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Santana_Villa | 13 Jun 2013 | 0 comments

ITMS 7.5 Release Preview Release Announcement 06/13/13

Announcement Details The IT Management Suite 7.5 Release Preview has been released to authorized Beta customers.

Highlights - UI Performance improvements – console up to 15 times faster! - Cloud-enabled Management - Expanded security options - Dynamic summary reporting for software delivery tasks and policies with one-click retry for any failed tasks - Legacy Agent Communication mode - Mac management improvements, including Mac imaging - SIM: improved upgrade interface - More flexible deployment options - Additional pre-boot capabilities - Addition of CMDB functions (custom resources, resource mapping) to all products - Simplified and enhanced IT Analytics reporting

Download Location and Documentation Log in with (or create) your SymBeta account:...

jon_sharp | 10 Jun 2013

Symantec Deployment Solutions is dependent on the use of pre-boot operating systems in the management of workstation and server systems. The pre-boot environment is delivered to target workstation and server systems via network PXE servers or through the use of physical devices and media. This process has the potential for exposure to possible malicious activity from a person who may have already breached network security, either physically or through a remote network connection, or from a malicious but authorized network user. This paper will address these types of secondary security exposures. ...

Click here to read the full KB.

msapovalov | 27 May 2013 | 0 comments

In case distinguished names in your AD are very long, due to nested OU`s, SMP will cut it to 255 chars during AD import. This is limitation of database table.

Herebelow is solution to this. Please note this was tested only against 7.1 sp2 mp1 version.  

KB article Unable to import some accounts from Active Directory is not mentioning Inv_Global_Active_Directory_Details, which is also populated during AD Import. 

1. Please backup the Symantec_CMDB database and file mentioned below prior to the changes. 

2. Run the following two SQL Queries on the Symantec_CMDB database: 

ALTER TABLE DirectoryItemMap DROP CONSTRAINT PK_DirectoryItemMap 
ALTER TABLE DirectoryItemMap ALTER COLUMN [Key] nvarchar(442) not null 
Santana_Villa | 23 May 2013 | 0 comments

Symantec™ ServiceDesk 7.5 MP1 Release Notes


SK | 15 May 2013 | 7 comments

The long awaited pcAnywhere hotfix is finally here.

Please review "Symantec pcAnywhere 12.6.7 Hot Fix (HF1) readme" ( for full details.

technical_specialist | 14 May 2013 | 1 comment

Problem Description – PcAnywhere installation Issue

Error Logs

[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: WinMain:: command line parameter is : /iall
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: Entered in ***CheckIfNSServer*** function
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: Altiris\eXpress\Notification Server key not found. This is not a Notification Server
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: Leaving ***CheckIfNSServer*** function
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: Entered in ***CheckpcAnywhere*** function
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: CheckpcAnywhere:: pcAnywhere is not Installed.
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: Leaving ***CheckpcAnywhere*** function
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: Entered in ***AltirisAgentPlatform*** function
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: RegOpenKeyEx:: Error reading Altiris Agent Key Error code : 2
[05.01.2013 - 17:37:54]General-I: Leaving ***AltirisAgentPlatform*** function

Joe G. | 13 May 2013 | 0 comments

Ever since the introduction, and general take-up of the tablet, it has been speculated that the death of the PC is nigh. But is this the case? According to IDC, global PC sales fell 13.9% in Q1 2013, accelerating the drop of 8.3% in Q4 2012. Certainly less are being sold, and for this there are many reasons.

A fundamental reason for this, and I believe we’ll be seeing this very shortly with smartphones and tablets, is that PCs have become like ‘white goods’. You don’t throw away your fridge or cooker when a new model comes out, and the same has become the case with the PC. Given the slowdown of processor improvements, and how well Windows 7 runs on older machines, consumers are no longer buying a new PC every couple of years to keep up. RAM is still very cheap and given the prevalence of 64bit Windows 7, it’s easy to put in another 4 or 8GB of RAM to improve performance.

Another reason for keeping an aging machine is cloud services. If...

Rae Landua | 06 May 2013 | 0 comments

ITS & Altrinsic Solutions' free Altiris Deployment webinar is just around the corner! Join Mark England to hear Quagmires Quandries and Snake Pits: Don’t Get Stuck on Deployments on Thursday 5/9/13 at 1pm CDT. Register now to save your spot!

BRING | 06 May 2013 | 0 comments

Support for Internet Explorer 10.  

Some of you may be encountering IE 10 now.  Microsoft is considering it a critical update, and some patching and update policies are automatically installing it on computers.  If you are currently using Servicedesk or Workflow 7.5 or lower, you will probably run into some problems.

For example, the grid component will not allow you to select items in the grid, even though it is configured to do so.  There may be other items that do not function as expected.

Servicedesk and Workflow will follow the support plans for ITMS.  When support is announced on the ITMS platform for Internet Explorer 10, Servicedesk and Workflow will follow suit.  In the meantime, the latest version of IE supported is 9.  

You should consult with your patch administrators or verify that your policies do not roll out IE 10 automatically.  This will prevent a lot of headache as you move forward with...

ohzone - CherylPeterson | 02 May 2013 | 0 comments

Virtualization truly changed the server management landscape. With that in mind, a whole gamut of issues has been introduced. It’s important to understand the best practices for optimal performance of servers within virtual environments. Join our webcast on May 7th at 10 am PDT to learn all you’ll need to know about how to best combine all the best features of virtual platforms with those of Server Management Suite. Marrying the best in systems management with server virtualization can yield optimal resource utilization, policy compliance, and effective reporting. Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to virtualization and server management. Register for our webcast today!