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Hear4U | 17 Jun 2011 | 1 comment

It’s a fact! How we do business continues to change. We are used to being available anytime, anywhere and our personal technology must keep up with us. Gone are the days when we could get by with any mobile device available – we now need to have the capabilities of a PC at our fingertips.

Even though this availability provides convenience for our fellow employees and clients, it can sometimes come at a price. Businesses must not only have the best security in place for mobile devices, but also policies for protecting the data in the cloud.

With so much proprietary business information being accessed and stored on our mobile devices, it can often-times be difficult to know where to start when it comes to protecting and securely setting policies for the devices in the cloud. Here are a few tips on where businesses can start:

Take inventory – You can’t protect or manage what you can’t see. You must take inventory of...

Sean Yarger | 08 Jun 2011 | 2 comments


Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re on a business trip. You hear the boarding call for your flight and reach down to grab you laptop – only your laptop isn’t there. Whether it was left at security or snagged by another traveler in the terminal, your laptop is gone and your company data is at risk.


So what do you do? Typically you’ll need to make a call to the office, notifying your IT department of the incident. This call will initiate a chain reaction of events set into place to ensure measures are taken to secure the files and equip you with a new device to keep business running as usual. This process typically involves a series of forms, approvals, signatures, etc.


While it may sound simple, enforcing processes with effectiveness is one of hardest things for companies to do. With multiple people involved and steps required, any number of things can go wrong, slowing down the process –...

Spencer Parkinson | 17 May 2011 | 0 comments

More than ever, end users rely on smartphones to keep them connected both personally and professionally. As a result, enterprises now must support a wide variety of both enterprise- and employee-liable devices – a trend known as the consumerization of IT. However, the conversation around the consumerization of IT almost always revolves around what IT departments think of this rapidly growing trend. So, Symantec recently conducted a short survey to learn more about end users’ experiences and perspectives on the consumerization of IT.                                                                           ...

KatieBurton | 03 May 2011 | 1 comment


Battling Advanced Persistent Threats with Relevant Actionable Intelligence

High profile assualts today such as Hydraq and Stuxnet are prime examples of how attackers are taking advantage of visibility and protection gaps in our customers environments. Attackers- albeit cyber criminals, nationalists, or malicious insiders- are relying on the simple fact that managing security is complex. It’s nearly impossible to keep a real-time status of your security posture, and the protection measures you have in place to secure your confidential information and the infrastructure where it resides.


To add insult to injury, many of the security technologies that are used to monitor and protect our environments are already in place, yet the bad guys keep getting through. So what gives? How can we get ahead of these attacks?


At Symantec we believe that combining and correlating local and global threat...

dschrader | 01 May 2011 | 20 comments


This week Symantec introduced the concept of V-Ray – tools that provide visibility into virtual environments.  SEP itself has been enhanced to seamlessly support virtualization.  Today’s blog is a checklist for configuring Symantec Endpoint Protection to play nicely in a virtual space.  Optimizing a new product is a work in progress, so if you have suggestions on addition steps/settings to better allow SEP to run in VDI, let me know.  (My thanks to Anthony Flaviani for much of this material).

1.       Ensure that Insight is enabled. 

Insight determines a file's security rating by examining the following characteristics of the file and its context:

•      The source of the file

•      How new the file is

•      How common the file is in the community

•  ...

Spencer Parkinson | 19 Apr 2011 | 0 comments

More than ever before, smartphones are keeping us connected both personally and professionally. Because most of us have a preference as to the ideal smartphone, IT departments are increasingly being tasked with managing a mix of business-liable and employee-liable devices. This trend has become known as the consumerization of IT.

Symantec has developed a short survey to get smartphone end users’ perspectives on this trend. We’d also like to learn more about how your employer is managing the growing use of smartphones, especially those being purchased and brought into the organization by employees. The quick five minute survey can be found here:

Once you’ve taken the survey, please stay tuned to this blog as we’ll be sharing the results once the survey is complete.

Deirdre Sena | 05 Apr 2011 | 1 comment

Profit is Personal

This is the third Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) I’ve had the privilege of launching and I’m always impressed by the depth of information and analysis the researchers and analysts are able to uncover in one report -- especially when the report is in addition to their primary responsibilities.  But, cybercriminals and malware authors do not seem to take vacations.


And neither do our researchers.


Known as one of the most comprehensive sources of Internet threat data in the world, the ISTR is both a bear and a treasure chest all at once.  The sheer enormity of numbers, data and content make this report quite a challenge to pull together, yet the reality it exposes about the threat landscape is filled with such incredible insight and deep understanding of such a wicked Web-based world.


Today’s report reveals many significant changes to...

dschrader | 15 Feb 2011 | 11 comments



Symantec today announced the next version of Symantec Endpoint Protection.  This release, version 12.1, will ship later this year.  You can sign up for the beta at .

Long in coming, this release is a major milestone.  On the face of it, that statement is odd; after all, SEP is mature product and its feature set hasn't at a fundamental level, changed.  It is still offers the critical elements of endpoint security, - malware protection, access control, device control, application control, firewall and IPS. It “kinda, sorta” looks like nothing has changed.

Well, don't believe it. There are countless new features in this release, and in subsequent blog posts I will dive into them.  The real change, however, is under the covers and in the test results.  SEP 12 is built on a powerful new stack of security...

dschrader | 03 Feb 2011 | 5 comments


In one of Alan Shimmel's recent posts to his excellent The Ashimmy Blog, "Do you really need desktop AV anymore?" he states that surfing in safe neighborhoods and practicing safe computing (or safe-hex, as one of his readers posted in the comments section) can provide adequate protection. He is wrong. There are no safe neighborhoods on the internet.  Millions of legitimate web pages are hijacked every year and used to distribute malware. In the past we have seen newspapers, government sites, even the FBI’s home page hijacked – sometimes the networks serving ads to those and thousand of other legitimate sites have been taken over. Worse, malware or links to infected sites are often distributed through sources of trust...

dschrader | 28 Dec 2010 | 0 comments

Gartner just released their annual report on endpoint security (see: Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms, Gartner, 2010)

As you can read in the report, Symantec extended its lead both in terms of vision and ability to execute.  What is really notable, however, is the strong statement Gartner made about the future of endpoint security.  The reports starts with an indictment, "Malware effectiveness continues to accelerate, while vendors are busy polishing increasingly ineffective solutions and doing little to fundamentally reduce the attack surface and protect users."

Gartner goes on to state, "Signature-based malware detection has been limping along on life support for...