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cnpalmer75 | 21 Sep 2007 | 18 comments

Remember that {choke}cute{cough} owl that the sales guys used to hand out on their visits to coerce, I mean, to propose your purchase of an Altiris product?

Well that guy used to be called Solution Sam, now he has gone into hibernation somewhere, or was killed when they cut down his giant redwood tree to print up more Altiris manuals.

Either way, his legacy lives on as a website, and now you can go right there to get all of the latest and greatest binaries for each Altiris solution.

This gets updated all the time. Sometimes without ever changing the actual version of a solution, just the size of the files change for some reason. But the XML file's date will tell you when it was last updated. Sneaky, sneaky.

Here's the site:

Admin | 12 Sep 2007 | 1 comment

The ninth installment of the Altiris-sponsored book, "The Definitive Guide to Vista Migration" is now available for download. This chapter starts to pull everything covered in the earler chapters together and focuses on operational flows during the rollout.

Download this chapter here.

Chapter Nine: Putting it all Together

Here's an overview of chapter 9 provided by the publisher:

So far, each technically-focused team has been working on their own as they prepare their portion of the technical solution. By now, you should be in the middle of the Organize phase of the QUOTE System with each team progressing towards completion of their engineering activities. It is now time to first, review the status of each solution...

cnpalmer75 | 07 Sep 2007 | 0 comments

Never resting on their laurels (what are those anyways?) the guys from down under have come up with yet another (yawn) NS hot fix, patch, roll up, upgrade, update... {insert you favorite patching metaphor here} for your viewing enjoyment.

This one is SP3 R6. I guess its just easier to name them roll-ups than to actually change the version all together.

Information/Release notes can be found here:

And the file is right here:

And here's a tasty treat for ya too, this does not include the famed 2387 Altiris Agent version for 64 bit support fixes. Nope. That fix will be released in...

cnpalmer75 | 31 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

Sometimes you run across something in the Altiris KB that just makes sense, other times you run across things that end up looking like road kill.

This time, this one just makes sense.

There is a great article...

...for RS that points to all the relesed hot fixes & updated training schedules for the latest release of Recovery Solution 6.2.2760 (6.2 SP2). The great thing about it is you can subscribe right to the article so you can be updated when the article is updated.

My buddy Sagar, one of the lead support guys in Talin, Estonia (go look it up on a map if you need to) keeps this particular article up to date, way to go Sagar!

This is the kind of thing ALL the Altiris Solutions need, a one-stop shop for a good KB reference for hot...

Admin | 27 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

Personality protection is probably the most important aspect of any operating system (OS) deployment project; not, of course, from the technicians point of view, but rather, from the end users point of view. And personalities -- the collection of data, favorites, desktop settings, application customizations and more -- are the most important aspect of any OS migration for them.


You can download Chapter 8 here.

Chapter 8 Excerpt

That's because users perceive their computers personality as part of their workspace and many of them will spend considerable time optimizing it for the work they do. If computer personalities are not preserved in the course of a migration project, users lose productivity as they take time to either...

riva11 | 23 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

The original article SVS 2.1 HotFix 2 Available , submitted by Scott Jones can be read by here .

La HotFix 2 per Software Virtualization Solution 2.1 è stata rilasciata nel sito Altiris Knowledgebase. Questa HotFix include numerose fix riguardanti la stabilità ed è raccomandata per tutti gli utilizzatori di SVS . Questo è un aggiornamento cumulativo, che include tutti gli aggiornamenti a partire da HotFix 1.


  • Workaround per difetti nei registri Microsoft che possono causare un blue screen quando sono chiamate certe funzioni di registro.
  • Fix per un problema di compatibilità di IIS -- Nota: IIS non è ancora supportato in un layer SVS ! Tuttavia, una prossima release di Wise Installation Studio richiede che SVS e IIS siano installate assieme nello stesso PC
  • Fix in caso di memory leaks che possono causare un anomalo supero del tempo nelle...
eorme | 09 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

Deployment Solution for Dell Servers 3.0 no longer requires that users supply utility partition images from DSA CDs, but instead ships with the utility partition image that ships with the DTK. This utility partition image should work will all servers.

It may be necessary, under some circumstances, to change the image that is being deployed. Perhaps a newer version of the DTK was released with a new image, or an older image needs to be used for compatibility issues. Regardless of the reason, this image is a file located within the datastore under: Dell\Toolkit\Systems\upimg.bin.

If you update this file, it will then be used on all Scripted OS Deployment Jobs whether already existing or newly created.

As always, it's safe to keep the old image around in case something goes awry.

cnpalmer75 | 08 Aug 2007 | 0 comments

Just wanted to post an FYI for anyone who has upgraded to the the R5 SP3 release for NS.

The Altiris Agent package that comes with that release has received an update. The build number for the R5 release is 2386, the newest build is 2387 and resolves an issue on the 64bit platforms with the agent.

The KB article explaining this is here:

Also this mentions a pending R6 release (will it ever end???)

Joel Smith | 30 Jul 2007 | 0 comments

Recent erroneous reports regarding scalability of Altiris Out of Band Manager have occurred. The following Q&A was developed with Intel input and approval and corrects this misinformation. This document is intended to be used reactively if you encounter this misinformation.

Problem statement:

Altiris® Out of Band Management Solution 6.1 (OOBM) only supports up to 100 clients, is not scalable, and therefore not an enterprise solution.

Correct Statement

Altiris™ Out of Band Management Solution 6.1 (OOBM) is fully scalable and provides critical enterprise solutions support including out of band desktop provisioning, alert response and resolution and secure power management. Altiris OOBM should be used with Intel® AMT Setup and Configuration Service (SCS) 1.3 revision to avoid scalability limitations inherent in earlier firmware versions.


We encountered scalability issues when using Altiris™ Out of Band...

duijsterj | 25 Jun 2007 | 0 comments

Heads up application packagers. Microsoft has made some changes to how Windows Vista interacts with access control lists. Here's a thorough article from Microsoft's technet that'll help you sort through (and understand) the changes.

Here's an excerpt:

The fundamental structure of access control lists (ACLs) has not changed much for Windows Vista, but there are a number of small yet important changes you need to be aware of. Some changes were necessary because in Windows® XP, ACLs played a part in several problems. First, most Windows XP users run as administrator. That is, they use an account that is a member of the built-in Administrators group. For home users, this is a virtual certainty because all accounts added during setup become administrators. Therefore any programs such users execute will also execute with administrative privileges, giving them unfettered access to the operating system. Of course, this is especially problematic if those...