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Admin | 17 Apr 2006 | 0 comments

If you ran into a conflict when the SVS Webcast aired on April 5, here's a version you can attend at your leisure. Altiris's Rich Bentley and Scott Jones give you the grand -- Software Virtualization Solution -- tour complete with informative slides and a product demo. Tune in now!

Here's what's covered in the webcast:

  • Software Management Issues
  • What is Virtualization?
  • Software Virtualization Solution
    • Overview
    • Demo
    • A Look Under the Hood
  • The Future of Software Virtualization
  • Tying it All Together
  • Q&A

View the webcast here*.

*Note: This webcast must be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox using IE Tab....

Admin | 13 Apr 2006 | 0 comments

"Last week's LinuxWorld Conference in Boston was the locus of several important announcements. Again, virtualization was front and center."

Read the full article here.

Wm Jesse Foster | 03 Apr 2006 | 1 comment

Simultaneously launch an application when you activate the layer, and give yourself a break with Jesse's swift idea.

If you are like me, you have layers that you only activate when you want to use the program captured to that layer. Rather then going through the two-step process of activating the layer then double-clicking on the shortcut to launch the application, you can edit the layer so its activation will also launch the application automatically.

When a layer is activated, one of the things the filter driver checks for is shortcuts in [COMMONSTARTUP] and [STARTUP], and it executes those shortcuts. Therefore, if you put a shortcut for your application in one of these locations, the application will launch when you activate the layer.

click to view


Admin | 03 Apr 2006 | 2 comments

How can you do a "global exclude directory"? Is there a way to set a true "safe place" for downloads (like folder X is off-limits). Or is this on a per-app basis?

See this article, "An Example Config for Excludes and Data Layers" While we don't have an actual "global exclude" option, we do have a tool that will apply an exclude list to all layers on a box.

Admin | 03 Apr 2006 | 0 comments

Rick asked, "Can we layer Macromedia and Adobe but update the Firefox browser with the "plug-in" stuff? I assume you can't do this today if Firefox is virtualized because you have to turn it off to create the Macromedia layer, yes?"

Hi Rick. The ability to do captures with layers active is the next major architectural step. It's exactly what we have to do, btw, to support Protect and SVS running at the same time. So, next release. But there's another good reason why we don't let you build layer dependencies in SVS 2.0 — there's no way to flag them and track or manage them. Individuals probably don't mind that, but in a managed environment it could be bad news.

So you can create dependencies manually by putting the dependency in the base when you do the capture. But in this case, it's probably more practical to just let Macromedia auto-install from within Firefox the first time the user hits a...

Admin | 03 Apr 2006 | 0 comments

"During tests, SVS enabled eWEEK Labs to install and then activate a wide variety of productivity applications without having to test for possible conflicts prior to deployment."

Read the article.

Admin | 02 Apr 2006 | 0 comments

"From roughly 200 products, judges from GCN and sister publication Washington Technology named 13 Best of FOSE winners and two grand-prize Best of Show winners."

Read the Article.

Admin | 31 Mar 2006 | 0 comments

Chris wrote: If running an application that will not work with XP SP2 (only SP1), can it run in SP2 in a layer? I suspect it depends on what the incompatibility is. If it is a file conflict between the app and SP2 (eg SP2 updates a DLL and the app only works with a previous version of the DLL), it should be OK, correct?

Good thinking, Chris.

The product install may not include all of the dependencies, so some things may need to be copied in manually after the capture. WPS ConflictManager would help identify exactly what files need to be included in the VSP to achieve the desired result. This is yet another example of the synergy between Wise and SVS!

Admin | 31 Mar 2006 | 0 comments

"Altiris is better known for its management tools, but it recently released a product called SVS (Software Virtualization Services). SVS takes a slightly different approach to the problem in that it makes it possible to virtualize applications instead of an entire OS."

Read the Article.

Admin | 29 Mar 2006 | 2 comments

Online training, or eLearning, is a great way to learn about SVS. Altiris Education has just finished a new eLearning course that will make you an SVS expert in no time. Get a free sample here.

Altiris Education has just released a Software Virtualization Solution (SVS) eLearning course, which compliments the award winning SVS product. Take the course to learn about the many benefits SVS offers your organization, including using virtual layers to aid in application migrations, upgrades, and containing conflicts.

Viewing Time: 45 Min + Simulations

Specific topics include:

  • How SVS can work in your environment
  • Creating, editing, prioritizing, deploying, and deleting application layers, data layers, and global layers
  • Exporting layers for use on other...