    • Managed Software Delivery
    • Virtualization Management
  • Server Health
    • Monitor Solution and Monitor Packs
    • Event Console
    • Historical and Real-Time Monitoring
  • Process Automation - Built-in Workflow Capabilities...
maese.oli | 17 Apr 2012 | 1 comment

Trying to find out where is Internet Explorer report in NS 7.1 (that previously exist on Altiris 6) got this "solution":

You can use this report -->Discovery and Inventory --> Inventory --> Cross-Platform --> Software/Applications --> General Software -->  "Audit Software Search report"

To get Internet Explorer installed version you must specify:

File Name: iexplore.exe

Manufacturer: microsoft%

This "solution" can by cloned (by cloning reports) and changed, fixing Parameters; to get your custom SOFTWARE VERSION REPORT OF YOUR INSTALLED APPS.

Hope this helps the newcomers to NS 7.x version.


sdmayhew | 01 Dec 2011 | 0 comments

Issue – VM server Farm is spiking CPU utilization

Problem summation: Utilizations are seen at rates 70-90% utilization of host CPU for 1-5 seconds. Trigging monitor alert and email to support

What it looks like is that servers are not being excluded from the workstation inventories.

·         Collect Delta Software – Daily at 11am local machine time

·         Collect Full Inventory- Weekly at 10am local machine time

·         Collect Delta Hardware Inventory  -- Weekly at 2pm local machine time

Server data classes were excluded from the previous inventory collections. These are collected with Collect Delta Server (once a week) , Collect Full Server ( once a month)

The setting is a OOB setting from Symantec.

Fix is create filters that would exclude...

Oscar2564 | 05 May 2010 | 1 comment

Hello Everyone, 

I was curious if anyone has encountered a similar issue using the external ID as method for the use of auto closing an incident. I use a query to pull a date into the external Id field for the waiting and resolved status. It will evaluate the if the status is ready to commit an edit to the incidents that match the query results. Up till last week this worked fine but just recently it failed and I have narrowed it down to the following error. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated.

This query no longer works due to an error generated:
Error Generated: Conversion failed when converting datetime from character string.
workitem_number AS 'Ticket_Number'        

WEVO Group Developers | 03 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

Now with Workflow 7's ticketing and reporting functionality you can add status and reporting to your processes quickly and easily.

I recently had to build a "Proof of Concept" (POC) for a client proposal that we are working on. The client wanted to generate reports using Workflow to track a process for auditing purposes.

Now as many of you know, in past versions of Workflow we would've had to create a report like this in a couple of different ways: we could have developed a Web Forms Reporting Dashboard or a SQL Reporting Services report. Both of these options would have required some significant development time and additional cost to the project.

Ticketing Functionality

Some of the new ticketing functionality that was created for ServiceDesk 7 in Workflow allows us to develop these reports quickly and easily.

I think it is important to note the ticketing functionality wasn’t developed...

Jan Trnka | 21 Jan 2010 | 2 comments

I could see that many Altiris Operators always open NS Console first, which is not always needed. 
You can launch Resource Manager directly when you seek for particular computer using such link:
where <SERVER> stands for FQDN or IP Address of your Notification Server.

In Find Resource dialog specify as many details as you can an all computers matching your criteria will be listed:


Click on selected computer to open Resource Manager, and work with details you look for.


The same way you can search for Users, Packages or whatever else you need.
(List may vary...

Rene Kolga | 18 Jan 2010 | 2 comments


Thanks a lot for your submissions! We currently have 5 new custom inventory scripts, but need another 5 in order to finalize the awards!
Please submit a few more Inventory Solution 7 custom scripts.

Thank you,

Ludovic Ferre | 12 Jan 2010 | 1 comment

With over a month of (evening) work gone into aila (and 131 commits on my Google code svn repository) I am happy to say that aila is at a stage where it can demonstrate it's usefulness and features.

So I have done a screen capture and attached it here (warning: ze French man that I am decideeed not to talk over the video, so take 8 minutes to play some relaxing track -> for Creative Common licensed music if you need ;-).

Please note that this is a zip container for an Ogv video. I used "recordmydesktop" which natively encodes to (free as in free software) Ogv. The results is pretty good, and conversions to mp4 or avi was just too lossy for me to put these versions up (specially given the...