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WiseUser | 23 Jul 2010 | 0 comments

Currently registered control is locked and attempts to register an alternate version of the player without unlocking the registered player will fail.

Solution: Run uninstfl.exe -u or flashutil.exe -uninstallUnlock, on the currently registered control to unlock it.
Then run regsvr32 on the desired version of the Flash Player control to register it.

WiseUser | 22 Jul 2010 | 0 comments

Microsoft Group Chat preference settings gets downloaded from the server to the User's appdata folder for the Brand new user .

If we have customised the setting and copied the same preference file to user's appdata through the package, it will be overwritten when you launch the application. In order to overcome this Issue we may need to create two active setup keys that checks for the file under User's appdata and delete the other active setup keys if file is not present, this way we are making the active setup to run once again, this is a loop based installation.

Activesetup 1 will run, check for the file, if present don't do anything, if not delete activesetup2 hkcu key so that it triggers active setup 2
Activesetup 2 runs  check for the file, if present don't do anything, if not delete activesetup1 hkcu key so that it triggers active setup 1

If we follow the above logic we might be able to resolve the issue.

kjmilliken | 05 Jul 2010 | 0 comments

IT Specialist job opening at San Diego biotech company seeking a skilled IT professional with Altiris experience. Looking for candidates with Deployment Solution experience like software packaging, hardware imaging as well as other Symatec product knowledge. Please review this link to the careers site at GNF - You can also submit your CV/resume to .

WiseUser | 22 Jun 2010 | 0 comments

Users of Adobe Pro \ Reader have an option to disallow opening of any non-pdf file attachments with external applications by doing the following:

In Acrobat Preferences, selecting > Edit > Preferences > Categories > Trust Manager > PDF File Attachments and clearing (unchecking) the box "Allow opening of non-PDF file attachments with external applications"

Sometimes even if you make the above mentioned settings change it will allow some executables to be launched from pdf. In order to work around this problem set the following registry entries that block 100% of any executable launching from PDF

  • Set HKCU\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\<version>\Originals\bAllowOpenFile (DWORD) to 0
  • HKCU\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\<version>\Originals\bSecureOpenFile (DWORD) to 1
KSchroeder | 14 May 2010 | 5 comments

Hello fellow Altiris users...
In the last few weeks, Symantec has retired (well, mostly...more on that later) the old Altiris Licensing Portal we all know and (sometimes) loved.  Now you must download your licenses through the Symantec Licensing Portal.  Maybe I'm just not that sharp, but I had a heck of a time trying to download my Altiris licenses recently.  So a bit of an FYI, after sending a frustrated email to support, I received the following response:

When logged into the license portal select the "License Management" tab from the home page in the license portal. Scroll down to where it says "Search Your License Catalog". Click on the link where it says "Advanced Search". Then scroll down and select the correct customer number from the list. This will list all available licenses. Click "View Details" to view the license information and on...

WiseUser | 28 Apr 2010 | 1 comment

Say if we need to set a HKCU reg key for all the logged on users then we may write a batch file to include

In the batch file we can write it as

for /f %%a in ('reg query hku') do (for /f "tokens=3*" %%b in ('reg query "%%a\Control Panel\PowerCfg" /v CurrentPowerPolicy 2^> nul') do reg add "%%a\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced" /v Start_NotifyNewApps /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f)

WiseUser | 18 Mar 2010 | 0 comments

Use Installc.exe  to install the app

"installc.exe" -input "Win32_responsefile_IM_1.3.1.xml" -silent -nosplash -log c:\Services\logs\IBMInstallation.xml

You can set the installation target and rest of the settings in XML file

Contents of Win32_responsefile_IM_1.3.1.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <agent-input acceptLicense='true'>
        <repository location='.'/>
    <profile kind='self' installLocation='C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse' id='IBM Installation Manager'>
        <data key='eclipseLocation' value='C:\Program Files\IBM\Installation Manager\eclipse'/>

Andre Mulder | 02 Mar 2010 | 0 comments

Hi Guys,

If any on is interested, i am arranging training for Wise Package Studio. I have 6 seats available for the course which will take place early April.

If you are interested please give me a shout.



WiseUser | 18 Feb 2010 | 2 comments

When you click on the service it throws the following error "The Specified device handle does not correspond to a presen device"

In order to fix that we need to check whether the following key is present for the specif service

with the name LEGACY_xxxx

xxx - service name

Sidd | 10 Feb 2010 | 9 comments

I'm not able to open PDF documents directly from web browser/internet site directly with latest version of Adobe Acrobat 9.3,  instead when I Open *.PDF from web browser/internet site directly it is opening with adobe in new window.

I have added following registry entry  to my package

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\9.0\Originals]

(also verified this which the otherway  to modify the registry EDIT -> PREFFERENCES -> INTERNET -> and Uncheck (UnTick) “Display PDF in Browser” Option.)

Your suggestion are much appreciated