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ohzone - CherylPeterson | 04 Aug 2010 | 1 comment

As with the rest of the Connect communities, Endpoint Virtualization will have a newsletter of it's own containing the most interesting information that has appeared in the community in the previous month. Anyone remember the old SVS Newsletter? Well if you do, then you know what I'm talking about - you won't want to miss an issue! But you will if you don't subscribe! It's simple. Go to your user profile and click on the "Newsletters" tab (see? not rocket science), then check the box next to "Endpoint Virtualization", finally click "Save Settings" and you're done!

One note - occasionally our newsletters end up in your spam folder (imagine that!) I set up a filter in my email client that makes sure everything from goes to my inbox. I work here, it seemed like the right thing to do!

Sign up now and Happy Reading!

Cheryl Peterson...

ohzone - CherylPeterson | 17 Jun 2010 | 11 comments

UPDATE!! We've been toiling busily over the past few weeks, testing and tweeking code, then testing some more. It's time to pull back the curtain and and introduct the newest member of the Connect family - the Endpoint Virtualization community. With all the testing we did behind the scenes, there is bound to be some surprises here and there (I've already found a few) and over the next few days we'll be sprucing things up. If you see something that doesn't belong here or looks a little odd, send me a private message and I'll take care of it.

Thanks for your patience and welcome to the new community - I'm baking everyone cookies!
Cheryl Peterson
Community Manager


The time is finally here and in the coming weeks Endpoint Virtualization will be moving to its own, dedicated Connect community. As with every move, there is preparation...

AndyDrew | 11 Feb 2010 | 0 comments

  Okay, okay, so I might have been focusing more on the Endpoint Management side of things but, for those who are interested, you can find all the virtualisation information you need on the following website.  

Happy hunting.

ohzone - CherylPeterson | 25 Nov 2009 | 0 comments

The following is a list of the most visited blog posts in the Endpoint Management & Virtualization Community (thru 11/24/09). This is beginning to feel like one of those lists that start popping up all over the media at this time of year. What's next? Top 25 Usernames that make me laugh?

  1. Windows Installer & Safe Mode
  2. Wake on LAN (WOL) Utility
  3. How to Get SVS or SWV ? Where to Download SVS 2.1, and SWV 6.1 !
  4. Ghost Explorer
  5. Calling a Batch File Through VB Script
  6. HP Computers and the New SATA ICH8M...
ohzone - CherylPeterson | 12 Nov 2009 | 2 comments

Listed below are the top 25 most visted Download pages (thru 11.11.09). Downloads are a bit more difficult to calculate because some articles have scripts attached to them as well. You may find something you've been looking for in this list. Happy browsing!

  1. SATA ICH9 Drivers: Windows XP Driver Injection Script
  2. Exe-To-Msi
  3. MSI "Run as administrator" Context Menu for Vista
  4. SATA Drivers for Intel ICH9 and ICH10
  5. Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics
  6. ...
ohzone - CherylPeterson | 19 Oct 2009 | 1 comment

Follow the community on Twitter and get updated on new articles, downloads, blogs and other information you'll find interesting in the community.

AndyN | 14 Aug 2009 | 0 comments

Attention all Altiris User Group members and fans of the Symantec ManageThis band located anywhere near Cleveland, OH!

We are holding a HUGE regional User Group meeting on Friday, October 2 in conjunction with the finals of the 2009 Corporate Battle of the Bands . Key members of the Altiris Product Management team will be presenting several technical sessions and answering your questions. Come prepared to learn, network, and have a great time!

Here's the schedule and links to register (you must RSVP for each event you want to attend)

  • Thursday, October 1 at 6:30 pm: REGISTER 
    BBQ feast, drinks and entertainment at our private party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Friday, October 2, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm: ...
ohzone - CherylPeterson | 30 Apr 2009 | 2 comments

Community involvement isn’t a new thing to most of you, having migrated from the Juice. As your admin I prefer to stay behind the curtain and let you run the show while I sort out issues behind the scenes. But it seems that my role with Connect is a bit different now. Every now and again I need to draw your attention to something that you may not be award of or you may find interesting.

Firstly Congratulations for being the community with the longest name! Endpoint Management and Virtualization! If anything begs for an acronym that does! Since the Connect site launched our numbers have increased steadily and while I know some of you still miss Juice, you’ve found that Connect is a useful resource for help and information.

One feature that is new to us is the “solved” feature in forums. The is a great way to help others who may be searching for information find solutions when they find a post relating to the problem they may be having. Users...