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Ludovic Ferre | 04 Feb 2014 | 0 comments


I have done a few project with the Google Chart API's now [1][2][[3] and I am becoming addicted to the results it provides. There's nothing like a line chart to show you at a glance what is happening in a given environment, and to help you work out if the behaviour of a given environment is standard or out of bound (indicating a problem).

I have tackled the Patch Management trending requirements, but lately I have found out that I would really need to have something similar to show the Software Delivery Execution data overtime.

For example we have started deploying the R7+ agents (Core, PAtch and Inventory) to 30,000+ computers worldwide, and 4 days in the proces I would like to be able to show how fast the environment reacted and if there was any problem (as I know there were ;-).

So here's an overview of how the tool would / should work to provde the features in a simple manner:

Data source

We want to tap on the...

david_evans | 04 Feb 2014 | 4 comments
On October 7, 2013 version 7.5 of ITMS was made generally available.  Symantec Corporation will End of Life (“EOL”) the earlier releases of this product including Components, Agents, Options any Maintenance Packs (MPs) and/or patches for each version, in all released languages. This notice describes the timelines for the delivery of support services for these products that have reached their EOL.



End of Life Date

End of Limited Support and Start of Partial

End of Support Life

Altiris™ Inventory Solution

(all platforms)

7.0 - 7.1

7, October 2013

6, March 2016

6, March 2016


Ludovic Ferre | 04 Feb 2014 | 3 comments

January was a busy month with the release of aila2 here on Connect.

Interestingly enough it feels like I have spent much more time documenting the tool-kit and features than coding it, and I'm not completely done yet.

So, in order to motivate myself to publish some long awaited articles or downloads, here's a quick list of things to come:

  • A wrap-up for aila2-version 1 containing a couple of installation files and the toolkit in a single zip
  • A gauge control for Patch Compliance Trending to provide global compliance status at a glance
  • A toolkit to link multiple Patch Trending sites to provide a global view for large environments
  • A Managed Delivery execution reporting toolkit, to display software execution over time

The 1st item is almost complete and was used in a few production environment already and should be available real soon.

The 2nd and 3rd items are needed because we have large customers moving to my...

SK | 31 Jan 2014 | 0 comments

The following query will display those computer assets that either do not have a department or an owner associated with them:

SELECT vc.Name AS Computer,vado.Department,vauo.[User Name] AS [Owner]
FROM vComputer vc
LEFT JOIN vAssetUserOwner vauo ON vc.[Guid] = vauo._AssetGuid
LEFT JOIN vAssetDepartmentOwner vado ON vc.[Guid] = vado._AssetGuid
WHERE vado.Department IS NULL
OR vauo.[User Name] IS NULL

SK | 31 Jan 2014 | 5 comments

Today marks the last day that my community status will display Symantec Employee.

I will endeavour to maintain a community presence; however, I do not know how frequent this will be.

SK | 30 Jan 2014 | 0 comments

As it appears that Symiqforpartners is no longer available, SDRK's can now be obtained by joining the following private LinkedIn group:

Symantec Endpoint Management (UPP) Specialist Partners

david_evans | 29 Jan 2014 | 21 comments

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently working to understand the level demand in EMEA (or indeed worldwide) for Windows 8 and 8.1 support for PCAnywhere. We have introduced support for these platforms across the vast majority of our EPM products, however PCA is causing us some problems due to the deep-rooted incompatibility with our mirror driver.

If you see a need for this in the near future could I ask for the following details:

Customer name: <optional, this is not required>

Node count:

Business impact of not having support:


And finally, if anyone out in the community has had success with a workaround for this issue could you get in touch with me directly.


Thanks for your help.


SK | 28 Jan 2014 | 5 comments

If you are testing Application Metering either in the lab or during a POC, you may wish to have the Application Metering Agent (AMAgent) send its data in a timely fashion, as its UI only offers either Daily or Weekly.



The following queries will allow you to do just this as well as to revert back to the original setting afterward for supportability:


--/ Obtain existing value (default = 86400)

SELECT State FROM Item WHERE [Guid] = '97D80113-8FE1-4ABD-AB08-EC7C8DDBDEF5'


--/ Change default using value in seconds (this example is for 5 minutes)

UPDATE Item SET State = '<item><Application type="inventory" interval="360" /></item>' WHERE Guid = '97D80113-8FE1-4ABD-AB08-EC7C8DDBDEF5'


--/ Rollback

UPDATE Item SET State = '<item><Application type="inventory" interval="86400" /></item>' WHERE Guid = '97D80113-8FE1-4ABD-AB08-EC7C8DDBDEF5'...

david_evans | 27 Jan 2014 | 0 comments
Recently the Symantec Endpoint Management team launched a brand new news subscription feed to update customers and partners on major announcements and events. This is a one stop shop for all major product news and is a must for anyone involved with the Altiris product line.
Please pass this link to everyone and anyone that may be interested!
ianatkin | 24 Jan 2014 | 0 comments

This is an FYI for something we've seen in our environment.

We upgraded a Deployment Server from SP4 to SP6 and installed the Windows 8 AIK.

When we build our WinPE4 boot images, the compression stage of the WIM build brings the server to it's knees. This causes the axengine service to lose contact with the local instance of express database, resulting in an application fault. aware that if you create your images with compression that it's worth checking that you're express service is still running afterwards.