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R-Vijay | 14 Jul 2009 | 0 comments

This is just a Heads-up..!!

Hey Folks, I am writing a series of posts on Windows Installer FAQs. Do let me know your thoughts and feedback.

Also, it.. would be great, if you write questions tooo..!!


WiseUser | 09 Jul 2009 | 0 comments

Windows Installer is a powerful tool for managing application installations. Applications that are installed through the Windows Installer service gain the automatic benefit of self-repair and configuration of user data for new users. Additionally, applications written specifically to work with Windows Installer can install individual product features to run from source (server) and install on first use.

There is a registry key to look at for finding the sourcelist

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products\{Product guid}\Sourcelist
Media - > Might have 1, 2, 3 so one depending on the sourcelitst

We can set the Sourcelist during the installation itself
“msiexec.exe /I \\Test.msi SOURCELIST=”\\SMS02\Test\sourcefiles;\\SMS04\Test\sourcefiles;\\distsvr3\myfile\sourcefiles”

About SOURCELIST Property :

The SOURCELIST property is a semicolon-delimited list of network or URL source...

WiseUser | 01 Jul 2009 | 0 comments

To uninstall Media Player 11 , we need to execute the following command lines in the following sequence .

"C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallMSCompPackV1$\spuninst\spuninst.exe" /quiet /norestart
"C:\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallWudf01000$\spuninst\spuninst.exe" /quiet /norestart
C:\\WINDOWS\\$NtUninstallwmp11$\\spuninst\\spuninst.exe /quiet /norestart
C:\\WINDOWS\\$NtUninstallWMFDist11$\\spuninst\\spuninst.exe /quiet /norestart

WiseUser | 01 Jul 2009 | 0 comments

To uninstall the real player enterprise editon silently...

we can try
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\rnuninst.exe" "RealNetworks|RealOneEnt|6.0" –s

WiseUser | 22 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

Some of the vendor executables are wrapped \ Created with the help of Wise Scripts. To deploy these executabales silently in enterprise environment we need to know the silent parameters used by the executables..

Most of the silent parameters are common and not necessarily to be same as it depends on the developer of the Wise script .

Most often used parameters are :

Setup.exe [/s] [/dir=destination] [/components=[a][b][c][d]] [/icons=[a][b]]

/s Silent install (you may receive a prompt to reboot)

/dir=destination Places the installation in the directory 'destination' (e.g. /dir=c:\style)

/components=[a][b][c][d] Installs Eg : [Program Files][Workstation .DLL's][Data][Newsletters] all these 4 are names of the components

/icons=[a][b] Creates desktop icons for [a][b] where a \ b are two shortcuts

/norestart PDF Exchange reboot command will be ignored (the computer will need to be manually rebooted at sometime for PDF Exchange to...

Screenbert | 16 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

To install a MUI Language for XP we folow these steps:

1 ) Download the the MUI Pack with the language(s) you need.
2 ) Get the latest MUIsetup.exe from SP3 and replace the one included in the MUI pack download.
3 ) Execute it using this command line where "0416" is your language code, in this case Portugese.
muisetup.exe /i 0416 /d 0416 /r /s

4 ) Then we execute another command that changes Regional Settings for all users that log onto that machine again using the language code in the BR.TXT file.

rundll32.exeshell32,Control_RunDLL intl.cpl,,/F:"BR.TXT"

The BR.TXT file has the following information:
LanguageGroup = 1
UserLocale = 00000416
SystemLocale = 00000416
InputLocale = 0416:00000416
MUILanguage = 0416
UserLocale_DefaultUser = 00000416
InputLocale_DefaultUser = 0416:00000416
MUILanguage_DefaultUser =...

WiseUser | 16 Jun 2009 | 0 comments

If an Msi has conditional features and the components have certain conditions , we need to make sure that the components are marked as Transitive components meaning the conditon is evaluated even during repair of an msi as well.

If the components are not set to transitive then we may experice a problem during repair of an msi as the installer will try to install without evaluating the conditon during repair.

Transitive Components :


John Atkins | 14 May 2009 | 0 comments

I have found a handy website for help with command line scripting of all kinds of software installations.  So far, for me it has been very accurate and is a real time saver when you are asked to create a task to distribute software.  It is searchable or you can browse through the list.  I hope this can help someone as much as it has helped me.

R-Vijay | 05 May 2009 | 5 comments

Hi Folks, I have made a 12 minutes long video, which explains the File/Registry Virtualization Phenomenon, its limitation and benefits along with a small demo.I have also attached the executable which i have used in this video. You can try the same too..!!

Refer to the link below.,

Kindly check the same and let me know your comments on this.

WiseUser | 05 May 2009 | 2 comments

1. Download WinhttpCertcfg.exe from
2. Copy the cert.pfx file to install directory say c:\program files\<Installdir>
3. Write a custom action that takes winhttpcertcfg.exe as the binary with the following cmd lines
4. -g -i "c:\program files\<installdir>\cert.pfx" -c LOCAL_MACHINE\My -a "Network Service" -p Me1
5. Certificate installed